part 1 the promise

I grew up in a small family. I had daddy and mommy living with us. It had always been the four of us there I'm including my sister who's two years older than me. The story starts when I was just 16. I think it's where everything began. ... Mom: You going to be a good girl for mommy? Me: I've always been a good girl. Mom: This is your first day at school don't disappoint me. Dad: Be good like your sister. I inwardly rolled my eyes. I love my sister but I hated being compared to her. I grew up living in her shadow trying to be the perfect daughter she is but even that wasn't enough. Me: I'm going to do Grade 11. Mom: At a new school. I hope you don't get expelled from this one. Me: It wasn't my fault. Dad: That's what you always say. And I was talking the truth. It wasn't my fault. What happened was just being at the wrong place at the wrong time. Mom: Please behave. Me: I will mother. Mom: I love you. Me: Love you too. She kissed me on the forehead. I got into a cab which drove me to school. My sister Leticia is doing her second year in Varsity. Getting at this school I felt drained. It was one of the most strict schools around. Apparently they very good at disciplining kids. They tell you even the size of your skirt how you suppose to tie your hair and what kind of earrings you put in your ears. Now here I was with no friends nothing. I got out of the cab and walked inside the school premises. I really looked like a typical new kid. A short description of myself : I have a slim body with medium boobs a small ass and I have long red hair. I'm white. As I was walking in I bumped into some boy. Good thing I wasn't holding anything but his strength almost made me fall. Me: I.. I'm sorry. Boy: You should be you fucken bumped into me. Me: And I apologized. Boy: Maybe if you'd look me in my eyes. I had been looking down the whole time so I lifted my face up to him and the bell rang making him excuse himself before he could even say a word. I watched him leave. There was just something about him about his eyes. He had black dark eyes yet he was blonde. An unlikely combination. "Are you lost? " Asked someone behind and I turned to be met up with a teacher. Me: Umm yes sir it's my first day here. Sir: Should've guessed. Run to the assembly hall it's on that side. He showed me with his hand and I obliged. There were a few other learners in there and I just joined a queue. The first week went by and I can't say I was enjoying being at this new school. The break was too short and we weren't even allowed to go outside the school premises school got out at 3 and by then school got out at 3 and by then I was tired and so hungry School started at 7:20 am and that was way too early for me. I still hadn't seen the blonde head since that time we bumped into each other. Letty: How's the new school? Me: It's hell. I said plainly. I didn't have any friends and that sucked. I was always alone and the girls were pretty bitchy if you ask me. We were sitting outside while playing cards. Letty stays at home even thou she's in varsity. I'd never stay here. I'd rather stay in res but in her defense she said she wants to be close to us. I wouldn't even choose a varsity close by. Letty: There's a choir practice at church today Me: I can't sing. Letty: I never asked if you could. Come with me. Me: You just wanna see that Pastor's son you have a crush on. Letty: I don't have a crush on Lethabo. Me: And how did you know who I'm talking about? I asked eyeing her. She had a crush on him I knew it. Everytime she sees him she just melts away and even when he smiles I swear her knees get wobbly. Letty: So you not coming? Me: I've only went to church because mom forced me. With the hectic week I've had I doubt I will. Letty: You'll get used to that school and I think you might end up enjoying it. Me: I actually feel like bunking. Dad: Don't even think about it I rolled my eyes. Dad: I'll ensure I have someone keep an eye on you. I'm tired of your rebellious behavior. Me: I'm sorry I was just playing. Dad: Why can't you be like your sister and stop causing trouble always? Me: When have I ever caused trouble? Dad: You seem to forget you were expelled! He roared. Me: It wasn't my fault! Dad: You think you can shout at me? You so disrespectful your sister has never backchat at me. Me: I am not my sister! He slapped me on the cheek. Mom: That's enough! I just wore my shoes and went out. This always happens. I'm always compared to my sister and it sucks My sister and I are two different people. Why can't they accept that? Why can't my dad accept me just as I am? How long have I tried to impress him? How long have I tried to please him? He always finds fault with me. He never even sees when I'm trying. Letty: I'm sorry. I didn't even realise she had followed me. Me: It's not your fault. Letty: Dad loves you he really does. Me: Well he has a funny way of showing it. Letty: Let's go to church together. It will help get your mind off things. Me: Actually why not? There was some youth service at church. Lethabo was there and a few others. I looked at my sister steal glances at this guy and I just laughed. Lethabo: Nice of you to join us Krisi He said to me with a smile. My sister looked at me with a plain look. Me: Letty is actually the one who forced me to come. Lethabo: It's nice seeing you either way. He went up on the stage. I didn't want to think much about this. A part of me wondered if he was flirting with me or just being nice but I chose to go with the last part because I can't do that to my sister. Lethabo is caramel in complexion with pinkish black lips and Grey eyes. He's tall with broad shoulders and has a short German cut. Letty: It was a nice service. Me: It really was. Lethabo: I'll see you guys tomorrow. Be on time. Letty: I'm always on time don't know about my little sister She emphasized on the little part making me giggle. Lethabo: Tomorrow then. With that said he left. We went back home my sister was a bit quiet and I think it was because of the Lethabo issue. I just wasn't interested in him not in that way. Besides he's not my type. My sister has never had a boyfriend. I doubt she even knows how to kiss. She's turning 18 We both virgins but at least I have kissed a guy. I've only had one boyfriend though. Getting back at home I just walked straight to my room. I closed the door and kept myself busy on my phone.

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