part 3 the promise

This guy was asking for trouble. If he's not really going to ask for my help with Letty then it's something else. Anyway The following day Saturday I did take a bath and get ready to meet up with him. I dried and lotioned when I was done then started getting dressed. I wore a simple denim shorts with a white sleeveless shirt which I tucked in at the front And white superstars sneakers. I let my hair loose and wore a cardigan on top. I took my phone then went to the kitchen where I had a glass of mango juice. Letty: Going somewhere? Me: Umm yeah. I'm meeting up with a friend. Letty: Doesn't she have a name? Me: You not my mother Leticia I don't owe you any explanation. Letty: Oh sorry. Me: Apology accepted. If only she knew who I was meeting up with but I couldn't tell her. She'd ask me many questions none of which I have the answers myself since I also seek a few truths. Letty: Anyway I can't wait for practice today. Me: Haha you mean you can't wait to see Lethabo? She blushed. This guy better not be taking my sister for a ride. Me: Look at you turning all red. She covered her face with her hands. I just hates going behind her back like this. Even considering how long she's had a crush on him. Letty: I think I love him. I swear I choked on my juice I even started coughing. Me: What? Letty: Why do you seem surprised? I hate to say this but I think she was making a big mistake. Me: Love is a big word. It's "like" that I can deal with. I did the inverted commas in the air. Letty: What's wrong with love? Me: What's going on between you guys? Letty: We still chilling getting to know each other. Me: Now why come up with love? Don't you think it's just gonna complicate things? Letty: What do you suggest then little sister? I ignored the mock in her voice and said my mind. Me: All I'm saying is - My phone rang -Lethabo Me: I have to get this. I went outside to answer it. Me: Hello. Lethabo: You ready? Me: Umm yeah. Where are we meeting? Lethabo: Let's meet in Wimpy. Me: Is that wise? Lethabo: You do have to eat right? Unless you fasting. Me: Okay fine I'm coming. Lethabo: I'll be waiting. I hung up and sighed. I went back inside to bid her farewell. Me: I'm going. Letty: Don't forget practice. Me: I won't. She eyed me suspiciously and I just left. I knew this was going to hurt her. I don't remember him ever taking her out like this. Not that I'd know she hardly ever tells me a thing. Anyway I took a cab which dropped me off at the mall then I walked to Wimpy. I found him sitting in a table for two and he was kind enough to pull a chair for me. I actually did not even know how to react to his gesture of being a gentleman. It was kinda awkward for me. He cleared his throat. Lethabo: What would you like?. Me: Umm a milkshake. Lethabo: That's all? I nodded. Lethabo: Ain't you going to eat? Me: Umm no. What am I doing here Lethabo? Lethabo: I love how you call my name. The way your tongue sort of pulls it out and it kinder slides out sounding so Turkish. Amazing. I almost blushed but held myself. This is so wrong. Me: Leth.. Umm you still haven't answered my question. Lethabo: What was your question babe? He said his eyes piercing through my soul. I had never had a guy's gaze make me so uncomfortable. It didn't even take me a second to break the staring. Babe? He can't call me that. Me: Babe? He chuckled and called a waitress over. He had been having just a soda. Lethabo: Get my girl here a pink milkshake he said Looking at me and some burger and fries for both of us. Waitress: A beef

cheese chicken or vegetarian burger? He looked at me. Me: Beef is fine. Lethabo: I'll have a cheese burger. Waitress: Okay then. Lethabo: You a beautiful girl Kriselda. He said looking intensely at me. The way he was looking at me was different. I can't say how different but It was. Me: Thank you. I manage to say. His stare was speaking volumes. The waitress brought my milkshake then left. Me: Why Pink? Lethabo: It suits you. He said still looking at me. Me: Why am I here? Lethabo: I want us to spend some time together. Me: Why? Lethabo: Is there anything wrong with spending time together? Me: Umm.. No.. Yes. He chuckled. Lethabo: No yes? What does that even mean? Me: I mean no this is wrong. Lethabo: Why is it wrong? Me: Because you with my sister. I blurted out. He didn't say anything for five seconds then laughed. Did I say something funny? I looked at him quizzically. Lethabo: It's just.. You so funny. Me: I am? Lethabo: If I'm with your sister was is she not here? Me: So you're not? Lethabo: I'm not a bad guy Krisi. Really I'm not but your sister.. No. Me: But I thought.. What? Lethabo: I don't think you want me to answer that. Me: I'm just confused. You calling her y'all always talking and stuff.. What am I missing? Lethabo: I'm a friendly guy. She asked for my number I gave it to her and actually she's the one who calls me. Me: She's.. In love with you. I confess. I had to. I really had to considering what my sister told me before I came here. Lethabo: I know. Me: So you not going to.. Do anything about it? Waitress: Your food. She put mine in front of me And did the same with Lethabo's food then left. Lethabo: I love your eyes. They're sparkly. Me: Lethabo.. Please Lethabo: I can imagine you saying that when you begging me to make love to you He said biting his lip. Mind you this is a Pastor's kid. Why can't he follow his father's footsteps? Me: What? Can you just be serious for like.. A minute? Lethabo: But I am serious. He wasn't. He was actually just chilled. Too chilled if you ask me. This is my sister I can't do this to her. No. Me: Please don't hurt my sister. Lethabo: I'd never even hurt a fly. Eat. There's still practice. I can imagine the envy when I arrive with you. He said with a smirk. A threw a fry at him. Lethabo: What the? Me: Just stop it Lethabo. My sister seems to think there's something going on between you two. Lethabo: I didn't bring you up here to vouch for your sister. On a serious note though let's just enjoy each other's company and stop talking about other people. Me: But I - Lethabo: Please. Me: Okay then. Lethabo: Thank you. He smiled at me then went on to eat and so did I. He settled the bill after then we left. Lethabo: Can I hold your hand? Me: Why? He shrugged. Lethabo: Please. Me: Okay. I gave him my hand and we window shopped. Some guy holding a camera came to us. Guy: Moments like this one deserve to be captured. Lethabo: You right He said looking at me with a smile. Guy: Only R8 for a picture printed same time. Lethabo: I'd love two. One for me and the other for her. He kissed my cheek and I just faked a smile. We did take those pictures which came out beautiful if you ask me just a bit too cosy. Lethabo: I can't wait for many more moments like this. He paid and we were given our pictures. Me: I need to get home. It's getting late for practice. Lethabo: Akere I told you we going there together. Me: I can't go there wearing a short. Lethabo: Why not? Me: It's inappropriate. Lethabo: Says who? Me: Me. Lethabo: You just don't want us to go together. I know you you don't care about what people may think so I guess it's because of your sister. Me: Yes Lethabo: Let's take selfies. Me: No. He sighed. Lethabo: Leticia is really ruining things for me. Me: That's my sister you talking about. Lethabo: Yeah yeah. Let's go. Me: That's more like it.

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