part 2 the promise

I woke up on Sunday and got ready for church. Dad usually just drives us instead of going with us. Worse he drops us off at the yard. I hadn't went to church in four Sunday's. Anyway I took a bath dried then lotioned. I wore a sky blue body hugging dress with white platform heels. Me: Morning family I sat down and dished up for myself as they greated back. Mom: You up early. Me: It's Sunday Mom: You coming with to church? Me: Yep. Letty: Why? Me: What do you mean why? Letty: You've never been interested before. I chuckled. I actually knew what this was about. This is how she's been after the incident with Lethabo which wasn't really an incident. I thought she'd be over it by now. I just think her crush on this guy is too huge. Dad: I don't see anything wrong with your sister joining you today. It might do her good. Mom: You also coming? She asked Looking at dad. Dad: Don't push it. Mom: Had to try. Letty: Can't believe you actually going to be on time at church. Me: I know. Mom: You seem to have a problem with her going to church. Letty: I Don't. I'm actually happy she's joining us. I laughed . I couldn't believe my sister actually felt threatened by me. Anyway after breakfast Dad drove us to church. I sat at the back while my mom and sister made their way to the front. Lethabo: Saw you came early today. Me: You saw me? Lethabo: Of course I did. I thought you noticed me watching you. Me: Maybe I did. He smiled at me. Letty came to us. It was after the service. Her and mom were busy hugging and giving people holy kisses something I actually don't ever do. It's just not my style. I'm not very social at church. Letty: Hi Lethabo. Lethabo: Leticia He smiled at her and I saw her cheeks turning red immediately. She was blushing. Lethabo: I was just complementing your sister on her punctuality today. Letty: I was actually also surprised that my little sister got up early She emphasized the little part again I just chuckled. Lethabo: It's always good seeing you Krisi. And you too Letty. Me: Good seeing you too. Lethabo: God be with you. I'll see you on Saturday Krisi. I nodded and he left. Me: What? She was eyeing me suspiciously. Me: Just tell the guy you like him already. Letty: I don't know what you talking about. Me: Yeah right. I laughed. Dad's car had arrived and it drove us home. The following day I had to get up early and prepare myself for school. I wanted to be early today. I took my bath then dried lotioned and wore my uniform with my blazer on top. I combed my hair then held it in a ponytail then took my bag with all my books for the day I left my phone on the charger then went to the kitchen where I made myself some cereal. I was the only one in the kitchen. Letty: Morning She said coming in. Me: Hey. Letty: All ready for school? Me: I'm wearing my uniform and stuff so yeah Letty: Can I ask you something? Me: Yeah? Letty: Do you really think he'll accept? If I asked him out. Me: Who? I knew who she was talking about but I just needed her to admit it. Letty: Lethabo She whispered. I laughed. Me: You so whipped! Letty: Shh keep it down. Me: Okay to answer your question I don't think he will say no. Letty: Really? Me: Yea. Just do it. Letty: I'm scared. Me: Don't worry big sis I got you. I got up and took my bag then kissed her cheek. Me: Bye. Letty: Bye. I got on a cab which dropped me off just by the school gate. I get my allowance monthly by the way. I was just glad that I was on time. Three weeks later I had friends. Two girls who were pretty loud. I was still behaving at home. I still haven't seen that guy

the one I had bumped into. My sister.. Well she asked Lethabo out I can't really say I knew what was going on between them. He had asked for my number and I just gave it to him. We only talked about church stuff and that was good with me. Okay my friends. It's Natalia And Jane. We in the same class. It was Friday and we were chilling at our spot during lunch. Jane: So valentines day is approaching you know what that means? Me: What? Them: Valentines ball! Me: I don't even have a boyfriend. Jane: I got my eyes on someone. Lia: Well I have a boyfriend so I guess we'll have to set you up Me: Set me up? Lia: Yeah. I'm thinking a blind date. Me: You do realize that Valentines is next week right? Jane: Which means we don't have much time. Me: I don't think I like this. Lia: We won't set you up with someone ugly don't worry. Me: What if I don't like him? Jane: We not trying to find you a Soulmate chill out. The bell rang so we went back to class. I have never been one to celebrate valentines. It just doesn't exist to me. And now with the ball coming I felt under pressure. It seems I really need to find this date. Anyway when the bell rang after school I immediately went home Since it was Friday school got out at 2. I immediately went to my room at home then stripped and took a shower. I wore some shorts a T-shirt and got on top of my bed then took my phone on my hands. Lethabo: Hey. He had sent me a text on Whatsapp. Me: Hi. I replied. Lethabo: You busy tomorrow? Me: Not really but I'll be at practice. Lethabo: I was hoping we meet before then. Me: Oh? Lethabo: Yes. Provided you don't mind. Me: I don't. Time? Lethabo: Around 12pm. Me: Should I come alone? Lethabo: Who would you come with? Me: My sister. Lethabo: Come alone. Me: Okay. I was curious though. Maybe he wants me to help him get her something for valentines day. I might not know what's going on but who knows maybe they keeping things on the low.

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