part 4 the promise

Letty: So how was it? Me: How was what? Letty: Your meeting with your friend. Me: Oh it was okay. Letty: Oh. Anyway I was waiting for you. Me: What for? Letty: Practice. Duuh. She said rolling her eyes. Me: Oh that. I don't think I'll make it. Letty: Why not? Me: I'm just not feeling well. I wanna lie down for a bit. Letty: Really? Me: Yes. Excuse me. I was lying. I was avoiding Lethabo. I went to my room. I knew she didn't believe me but I didn't care. I closed the door then got on my bed and just had a chat with my friends. I ended up falling asleep. I was woken up by my ringing phone which I answered without checking the caller ID. Me: Yes? " Leticia tells me you sick are you okay? " I rolled my eyes - Lethabo. Can't he leave me alone? Me: No I'm not. Lethabo: What's wrong? He sounded concerned. Me: Nothing you have to worry about. Lethabo: Of course I worry. I care about you Krisi more than you think. Me: Look I'd like to go back to sleep. Lethabo: Oh okay I'll call you later. Me: Sharp. I hung up. I didn't go back to sleep because well I was no longer sleepy. I took a quick shower then decided to do my homeworks. I had only two by the way. Next week is the ball and I was pretty anxious. What If I don't have a date? The following day was church. I couldn't bunk church because of Lethabo and well I needed some time with the almighty. I took a bath. I was a bit late this day. After bathing I dried lotioned and wore a black high waist skirt with a blue olive skin top. I wore a white cardigan on top made a lazy bun with my hair then sprayed some parfume. I took my bag with my Bible and phone then went out to the kitchen. Dad: You late. Me: I woke up late. Dad: I've just come from dropping off your mom and sister. You'll take a taxi. Me: Okay. Dad: You know you never cease to amaze me. Me: What did I do? Dad: Firstly you miss Choir practice and now you late. I don't know what's wrong with you. You keep on trying to be the black sheep of the family. Me: Why do you hate me so much? Dad: You my daughter. I don't hate you. I just don't understand why you can't follow the pedestal set by your sister. With that said he went to his room leaving me already not in the mood. Dad always says painful words to me. He's always hurting me. I couldn't hold in the tears. O was hurt. Seemed like I'll never please him no matter how much I try. I wiped my tears and got on a taxi. It dropped me off at the street where church is and I walked shortly from there. The service had already started when I arrived and I sat at the back as usual. I tried not to think about dad and what he said and just let myself connect to God. When the service ended I went to the toilet since I had been holding in the pee. I got in did my business then went out. Lethabo was outside the door. I rolled my eyes. Me: Jesus. Can't I get a break? Lethabo: Hi. Me: What do you want? Lethabo: Are you okay? Me: Yes I'm okay. Lethabo: I missed you. Me: That's nice. I have to go. Lethabo: Krisi you hurting me. Me: I haven't even touched you. Letty: We leaving She was standing a bit distant. Lethabo: I'll call you.. Me: No don't. I walked away to Letty. Letty: What's going on with you two? Me: Nothing why? Letty: You guys looked cosy and yesterday He couldn't stop asking about you. Me: Oh. We just friends. Letty: I hope so. Me: You have nothing to worry about. We got in the car and dad drove us home. On Monday I prepared myself for school as usual. When I was done with my hygiene processes I wore my uniform and combed my hair. I took my school bag then went to the kitchen. I made myself a bowl of cereal. Letty: You okay? Me: Yeah. After eating I went out got on a cab which dropped me off at school. Jane: I got good news. Me: Hello Jane I'm good and you? Jane: There's no time for formalities. I found you and I dates. Me: Really? Jane: Yep. We meeting with them at break time. Me: That's great. I was stressed out about it but now I'm relieved. Where's Lia? Jane: Probably running late. And she was right. Natalia arrived when we were already at assembly. Anyway after assembly we went back to class And lessons commenced. I was a bit nervous regarding the date thing. I didn't know what to expect. I knew it wasn't about love or anything because it's all gonna end after the ball. Jane: Relax will you? Lia giggled. Me: It's not funny. Lia: They don't bite. Me: Easy for you to say. Jane: Here they come don't look. I tried not to look. They were apparently coming behind us. " Ladies " The voice sounded familiar. I turned to meet up with his dark

black eyes. He flashed a smile and I looked back. Jane: Meet Leon and Tim. Leon was the one I bumped into on my first day here. Lia: Now I feel like some third wheel. We laughed and sat down on a bench. Leon: So you're my date? Jane: Actually you're mine. Leon: Tim will be your date. I want? Me: Krisi. Leon: Krisi. Let's take a walk. Me: Umm I... Jane: It's okay you can go. I nodded. We went going to the sports ground. A bit far from it. Leon: So you went missing. Me: Did I? Leon: Yeah. I mean you disappeared since that time you bumped into me and that was the last I saw of you until now. Me: And here I was thinking the same. Leon: So you in Grade 11? I nodded. Leon: I'm doing matric probably the reason why I haven't seen any of you. Me: Yeah hey. Leon: So how come I beautiful redhead like you doesn't have a date? I giggled. Me: Probably cause I'm new here and I don't know a lot of people. Leon: You beautiful. He said staring into my eyes which were inviting. Me: Umm thanks. It came out as a whisper I was lost in his eyes. I don't know what it is about his eyes that had me lost in them. I only got back to reality when he broke the gaze. Leon: So are you single? Me: Umm I am. Leon: Let's talk about the ball. We going to wear matching outfits right? Me: I kinda haven't thought about the outfit. Leon: Good. We'll go meet up with my designer regarding your outfit. Me: Your designer? Leon: Yeah. She makes all of my clothes. I don't wear retail. Me: Oh. Leon: Yes. Anyway can I have your number? Me: Yes of course. He took out his phone. Me: Woah I thought phones weren't allowed here. He chuckled. Leon: They ain't. Me: So how come you.. Leon: I have my ways. 0? I called out my numbers to him. He accompanied me to my class when the bell rang and I couldn't stop thinking about him. Jane: I'm jealous. Me: Huh? Leon was all over my mind. Jane: I really wanted Leon. Me: Oh I'm sorry. Jane: It's okay. I mean Tim is just as bad but Leon god. Lia: He's the baddest. Jane: Exactly. I've had a crush on him since Grade 9. Remember these two have been here since Grade 8 unlike me. Lia: Haha I know. Jane: But it's okay I'll survive. Me: So Tim? Jane: Well he wants us to wear matching outfits. Me: Tell me how did you get them to be our dates? Jane: Well they had posted on the school's facebook page that they're looking for dates so I thought why not. Me: I think I need a facebook account. Lia: You don't have it? Me: No not really. I always forget my pin. Anyway the teacher came and the last lessons commenced.

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