part 5 the promise

Getting home I still couldn't get my mind off this guy. I can't even say I remember when last I felt this way about a guy. But on the other hand Jane had a crush on him but at least she didn't have any problem with him picking me unlike my sister. She was all up in my face about this Lethabo thing as if it's my fault. I went to my room where I stripped out of my uniform then went to take a shower. After showering I dried lotioned then wore a simple dress and flops. Letty: I had a very strange dream. Me: Ain't you suppose to be in campus? I still don't understand why you don't stay in Res. Letty: It's Monday anyway. I was telling you about my dream. Me: People have dreams they just never make a big deal of them. Letty: I don't think you understand. Me: I don't think I wanna understand. What's for lunch? I'm hungry. I said going into the kitchen and opening the pots. Letty: Your food is in the oven. Me: Bingo! I said with a smile and warmed up my food. Letty: You look so happy. Me: I had a good day. Letty: Better you than me. Me: What's going on? What happened? Letty: I don't think he likes me. Me: Who? Letty: Lethabo. Me: Oh. She sighed. Letty: You know he was going to be my first boyfriend. Maybe dating isn't for me. Me: Maybe. You should just focus on your school work and leave boys alone. She chuckled. Me: What? Letty: I should be saying that to you. I laughed. Me: Yeah right. Letty: There's really nothing going on between you and him? Me: Nope. He's not even my type. Letty: I guess I'm not his type either. Me: Yeah. My phone rang. I looked at the caller ID - Leon. Me: Excuse me I gotta take this. Letty: Okay. I went to my room closed the door then answered. Me: Hello. Leon: You busy? Me: Umm not really. Leon: You took a while to answer my call. Me: I needed privacy. Leon: Oh. Anyway how are you? Me: I'm okay

you? More like happy you just called but hey I can't tell him that. Leon: I'm alright. I don't know if I'm being forward or going crazy but I can't stop thinking about you. I took the phone out of my ear and breathed for a while. Did he just say that? I even did an involuntary dance. Leon: You still there? Krisi? Me: Sorry. Yes I'm still here. Leon: You okay you breathing kinda heavy? It was probably from all the dancing I had been doing. Me: Yes I'm okay. Truth is you've kinder been on my mind too. Leon: Kinder? Me: Yeah. He chuckled. Leon: Then I guess I have to do something to ensure that I'm really all that's on your mind. Me: Really? Leon: Yes and the fact that you different makes me more interested in you. Me: I'm different? Leon: You not scared to say whatever you want to me. I know many girls who would have declared their undying love for me just because I said I'm thinking about them. I laughed. Me: I'm not those girls. Leon: I know. I was thinking we spend some time together before the ball. Me: Oh? Leon: Yes. To ensure we get to know each other more prior to the event. Me: That sounds like a good idea. Leon: Tomorrow after school? Me: Will I have to come home first or? Leon: No. We'll go together from school. Me: Cool with me. Leon: Great. See you tomorrow. Me: Goodbye. I hung up and threw myself on top of my bed. This guy though. Anyway the following day I prepared myself for school with a smile on my face. I wore my uniform tied my hair then took my bag and went to the kitchen. Me: Good morning I greeted and sat down as they replied. I wasn't about to let anyone ruin my mood that day. I dished up for myself. Mom had made breakfast. Mom: You look happy. Me: I decided to not let people control my moods so I'm all about positivity from now. Dad: I just hope you not doing anything that'll get you in trouble. Me: I wouldn't even dream of it. Dad: Good. After breakfast I took my bag then left. I got on a cab which dropped me off at school. Me: Hey I said to my friends and we shared a group hug. Jane: I'm so excited about the ball. Tim is really amazing. I think I'm falling for him. I could see the hearts in her eyes I wanted to laugh. Lia: Woah don't you think it's a bit too early for that? Jane: Oh Natalia I said I think. Me: You guys are amazing. We walked to our class where I put my bag down and we went to stand outside waiting for the bell to ring. Lia: Now I really can't wait for the ball seeing you all have dates. Me: This would be my first ball ever. My previous school didn't do this. Or anything for that matter. Jane: You gonna enjoy it. Plus you have Leon as your date so I can just imagine the gift he's gonna get you. Me: Gift? Lia: Yes. After the dance the boys will surprise the girls with gifts. Since its a fundraising event we have to pay R20 to take part and it's R35 without a partner. Me: That's daylight robbery. Lia: I know. But it's usually fun. You'll enjoy it Me: Then I can't wait.

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