part 6 the promise

Leon: Where do you wanna eat? Me: I'm not hungry. Leon: That's not the question I asked. Me: I'm saying I don't wanna eat. Leon: We'll just go to my house. He had a driver whom he told to drive us straight home (his home) . It was after school already. Leon: Krisi what's going on? Me: Nothing why? Leon: You seem uneasy. Me: Why did you bring me here Leon? Why are we in your room? I had to ask. I had to. When the driver dropped us off he didn't even give me the chance to check out the entire mansion but just took my hand and we went to his room. When he closed the door a lot of thoughts just ran in my mind. I wasn't ready to lose my virginity. Not like this. Not now. No. He chuckled and took off his shirt then his vest. It's like he wasn't even shaken by what I asked. Me: So I'm funny now? Leon: Hilarious. Me: Wow. I didn't dare stare at his upper body. I couldn't. The last thing I wanted was to end with a flood between my legs. Leon: I'm not gonna fuck you.. At least not now. Me: So why your room specifically? Leon: You keeping me company while I undress then I'm gonna shower. Wanna join me? Me: No thank you. Leon: Make yourself comfortable then. He kissed my cheek and it's when he walked away that I stole a glance of his body. The shower started running and then I got up and moved around the room. His bedroom was huge. The whole place is a palace. Seems he comes from a rich family. The house said it all. His room was in black and Grey. He had almost everything here even a Jacuzzi. There's a walk in closet an en suite bathroom a couch a huge flat screen TV with huge speakers a study table with an apple laptop and on the balcony are two summer chairs and a table The view was amazing. He even had food in here. I opened his bar fridge And poured myself a glass of wine. I don't even remember when last I had alcohol. I switched on the TV while taking sips of my wine. Dry red. I made myself comfortable on the couch And watched TV while having wine. Leon: I see you got yourself comfortable Me: Just following your orders sir. Leon: Here change into something comfortable. He threw a T-shirt at me which had his name printed in bold. Me: You gonna watch me change? Leon: It's my room ain't going nowhere. Me: Oh wow. Leon: Just change. I stood up. I was a bit tipsy I took off my uniform and remained in just my bra panty and stockings. He was still looking at me. Me: What? Leon: I didn't say anything. I took the Tee and wore it. It looked good on me panty and stockings. He was still looking at me. Me: What? Leon: I didn't say anything. I took the Tee and wore it. It looked good on me though I say so myself. Leon: Krisi Krisi wakeup Me: Mm Leon: Krisi I rubbed my eyes then woke up. I was in his bed. Me: What happened? Leon: You fell asleep on the couch. Must be the wine. Me: Shit. What time is it? I sat on my bed and that's when I felt the headache. I think I drank too much. I mean we were chilling him telling me stories about himself and stuff then I wake up late. I didn't even have my phone with me. Leon: Go freshen up. I'll bring you food and some pills. I already asked the help to bring you sealed toiletries you'll find them in the bathroom. Me: Okay. I went to the bathroom where I brushed my teeth then washed my face and upper body. I applied deodorant and lotioned then wore the T-shirt and went back to the bedroom. He had a tray of food with him. I ate then drank the pills I was already feeling better. Leon: Come I'll drive you home. I took my bag put my uniform in it and wore my school shoes then we left. Leon: Can't believe I still haven't kissed you. Me: Oh? Leon: I mean the whole point of getting to know each other is exploring one another. Me: We'll do it some other time. Leon: Definitely no wine next time. I chuckled. Me: No wine. He perked my lips then came to open my door. It was pretty late around 9pm. I didn't even want to think about my father and his wrath at that time. Leon: We seeing the designer tomorrow. I told her about you. Me: Oh okay. We hugged his hands traveling to my butt and squeezing it. Leon: Bye beautiful. He whispered in my ear then bit my earlobe. He spanked me just as I walked away. I giggled and ran off. Dad: Where you coming from? I jumped a bit. I barged into the house and I had even forgotten that I left when I went to school in the morning. Me: Good evening. Mom: It's 9:23pm Krisi. Do you have any idea how worried we were about you? My heart was beating out of my chest now. Me: I'm sorry. I said looking down and fiddling with my fingers. Dad: Mary go to our room. Mom: But I - Dad: Now! Mom went and I knew shit had hit the fan. Dad: You even come wearing a man's T-shirt in my house. He started unbuckling his belt. Dad: I'm tired of speaking the same thing with you. He marched to me. Dad: Take off your clothes. Me: What? Dad: I said take off that T-shirt I never bought Kriselda! You think you a woman? You can sleep with men and come back to my house?! You gonna know me well. I put my bag down and took off the T-shirt with tears falling down my eyes. I was in my bra and panty now. He started hitting me and I was screaming I was wailing. With every strike I felt myself die. I didn't know what to do. I stood there as my own father did this to me. He hit me until I couldn't cry anymore but was instead snuggled up foetus style on the floor as that belt penetrated my skin.

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