part 8 the promise

I went home in a very good mood. I couldn't stop thinking about Leon and about our kiss. For a moment i forgot all the worries I had and just fantasized about him. Getting home I went straight to my room and stripped off my uniform. I went to take a cool shower

dried and lotioned. I wore a sportsbra panties and just my bum short and laid on top of my bed. I had applied the ointment which was working wonders and the bruises were slowly but surely fading. I just couldn't wait for them to disappear completely. Letty barged into my room . I was actually lost in my thoughts. Letty: i'm so stressed Me :Hello to you too Leticia. I had my head resting on my hands while facing up. I looked at her pacing around my room. Me: You making me dizzy. She stopped moving and looked at me biting her nails.

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