Getting ready for the party had to be one of the funnest things I had ever done.

Nathi and I had showered and lotioned.

She wanted us to wear matching outfits. Sinazo was nowhere to be seen.

I had met Nathi's sister and she was very beautiful like Nathi.

We had hardly slept the previous night because of movies and chatting.

We really had fun.

Sinazo didn't even sleep with us but I wasn't going to worry myself about her.

Nathi and I had went shopping in the morning and bought matching blouses in different colours though then we spent the afternoon helping around the house.

I did the only thing I could do when it came to cooking which was peeling and chopping veggies.

Yes I couldn't cook because my mother was the one who always cooked for us.

Nathi: "Let's do your makeup "

Me: "I don't know. I have acne so I don't think it'll suit me "

I shrugged.

Maybe I had self-esteem issue or maybe I had accepted the fact that I wasn't alluring.

Maybe I was being true to myself in the essence that I was just another dull yellowbone though I wasn't yellow but rather pale.

I was just too light that it made my emotions easier to read.

Nathi: "And I'm charcoal black but I'm using it. Look Didi we'll just do your eyebrows and lipstick. That's it. "

I smiled and nodded.

Nathi was more girly than I was in the sense that she loved dolling herself up.

We even took pictures after getting dressed and doing our makeup.

Sinazo walked in as we were laughing and just fooling around.

She had changed and was wearing clothes I had never seen.

Sinazo: "I'm glad I found you guys here "

She smiled.

Nathi and I looked at each other we were surprised at her friendliness.

Me: "What's up? "

Sinazo: "Oh nothing. I just made the plan about what we spoke about yesterday "

Me: "Oh oh that "

Nathi: "What? "

Sinazo: "Alcohol "

Nathi just laughed.

Nathi: "There's a bar downstairs. You didn't have to use your money for that "

Sinazo: "But we're underage"

Nathi: "It's a party "

She said rolling her eyes.

Sinazo: "Yah well let's go then "

Nathi's family was admirable. They were close and laughed a lot together.

They talked like they were all the same age yet there was respect. I could say they had an open book relation.

We went downstairs.

Sinazo was wearing a black short jumpsuit which revealed her hourglass figure.

She looked good with her braided hair and smooth skin.

Nathi and I were in pants with blouses. I was wearing heels while she was on flats.

I hadn't been expecting so many people at this party.

Mostly it was adults and teenagers.

Her sister whom they all called Lwa looked beautiful.

The white guy was her Mr Party and they looked really cute.

I was sitting with Sinazo while Nathi was with her family.

Sinazo: "So Drake's brother is throwing a house party. Apparently this party will go there after. "

Me: "Really? Nathi didn't tell me anything "

Sinazo: "Drake just told me. We'll be here until midnight "

I nodded.

Anyway the party started.

The speeches were humorous yet heartfelt.

Everyone spoke of how Lwa was a good girl with morals and how respectful she was.

They all spoke well about her. The food was good and so were the drinks.

Nathi came to me with some guy who she introduced as Zimele or Lele as he preferred to be called.

Nathi: "So we're going to Leon's place after this "

Me: "Sinazo told Me"

Lele: "You girls have to change first. You're too formal "

Nathi: "Let's go then"

I was excited and anxious. I had never went out at night and we had already started with the drinking just punch.

It felt nice just being a teenager and being with people who brought out the best in me people who accepted me as I was and didn't bring me down.

I felt a good sense of belonging.

I wore jeans and put a sweater on top of my blouse.

I was someone who loved clothes and looking nice.

It made me feel good.

My mother would always give me her magazines when she was done with them so I followed the fashion pages.

I wore my sneakers and we left.

Lele had a car. I was surprised yet happy that Sinazo was with us.

Lele was blasting music and we were loudly singing along.

Drake also lived in a mansion in a Porsche neighbourhood. I wondered why he wasn't even at a private school if they were this rich. He was probably the one who gave Sinazo the R500.

Nathi: "Babe please guard your glass with your life. Take it anywhere you go. It's a party and things get crazy people get raped. I don't want you to be a victim. I love you "

I smiled as we hugged. She cared for me and loved me. I almost cried.

Me: "I love you too "

She gave me my glass. This was it.

We all walked into the house. It was beautiful and oh the women.

They were beautiful and sexy I felt out of place.

Sinazo: "I got this for you as promised "

Nathi: "I'm going to look for Lwa "

She kissed my cheek and went further in.

I was left with Lele.

Lele: "Girly drinks. I don't do white wine "

We laughed. Sinazo was pouring drinks while Lele was making jokes about people.

The music was so loud.

Sinazo: "Let's get drunk!! "

She shouted and started dancing.

Well as promised "

Nathi: "I'm going to look for Lwa "

She kissed my cheek and went further in.

I was left with Lele.

Lele: "Girly drinks. I don't do white wine "

We laughed. Sinazo was pouring drinks while Lele was making jokes about people.

The music was so loud.

Sinazo: "Let's get drunk!! "

She shouted and started dancing.

Well I got in too and just enjoyed myself with no worrying.



Me: "I must admit that you were right it's a vibe "

He laughed and pushed me a little.

Leon: "I told you. Look at all the babes it's fun "

I chuckled.

Me: "Don't you have a girlfriend that you love? "

Leon: "I'm not married "

Me: "Now that's the Leon I know "

Leon: "Dude I have to go "

Me: "Who're you looking at? "

He chuckled.

Leon: "Your nemesis "

Me: "I don't get you and the obsession with my nemesis. Go do you "

Mia and Lwa had decided to call it a night which was why Leon could do as he pleases.

I went back into the house while searching for my victim(s).


I turned seeing the feet first then the face.

Me: "What? "

She flapped her eyelashes and I almost slapped her.

She was black and apart from that I didn't do thick women though this looked like a kid.

Her: "My name is Sinazo and I -"

Me: "You have a death wish. Get the fuck out of my face "

She giggled. She was annoying me further and infuriated me more when she touched me.

I slapped her so hard that she fell. I clicked my tongue and went outside.

I bumped into some chick.

Me: "Watch where you're going "

Her: "I'm sorry "

I just pushed her aside and went out.

That little bitch had ruined my mood.

My phone rang.

I went to my car so I could answer.

Me: "Hello "

It was my father.

Dad: "We have a problem "

Me: "A problem that has to be discussed at 2am in the morning? "

Dad: "Don't get cheeky with me Kgosi. We need to talk seriously. It's business "

I sigh.

Me: "When? "

Dad: "I'm giving you five hours to wrap up whatever has you busy. See you in my office then"

He hung up on me.

I was worried I was shit worried.

I wasn't even feeling like Cheryl . I didn't feel like any chick. I just went back and drank my ass away.

I didn't like being stressed especially when it came to business. Dad had been bugging me since I was eighteen and I knew I couldn't run anymore.

I knew whatever he had wanted to See Me about would determine the direction I was headed.

It would curve and shape my future and the aftermath would be bitter sweet.



I searched for her and smiled when I noticed she was nowhere to be seen.

My plan was in action and I knew she wouldn't know what hit her.

I might have been embarrassed by a handsome chocolate sexy guy but I was over it.

Drake came to me.

Me: "So? "

Drake: "Don't worry about it babe. I hope no one bothered you "

I smiled.

Me: "No "

He kissed me.

Drake: "Let's go smoke in my room "

Me: "OK "

We went to his room but it was locked.

Me: "What's happening? "

We heard moaning and groaning.

Drake: "It's a party "

He shrugged.

Me: "Wait where's Didi? I thought.. What's going on? "

Drake: "I said don't worry. The drug will work "

Nathi came up and she was panicking.

Nathi: "Where is Didi? "

Me: "She's probably having some fun"

Drake: "You can join us. We'll make it a threesome "

He winked at her.

Me: "What? "

Drake: "She's hot "

I couldn't believe he didn't see any problem with this.

Nathi: "I don't have time for this. I have to find my best friend. She's been gone for hours "

It was around 4am now.

Drake: "Let's find a vacant guestroom"

His hand was on my arse while I had my arm over his shoulder.

His other hand had a bottle of vodka.

We kept going through the house until we found a room.

It was open but not vacant.

We switched on the lights.

It was Didi. I laughed.

Me: "I'm taking pictures "

Drake: "I'm not missing out "

We took pictures of her naked and passed out.

Me: "Let's dress her up. "

Drake: "I'm not touching that thing "

He drank straight from the bottle.

Anyway I did the decent thing which was dressing her up.

Drake: "Roll her down. "

I did as he said and he took off the bedding with the blankets and threw them on to Didi's body.

Drake: "Let's party babe "

We drank the vodka and I got drunk again.

He kissed me his hands running all over my body.

He literally ripped my jumpsuit off which made me giggle.

Drake: "Fuck you're sexy "

Me: "You know it "

Just as he was about to kiss me someone barged in.

Drake: "And then? "

It was some blonde girl.

Her: "Sharing is caring "

Drake: "Lock the door "

She came and kissed me. I had never kissed a girl before and it wasn't bad.

Mind you we didn't even know her name.

She took off her clothes as I undressed Drake.

Her: "I'm Clover"

Drake: "Nice name "

He kissed her again and I watched my boyfriend make out with a girl in my presence.

They were going on like lost lovers.

I chuckled as I saw everything unfold. I felt like a side kick or worse a spectator.

I just took the bottle of vodka and drank until it was done and I was fucked up.


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