I was wondering what they were playing at. If Mia knew what transpired between her friend and I why did she not say something? 
Me: "Can we talk? "
Mia: "About what? "
Addy: "I'll be at the bar "
If only she knew how much I wanted to kill her. 
I got in after she had left and closed the door. Mia owed me answers and I was beginning to suspect she wasn't as innocent as she pretended to be. 
Mia: "I thought you were different. I thought you won't be one of the guys I genuinely liked who decide to sleep with my best friend. I can't believe you did this to me "
She sobbed.
Me: "What did I do? "
She chuckled like she didn't believe I just asked her that question. 
Mia: "To think I thought she was lying "
I sat down in the lounge. 
Me: "So you believe everything that thot tells you? "
Mia: "You admitted it! "
Me: "And you don't think I was playing along to whatever she had going on? "
Mia: "Don't lie to me Kgosi. I know you fucked her. She came back here unable to walk right. "
Me: "Entlek are there three of us in this relationship? Because I'm failing to understand why that hoe has so much say in it "
Mia: "Don't you dare! "
Me: "It's the second time you're raising your voice at me and trust me it's never going to happen again "
My voice was stern and I knew she had gotten the message. She nodded. 
Me: "Believe her it's fine. In fact date her because I'm done! "
I got up and walked away. She called me before I could go out the door. 
Me: "What?! "
Mia: "I'm sorry. I just... "
Me: "You just? "
She was fiddling with her fingers. 
Mia: "I just.. I'm just disappointed in you. I didn't think you'd fall for it "
Me: "Vele you're not giving me any so at least I didn't go far away to get it. "
Mia: "Wow Kgosi just wow. That's a low blow and you know it "
Me: "It's the truth. I wonder if that little story you sold me is true. I wonder if you were really molested or you're busy fucking around while making me wait "
Mia: "Go. Just go. I don't want to ever see you again "
Me: "That would be my pleasure! "
I left more pissed off than I was when I left Cheryl's place.
I had to look into Mia and see if she was really as innocent as she was painting herself to be. 
I bumped into that bitch as I was unlocking my car. 
Addy: "You don't look heartbroken "
Me: "I don't have a heart. You're going to pay for this "
Addy: "Pay for what? Mia is too good for a fucked up guy like you. You have issues That Won't be solved by rough sex. You're sick! "
She spat out as if she was disgusted by me. 
I slapped her making her scream. 
Addy: "She's better off without you "
I chuckled. 
Me: "You really think you've won? You don't know me and you don't know how sick I can get. You're going to feel my wrath very soon"
I got into my car and drove to the cottages.
I had had a very bad day and needed to release. 
I found Cheryl on my bed naked like I had commanded. I didn't think she would follow through with it but she proved to be a very good girl. 
Me: "Hi baby missed me? "
Cheryl: "I don't even want to be here"
Me: "Then you'll pretend you want to be here if you know what's good for you "
I had passed by adult world so I had a surprise in store for her. 
Me: "You think you can just cheat on me? "
Cheryl: "You're with Mia why can't you let me be? "
Me: "Do you see her here? It's like you both talked about misbehaving. She's also acting up so you can imagine how mad I am right now "
She swallowed hard. 
Cheryl: "Khosi please. "
I took out the flogger. 
Me: "Please? Please? "
I went to her. 
Me: "Oh I love it when you beg "
Cheryl: "Khosi... Don't. Please. I'll get you arrested "
I laughed. 
Me: "Please go ahead. By the time you finish that call someone will be knocking on the door with your mom's head. "
Cheryl: "You're... You're bluffing. Khosi this is me. Why are you doing this to me? "
She was sobbing. 
I laughed. 
I ran the flogger slowly across her upper body. 
Me: "Maybe I love you "
I shrugged. 
Me: "Or maybe I don't like when bitches think they can play me"
I flogged her two times and she whimpered. 
Me: "No one plays me. No one. Do you hear me? "
She nodded. 
Me: "Stand up and kiss me"
She kissed me with tears streaming down her cheeks. 
Me: "Now take off my clothes "
She did with her hands shaking? Was that the fear my father was talking about? Had I instilled Fear in her? 
After she had completely undressed me I picked her up and kissed her. 
I didn't bother with protection but just fucked her raw while standing. 
She went from sobbing to moaning. I knew I was doing her right. 
Me: "I'm scared. I'm so scared "
Zakes and I were at the clinic. I was very scared because I would finally know whether I was right or not. 
He took my hand and squeezed it a bit. 
Zakes: "Relax. We'll deal with it together"
I decided to believe him. 
We went into the doctor's office and he told her why we were there. 
Dr: "Well

while standing. 
She went from sobbing to moaning. I knew I was doing her right. 
Me: "I'm scared. I'm so scared "
Zakes and I were at the clinic. I was very scared because I would finally know whether I was right or not. 
He took my hand and squeezed it a bit. 
Zakes: "Relax. We'll deal with it together"
I decided to believe him. 
We went into the doctor's office and he told her why we were there. 
Dr: "Well we can do the test. You'll go pee in this little container then we'll insert this stick to test your urine"
I nodded taking the little container. I was very nervous as I peed. 
I went back to her and gave her the container. 
She inserted the stick. 
Dr: "Congratulations you're pregnant "
I swear I felt my whole world stop as my head started spinning. 
My suspicions were right. 
Zakes: "Didi"
His voice sounded far away and I knew I had to snap back to reality. 
The tears just silently fell. I was really pregnant at fifteen and didn't know the father. 
How was I going to raise this child? I knew my father even though he wasn't a part of my life but this baby would never get that chance. 
Dr: "Didi you have options. I can interest you in the available options "
Zakes: "No. She's keeping it"
Me: "What... What options do I have? "
Zakes: "Didintle "
He warned but I didn't care. I had to know. 
Me: "I need to know ".
Dr: "There's adoption and also termination of pregnancy. "
MaMguni's words suddenly rang in my mind 'you should cherish every gift your womb will nurse ' 
Was this what she was talking about? 
I shook my head and wiped my tears. 
I looked at Zakes. 
Me: "Let's leave please "
Dr: "Wait we're not done. Don't you want to know how far you are? "
Me: "No it's fine "
Zakes and I left. 
I was quiet in his car. A lot was going through my mind like how I would tell my mother about this? Will that leave me homeless and if yes where would I go? 
Zakes: "Please don't... Don't terminate. I know that this is difficult for you because of the ordeal that led to it but consider this a blessing in disguise. I know you have no right to trust me but I'll be here with you every step of the way "
Me: "Why? "
Zakes: "Because I want to. I'll call you or send you a text. Reply "
I got out of his car and walked home. The thought of a life growing inside me was one I couldn't wrap my head around. 
I found my mother sitting on my bed.
I stood in one spot shocked by this.
She looked at me. She looked like she had been thinking and little did I know my life was about to take an even worse turn. 
Mom: "We need to talk "
She patted next to her so I went to sit there right next to her on my bed. My heart was beating faster than usual. 
Mom: "Sinazo told me you haven't been on your periods. She said she saw you didn't use your pads"
I didn't say anything. 
Mom: "What happened Didi? Are you... Are you pregnant? "
I just cried. I couldn't say anything and there was a huge lump in my throat that I had to get rid of. 
I still didn't say anything. 
Mom: "Didintle please talk to me"
She held my hand. I had never seen my mother like that with me. She seemed genuinely concerned about me. 
I slowly nodded. 
She sighed.
Mom: "How? I just don't understand. This is something I'd expect from Sinazo not you "
What was she expecting me to say? 
Me: "Are... Are you going to kick me out? "
I had to ask. I needed to know what fate awaited me. 
Mom: "We'll have to hide it until you're done with your exams. Bhabha cannot find out about this "
Me: "Then what? What mom? "
Mom: "You'll have to choose. In fact you have to make a choice now. Since you're not showing you can get rid of it. You're too young for a baby. You're barely sixteen and have a bright future ahead of you "
Me: "And if I... If I don't do as you say? "
Mom: "You'll have to go live with my mother in Rustenburg. It's the only way. "
Me: "I'll take the latter "
The former was not what I would consider. Would I have been able to live with the guilt that I killed a baby? I wouldn't have. 
Mom: "Things aren't like this in Rustenburg. I won't be there to cook for you or clean after you. You'll have to do everything for yourself which means no soft hands. Who's the father? "
I shrugged.
Mom: "I really thought you weren't like Sinazo"
I didn't say anything. I was thinking of having to go live with her mother whom I hadn't even meet. 
How was she going to accept me? Would I be able to take care of myself and the baby? 
I couldn't do anything with my hands and knowing I would have to scared me even more. 


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