" For this to work you have to be honest with me "

I stared at her. Did she know what she was asking of me? Did she understand?

I highly doubt. I didn't want to take a trip down memory lane because it's bittersweet.

I didn't want to reminisce on moments I had worked so hard to overshadow.

A part of me didn't think she's worth it.

Me: " I don't think you understand what you asking of me at this moment "

I didn't want to continue with this conversation any further. I wanted to terminate it as soon as possible cause I could feel the monster in me about to surface.

Mia: " Baby please. I'm willing to work on us if you just become honest with me "

Me: "You.. You're willing? "

This sounded crazy to me. She didn't just say that after everything I had done to her.

I didn't deserve her. I didn't deserve her forgiveness or anything.

It still puzzled me how she still loves me after everything that transpired between us.

She nodded.

Me: " No you can't do that. You can't love me. I don't deserve you "

Mia: " We don't choose who we love "

Me: " No. Please leave "

She looked at me tears dripping down her eyes.

Mia: " I'll drop the charges "

Me: " Don't. This is where I belong. Far from you Far from society. Please take care of Amelia for me. Tell her daddy loves her "

I could hear her sobs but this was better.

I called the guard who took me back to my cell.

The little compassion in my heart couldn't allow her to drop the charges.

I had it all planned. That I was going to plead guilty.

Maybe being away from everyone is what I need.

Guard: "Ahh Terror not so mighty are we? "

Me: " I can kill you now and no one will know about it. If I were you I'd keep my mouth shut "

I said between my gritted teeth making sure To put emphasis in every word

Guard: " You in my yard now "

Me: " For someone who just mentioned my name you seem to have forgotten it pretty soon. This is my territory now! "

He clicked his tongue and put me back in my cell.

I hadn't been sentenced yet but I was in a cell with ten other people.

I didn't care. I knew no one would touch me.

I've often been told I have eyes behind my head.

Life in prison is not what I had in my bucket list but I made my bed and I better lie in it.

My name is Kgosi Daniels. Husband of Mia Daniels and father of Amelia Daniels.

I'm 29 and this is my story.


I watched him as he played around the yard.

I had just bought him a soccer ball for his seventh birthday.

He always appreciated my little efforts. Seeing him smile will always make my day.

I don't regret it I never will.

Me: "Sbu you've been playing for too long. I miss you "

Sbu: "Come play with me mommy "

I laughed and stood up.

I knew if I didn't he would come drag me to where he's playing.

So we played until I couldn't anymore.

It was my day off . I always spend my day offs with my son.

Sbu: "I'm tired "

Me: "Me too"

We threw our arses on the ground and groaned at the same time.

Me: "I'm thirsty"

He laughed.

Sbu: "Me too"

Thank God it was Saturday. He would have never bunked school.

He loves school.

Every day he'd come back and tell Me what they were taught.

I could see he enjoyed it

he'd come back and tell Me what they were taught.

I could see he enjoyed it even though he started off late.

He should have started the previous year at six but I didn't have enough money.

I wanted the best for him. It might not be a private school but it is reputable even though it's a public school.

At Grade 1 he was already smart.

I knew his future stood bright.

Sbu: "Mom there's a man looking for you"

I was in the backyard doing our laundry.

I wiped my hands on my dress and went out to the front.

Letlotlo: "Good day Didi"

Me: "Baby go to your room"

I didn't want to show my son my fear.

He obliged and finally I could exhale.

Me: "What do you want? "

He slapped me then choked me pulling my face to his.

Letlotlo: "You owe me"

Me: "I owe you nothing "

Letlotlo: "That's where you're mistaken I still own you"

He looked at me up and down then let go of my neck.

I was pretty sure it had marks because I bruise easily.

His hands travelled inside my pants into my panties and he smiled.

Letlotlo: "I see nothing's changed "

My name is Didintle Khoza. I'm 23 years old and single parent to Sbusiso Khoza 7 years and this is my story.


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