Going home meant going to see my lovely father wonderful mother and my annoying little siblings.

I was the first born in a family with four kids.

I had an eighteen year old little brother who was In matric a fifteen year old little sister and the youngest most spoiled five year old girl.

Leon: "So I'll see you there? "

Me: "I don't know man. I don't even know how it's going to go at home"

Leon: "Come on I promised Lwa and Mia is also excited "

Me: "What's your girlfriend feeding my woman? "

He chuckled.

Leon: "It's all love man "

Me: "I'll see"

Leon: "Don't say that. I'm always scratching your back man. It's time for you to scratch mine"

I scoffed.

Me: "If I come it'll be late and this party better be fucken lit "

Leon: "Of course man I got you "

We shook hands.

Me: "I Gotta go now. I don't want to disappoint the old lady"

Leon: "Sure man "

I jogged back to my place.

Leon and I would take morning jogs together when we both can.

That is when he wasn't spending time with his girl or I wasn't.

I took a shower then got dressed.

It was a warm now since we were in Spring so I didn't have to put on much clothing. Just track pants and a T-shirt then I was all done.

There was a knock on my door and I opened.

Cheryl: "I bought us breakfast "

Me: "You're the best "

I kissed her shortly then let her dish up for us.

Cheryl was going to stay in a guesthouse and I were to visit her to get some.

Good thing was Mia would be at this girl's place and we were only going to see each other if I decide to go the party.

So we left after eating breakfast. I was driving which meant I would be home in roughly an hour or more.

Cheryl: "So you'll call me right? "

Me: "Yes. Just don't do anything that'll make me kill you "

She chuckled probably thinking that it was a joke but it wasn't.

We kissed once more and I watched her as she left.

I drove home after blasting music in my speakers.

I hooted at the gate. I didn't understand why it was still locked while I was so early.

Even though home wasn't that far from the cottages I didn't like coming here.

I only came when I was summoned home like at that moment.

Khumo the last born came running to open the gate.

She was too bubbly and loud for a five year old. She was overly energetic and that irritated to a certain extent but I loved her.

Me: "Why aren't you at creche? "

Khumo: "I'm sick abuti "

Me: "You look fine to me "

She faked a cough and I laughed. She smiled at me revealing her teeth which had two missing at the front.

Khumo: "I missed you abuti. You never come"

Me: "I'm busy trying to be a doctor so I can help you when you're sick "

I pulled her cheek and she giggled.

She took my hand and walked me inside the house.

Mom came to me and she kissed me like a baby.

Me: "Really? "

She rolled her eyes.

Mom: "How are you boy? "

She examined me as if I were at the doctor.

Me: "I'm fine and I'm not a boy "

Mom: "You're talking to me not your father "

I kissed her cheek.

Me: "Where is he? "

We sat in the lounge.

Mom: "Work "

Me: "Why am I here? "

She looked at me and smiled.

Mom: "Nna ne ke gopotse leitebola La me" (I missed my first born)

Me: "But Ma -"

Mom: "No Kgosi. You're here now and you'll leave on Sunday "

I sighed.

Yes I couldn't believe I came running for this.

I really thought it was something important.



I was excited to share the news with Nathi during break.

Bhabha had agreed to the sleepover and the day had come.

He had met with Nathi and because we weren't planning any mischief he agreed.

Nathi: "Hi"

She hugged me and we sat down.

Me: "So today I'll finally get to see where you live "

She screamed. Nathi was a loud mouth so you could imagine how loud she would get when she was screaming.

We had people looking at us weirdly.

Nathi: "I'm sorry. I'm just excited. I've been telling my family about you and I know they would love to meet you "

I smiled.

I genuinely felt happy and I was looking forward to the sleepover.

Going home I couldn't wait.

Sinazo was just as excited as I was she walked home with me for the first time since our fallout aka 'Drake'

Sinazo: "I wonder who'll be there. I hope there will be lots of sexiness "

Me: "Really? Won't Drake be there? "

Sinazo: "There's nothing wrong with having fun"

She said rolling her eyes.

Me: "Sinazo I just think you have to slow down "

She hysterically laughed.

I guess concern didn't suit me and maybe I had to stop and let her be.

She had long made it clear that I'm below her and I had to let her superiority reign.

I packed clothes in my school bag. I didn't have the luxury of owning a travelling bag like Nazo and I was too excited about the party to care.

Her bag was bigger and had a whole lot of things.

She packed makeup two pairs of heels and clothes that made me wonder if we were really just leaving for the weekend.

Sinazo: "I have about R500. We'll buy booze"

Me: "As in alcohol? No! "

Sinazo: "Don't be slow. We're going to a party to have fun. If we're sober we'll just be bored. Just loosen up for just one weekend "

I sighed.

Me: "But I... I have never drank before "

She smirked.

Sinazo: "Don't worry you'll be on the light stuff "

Nathi's brother was the who fetched us.

He was driving a red Polo Vivo. I hugged the boys who didn't want us to leave.

Phila was also sad because I couldn't take her with me.

After all goodbye was said we got into the car.

Upon seeing Nathi's brother I concluded that they were a family of dark chocolate. It looked good on them and yes Her brother was handsome.

I had seen how Sinazo looked at him. She didn't even get in the backseat with me but got in the front instead.

I looked outside the window as the car moved.

I was looking forward to seeing Nathi again and being in a new place.

Nathi lived in a middle class suburb. The houses were big and modern. I wondered why she would befriend a simple township girl.

Nathi: "I'm so glad you made it"

She said giving me a bear hug.

Nathi was way taller than me that I felt twelve some times in her presence.

That was all in stature. At least she never belittled me like Nazo even though she was older than me.

Sinazo: "Where are we sleeping? "

Nathi: "My room "

Their house was a double Storey and spacious. They had a huge living room which was being prepared for the party.

We went up the stairs and to Nathi's room. It was too huge if you asked me and very girly.

The decor was in pink purple and sky blue.

Sinazo: "So much pink "

Nathi: "Don't annoy me little girl. So Didi I have activities planned for us and it starts with movies in the cinema "

Sinazo: "You have a cinema in this mansion? Wow let's take a picture. You should hang with me not this loser of my sister "

That stung. I looked down.

Nathi: "I don't hang with kids. I know you're not here for me so cut the act. Let's go Didi "

She took my hand and we walked out.

I felt good. I had someone stand up for me and that was very rare and precious.

I knew I would never forget this.

Me: "You have a beautiful home"

Nathi: "My mom has taste for days. Tell me why aren't you growing your hair? "

Me: "My mom says I look better without it "

I shrugged. My mom had never allowed it to grow.

My hair was always very short and I was used to it.

Nathi: "Do you like popcorn? I'm sorry but I eat a lot. I'll call someone to bring us snacks while you choose the movie "

I nodded.

I felt a sense of belonging and knowing that I was going back home soon hurt a bit.

It had nothing to do with the house but just being with Nathi.

However I decided to not focus on anything else but the current moment.



I couldn't believe that fat bitch had left me alone in her disgusting room.

I was Sinazo Zondo and no one was ever that rude to me except my father. For her to choose plain Didi over me was plain rude and very disrespectful.

I called Drake.

Drake: "Baby "

Me: "Where are you? "

She had her own walk-in closet and a bathroom. Seeing her at school you wouldn't even think they were this rich at her home.

I tried flirting with her brother but the man didn't even give me any attention.

Drake: "Can't you take a cab to my place? "

Me: "Can't you ask your brother to come get me? Come on it's not that far "

Drake: "I'll give him your number. "

Then he hung up on me.

I was still stuck in this girl's room.

Anyway I knew I had to get out and I did. There was so much activity around the house people decorating and stuff.

No one even noticed when I went out. Heck no one paid any attention to me.

I stood next to the road until my phone rang.

It was an unsaved number so I assumed it was the brother.

Me: "Hello? "

Caller: "Sin... Something where are you? "

Great he couldn't even pronounce my name.

Me: "Next to the road where are you? "

Caller: "Which road? "

Me: "The one next to Nathi's house "

Caller: "Who's Nathi? "

Me: "The road next to where the party's taking place "

Caller: "Oh that. I'm coming "

He came in a car with tinted windows. I got in at the back.

It wasn't the usual brother who would come fetch us.

Me: "I... I'm Sinazo "

Him: "I don't care. How's it going? It's my girlfriend's party "

Me: "Oh you're Leon? "

Leon: "Yes "

Me: "It's going. The decor people are there. It's going to be a good party "

Leon: "It better. How old are you? "

Me: "I'm 14"

He just nodded. I couldn't stop thinking about Didintle and I knew I had to do something to get her off her high horse.

She wasn't Better than me and she never would be.

I knew Drake was going to help me. He had to.


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