I was summoned home and wondered what it was about.

I had received the call early on a Monday from my mother. They probably knew I wouldn't come if it was anybody else.

I was only going to leave on the last Friday of the month.

That day I was meeting up with Leon and his girlfriend.

I wanted to see this girl who had basically stolen my best friend's heart.

We were to meet at Wimpy so I was taking Mia with me.

She was waiting for me at the end of my last class.

The first thing I did was hug her then I kissed her cheek.

Mia: "I'm so nervous "

I laughed.

Me: "But why? "

She rolled her eyes as if I should have known what she was on about.

That to me was disrespectful and a turn off.

Me: "Let's get something straight "

She looked at me in anticipation.

Me: "Don't you ever and I mean ever roll your eyes at me"

My voice was stern and she nodded rapidly as if I scared her.

She was quiet from thereon and the silence was unsettling however there was no way I was going to allow her to disrespect me.

I liked her but I wasn't going to let her weaken me.

The ride to the mall was short yet the silence had made it longer.

I parked my car and got out.

She remained seated in the car as if awaiting something.

I went to her side.

Me: "Can we leave? "

She almost rolled her eyes but I guess she remembered my words.

She opened her door and got off.

In my opinion it was too early in our relationship for the attitude.

The lovebirds were already seated.

I sat down wishing we were somewhere else so I could order a beer.

Leon: "Hello fellas "

Mia sat next to me so we were facing the two.

When he said black I hadn't thought she'd be this dark.

Me: "This is Nolwandle? "

Leon: "This is my girlfriend "

Nolwandle: "Leon told me so much about you and how far you come from "

Me: "I'm pretty sure he did "

Mia nudged me with her elbow.

I looked at her.

Me: "What? "

Leon: "Anyway I think we can all order "

Nolwandle: "Is she uhm... Your girlfriend? "

Me: "Her name is Mia and yes "

Leon: "My friend and awkward go hand in hand. Don't worry babe he can be nice when he wants to "

The bitch giggled.

He sure knew how to pick them.

Same old same old : The weave fake lashes and make up on point except this time she was dark skinned.

Mia: "So Lwa what are you studying? "

So yes she had already given her a nickname.

Lwa: "Journalism. I like prying into people's business "

That was the longest 'date' ever.

Mia and Lwa had hit it off and all I wondered was when all of it would be over.

Mia's mood had lightened as I drove her to her flat.

She seemed to be fond of Leon's girlfriend and the man was happy.

Me: "When are we going to have sex? "

She choked on her own spit but it was high time I asked.

Mia: "We just got together "

Me: "So? "

I was parked next to the road.

We had arrived at her residence.

Mia: "It's too soon what's the rush? "

Me: "Would it be any different if we did it later rather than now? "

She sighed.

Mia: "It's just I... I thought I'd do it after I turn 21"

I laughed thinking it was joke.

Upon turning to look at her I found that she was serious.

Me: "You want me to wait two years? "

She nodded with glossy eyes.

Two years was a long time but I had little compassion in my heart.

I didn't want to exactly let go of her so I agreed.

Me: "Fine "

She smiled but deep down I was conflicted.

I had never been with a girl for so long without hitting it how the hell would I be able to keep my hands to myself?

Then all of a sudden it made sense why we hadn't even kissed.

Me: "You're a virgin? "

Mia: "No I'm not but I would be if... "

Now I was confused.

Me: "If? "

She flapped her eyelashes a couple of times to avoid crying.

It was probably a difficult topic for her.

Mia: "I was once molested when I was 13"

I could hear that it wasn't as easy topic for her and as heartless as I was

couldn't push it any further.

I held her hand in assurance.

Me: "I understand. Can we at least kiss? "

She giggled between her tears.

She met me closer as I leaned in and we kissed.

I planted a kiss on her forehead then watched her as she got out.

I called Cheryl so she could meet me at my place.

I needed release. This meant that I would have to tolerate her for two more years.

It was either that or Mia's best friend Addy. The latter didn't seem like a good choice considering the history.



After our visit to MaMguni Sinazo Was a happy bird.

I guess she had thought she was out of the hook seeing as MaMguni didn't say anything. I wondered if she told her something like she told me.

Yes I still thought about what she said but found that cracking my brain about it didn't help much.

We were in our room and I was reading the prescribed English novel.

Sinazo on the other hand was on her phone.

Sinazo: "So there's this party happening month end that I want us to go to "

Me: "Us? "

She rolled her eyes at me .

Sinazo: "You're so slow man "

Me: "I'm just asking "

I shrugged.

Sinazo: "I've been invited so I'm inviting you "

Me: "Oh where's it happening? Is it like a 21st party? "

Sinazo: "It is. How did you know? "

I shrugged.

Me: "It was a wild guess "

Sinazo: "You can bring that friend of yours to keep you company "

Me: "Who's party is it? "

She shrugged.

Sinazo: "I'm going with Drake and our friends "

Me: "Oh ok. Uhm Nazo? "

Sinazo: "What? "

Me: "What will I wear? "

Sinazo: "Semi-formal "

I nodded.

The following day during break I told Nathi about this party.

Nathi: "My sister is also having her 21 first. I was thinking that you sleep over at my house on Friday since the party is on Saturday "

Me: "Which Friday? "

Nathi: "Month end Friday "

Me: "It might be the same party "

I didn't know what lay ahead in that party.

In my mind I was going to have fun with my friend and possibly with my sister too.

I told Sinazo about this when she got home.

Sinazo: "We can both say we're sleeping there then I'll sleep at Drake's "

Me: "No no. That's wrong "

Sinazo: "Just because you're all holier than thou doesn't mean I am. My decisions don't concern you. Just support me on this "

I sighed.

Me: "Fine "

She hugged me tightly and quickly let go.

It was a surprise for me yet it left a grin on my face.

I was looking forward to this.

During dinner we told the parents.

Bhabha: "I won't agree to this until I meet this girl "

He said.

Me: "I am sure she wouldn't mind meeting you "

Mom: "I'm just glad you're going together. Bhabha was worried that you two don't get along "

Phila: "Can I come along? "

I laughed.

Me: "If it was my party you would come "

He frowned but of course I couldn't go on inviting people as if I was the one hosting the party.

On Sunday I prepared myself for church.

Sinazo hardly went to church so most of the time I would go with the boys.

Our church wasn't that big but had a big following.

I would see new faces on every Sunday.

I wasn't acquainted to anyone at church because of my lack of social skills. I wouldn't call myself shy but I was anti -social and one of those people who struggled with making friends.

My little brothers however went to church to play.

They would go outside with other kids and play during the sermon and I didn't blame them since at other times I'd get drowsy when the senior pastor stepped onto the stage.

I was all dressed up in a long sleeved dress blazer and heels.

The boys were too so we left. We stood outside and waited for a taxi which dropped us at the CBD.

I held their hands and we walked to church.

They went to sit with the other kids while I sat at the back like I usually did.

Oh how uplifting the service had been. The pastor had been preaching of the importance of keeping our bodies pure and not giving into the temptations of the flesh. He spoke of fleshly desires which I fortunately had never been a victim of.

Something else happened though.

It was after church and we were walking to the rank.

I saw a boy I had never seen before and I couldn't keep my eyes off him. He was walking with a girl whom I assumed was his little sister.

He looked to be my age or older. He was tall and a bit chubby. He had big eyes and was caramel skinned.

Phila: "You're staring "

I laughed and shook my head. I broke the contact but felt what Sinazo had told me about.

I had a crush on a Sunday. I didn't know how to feel about it but I knew it was wrong.

He had smiled at me a smile that almost made me melt.


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