part 7 the promise

Letty: Krisi? Me: Go away. Letty: Please open up for me I'm sorry. Me: Just leave me alone Leticia. Letty: I brought you some painkillers. Me: Just go! Letty: Please I beg you. Me: Leave me alone. You think the painkillers are gonna take away the bruises well tough luck they won't. Now go fuck off. I heard footsteps which kept getting fainter and I knew she was gone. I couldn't even go to school. I was in pain my whole body was in pain. I haven't gotten out of here since yesterday when my father decided to manhandle me. I haven't eaten I didn't want anything. I had green red and blue marks all over my body. How was I going to go to school looking like this? That's why I didn't even bother going. My phone rang under my pillow. I don't know why I didn't even switch it off. I answered not even bothering to check the caller ID. Me: What? " Why didn't you come to school? " Me: I'm sick. Leon: You were fine yesterday. Me: I don't have time for this. Just say what you want to say and hung up. Leon: We were suppose to see the designer today. Me: I'm no longer going. Leon: What? Me: I'm not going to the ball Okay. In fact I'm going to miss school for this whole week. Leon: What's going on Krisi? I can sense you not okay. Me: I'm tired of living okay I just wanna die. Leon: Now you being crazy. Me: Just leave me alone. Find a new date and forget about me. Leon: I don't care about the stupid ball I care about you dammit! Me: You shouldn't. It's not your job. My own family doesn't care so why should you? With that said I hung up and he called a second later. Shouldn't he be in class getting educated or something? Leon: Firstly you not going to hang up on me when I'm the one who called Me: Then please hang up I wanna switch my phone off. Leon: I'm coming over. Me: Good luck with that cause I'm never getting out of my room. Leon: We'll see With that said he hung up and I put my phone back under my pillow. Leon: I'm outside. I thought he was kidding. I don't even know how I didn't switch my phone off. Me: You really wanna get me in more trouble don't you? Leon: I wanna make sure you okay. Me: I can't get out of my room. Leon: I'll come knock. Me: Suit yourself. I hung up after that.. A few minutes later there was a knock on my door. Thank God my father is not here. Letty: Someone is here to see you. Me: Leave me alone. Leon: It's okay I'll handle it from here. I could hear from his voice that it's him. I really thought he was bluffing. Footsteps walked away I assumed it was my sister. Leon: Open this door Krisi. Me: Go leave me alone. Leon: I'm not going anywhere. Me: If dad finds you here... Leon: I'm not scared of him. Me: You should be. He chuckled. Leon: Just open. I snorted then got up and went to open. He looked at me his eyes piercing through my skin before they were fixed on mine. Leon: What happened? He didn't touch my face. My body though was different. It was covered in evidence of my father's brutality his violent act which I had never endured before. Me: He hit me okay. My father hit me like some criminal. With no remorse like I'm some animal. Leon: Come here. He opened his arms for me and I went and he hugged me. As much as it hurt The warmth of his embrace was exactly what I needed. I lay my head on his chest listening to his heartbeat. Me: You need to leave. I said taking my head off his chest. Leon: I can't leave you like this. Me: And my father finding you here will only add fuel to the fire. Leon: I'll leave but I'll send someone to bring you some pills and an ointment for the bruises. Me: Thank you. You amazing. Leon: A kiss? Me: Now you pushing it. He chuckled and kissed me on the forehead. Leon: Please come to school tomorrow. You doing Grade 11 you cannot be missing school like this . I huffed. He was right. Me: I'll come tomorrow but I'm still not going to the ball. Leon: That's okay but we'll spend the day together. Me: Cool with me. Leon: Take care okay. I nodded. He perked my lips and walked out. I swept my room then decided to study. I was done locking myself up. He was true to his word in that he sent someone to bring me some ointment and painkillers. I took a bath then applied the ointment. Letty had left for varsity. I drank the painkillers and eventually fell asleep. The following day I got up and prepared myself for school. I was lotioning when I received a call. It was Lethabo. I rolled my eyes before answering. Me: Lethabo. Lethabo: I can never get over how you call my name. Me: What do you want? Lethabo: Look Letty told me about what your father did. Are you okay? Me: It's funny how you said you don't want her and yet you've been talking to her. Lethabo: Jealous much? Me: Oh don't flatter yourself. He chuckled. Lethabo: Okay I talked to her because I wanted to ask about you. Me: You really don't have to explain anything to me. Lethabo: But I want to. Me: I don't want you to. Look I wanna finish getting ready for school. Lethabo: Oh well you have a good day at school. Me: Have a good day too. Lethabo: I love you. I chuckled. Me: Bye. I hung up and finished What I was doing And applied the ointment. I wore my uniform this time wearing pants and a jersey since I had applied the ointment and had been given strict instructions not to expose any of the skin I've applied it on. I took my bag and money then went out. Mom: Good you going to school. I took an apple and went on my way. Dad: Are you going to frown forever? I didn't reply but just ate my apple while going out of the house. I got on a cab which dropped me straight at school and I got out went in and straight to my class. Jane: So glad you back. She said hugging me. Lia: It wasn't the same without you. We also hugged. Me: Well I'm here now. Jane: What happened? Why you wearing so warmly? Me: I'd rather not talk about it. What did I miss? Lia: Argh nothing much. School was just boring yesterday. Me: At least I'm not that far behind. Jane: I got an announcement to make. Me: Oh? Jane: Tim and I are dating. Us: Woah! Jane: I know it's not what you both expected but I couldn't say no when he asked me out. Me: Congratulations girl. Jane: Thank you. She was beaming. I could see she was happy about this. Lia: And you And Leon? Me: What about us? Lia: You guys left together the other day. What's going on there? Me: Unfortunately nothing is going on. Jane: Really? Me: Yep. Sorry to disappoint. Lia: We'll believe that.. For now. I chuckled. The bell rang and we all went to assembly. Leon: Good to see you here. Me: I took your advice. Leon: I'm glad you did. It's just never the same without you. Me: Really? Leon: I don't bluff. Me: Good to know I'm making an impression. Leon: Oh more than you think. Me: Really? Leon: Yes. Me: Amazing news. Leon: I wanna do something now. It was break time and he had asked me to spend it with him. My friends didn't mind so here was I. He stood infront of me his hands cupped my face. Leon: I'm gonna kiss you. He said staring into my eyes. Me: Yes. It came out as a whisper. He brought my face closer to his. I stood on my toes. He was a bit taller. Our lips met. It was like magic. His cold soft lips on mine. What started off as lip sucking turned into a full on French kiss. He was a good kisser made me feel foreign things. He broke the kiss and we both caught our breaths. Leon: I've been meaning to do that for a while. I just smiled. I couldn't really say anything. I was lost for words.

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