Sinazo had been hoping all week that her father would change his mind about virginity testing.

I had never seen her so unsure and so shaken.

Her behaviour had changed and I had noticed that she spent less time with Drake.

She even came home in time. Her father had been home early.

He'd come at 3pm which was surprising.

I'd catch my mom and Sinazo whispering in corners as if they're planning something.

I figured it was just my imagination. My test went well.

I was pretty good with numbers. Every time I had a test I'd think of why I'm doing this.

I had one biggest goal : To start my own business.

Bhabha said we're going on Friday of that same week. I hadn't expected us to go so soon but I wasn't afraid.

My mom had tried to change his mind but he was resolute.

There was nothing she could do. Bhabha was a hard man whom no one could challenge.

He loved my mother. I saw that. He would kiss her every morning when he left for work.

I would see my mother blushing and knew that was real love.

It was the love the Pastor would speak of at church.

That Friday morning Sinazo walked with me to school.

I was surprised yet happy.

Sinazo: "I'm sure you're not worried about today NEH "

Schools would come out at 2h00 on Friday's.

Me: "Nope you? "

Sinazo: "Of course I am. I couldn't even do it with Drake yesterday "

Me: "You met? "

She rolled her eyes.

Sinazo: "He's my boyfriend. Of course we meet. I love him not that you'd know anything about love "

Me: "But I know love "

She laughed as if I was hilarious.

Sinazo: "Tell me what do you know about love? "

Me: "Love is patient love is kind. It doesn't not envy it is not self-seeking "

She laughed again.

Sinazo: "You're just a child Didi. You should never say that to a guy. Do you even have a crush? "

Me: "What's a crush? "

I had no idea what she was speaking about.

I was surprised she didn't laugh seeing that anything I said made her laugh.

Sinazo: "I can't believe I'm educating you on this. A crush is just a guy you like "

Me: "A guy I like? "

Sinazo: "Yes the one you can't keep your eyes from and whom you wish would just maybe talk to you. That one who would make you blush by winking at you or giving you a smile "

Me: "Oh"

I let that sink in and realised that I didn't have anyone like that.

I didn't look at boys and I wasn't interested in them.

I could answer her question honestly.

Me: "I don't have a crush "

Sinazo: "Shame uya bora. I have a crush on Mr Khumalo"

Me: "The deputy principal? "

Sinazo: "He's hot right? "

Me: "And old! "

She rolled her eyes.

Sinazo: "I don't even know why I bother with you. O metsi fela " (You're dumb)

I didn't reply to that.

Thank God we had arrived at school. Each went to their respective classes.

I sat alone during break like I usually do.

Oh that was until a girl came to sit besides.

She was the complete opposite of me : Tall fair dark skin and plump.

She smiled at me.

Her: "I'm Yibanathi or just Nathi "

Me: "Didintle"

Nathi: "I've seen you around school you're Sinazo's sister right "

Me: "I am "

Nathi: "I... Can we be friends? "

Me: "People usually befriend me to get closer to Sinazo"

She laughed.

She had a gruff voice while mine was husky but she was beautiful.

Nathi: "She's too forward and mean for my liking "

I smiled. I know I probably shouldn't have because she was insulting my sister but I did.

I finally had someone befriend me for me not for Sinazo.

Me: "We can be friends "

We hugged and it felt so right.

I knew with her I'd have a friend for life And I was right.

Nathi: "Do you have a phone? "

I shook my head.

Nathi: "Why not? "

Me: "I don't need it. Besides they only saw it fit to buy it for Sinazo at home "

Nathi: "That's unfair. "

I shrugged.

It never bothered me anyway.

We spent lunch together.

I found out she has a sister and that sister's dating a white guy. We laughed about it. She joked saying they're like dominoes.

Like me Nathi wasn't interested in boys.

It was good finding someone who I can relate to.

Unlike me Her parents were together and she was the last born.

Her sister was in varsity and her big brother was working.

She still wrote down her number for me even though I told her I don't have a phone.

She was in Grade 11 a year older than me but I still liked her.

I didn't know then that our friendship would last forever.



Sinazo arrived at home earlier than Didintle.

She had conspired with her mother to fake her virginity.

Kgomotso had given her a soap that apparently restores a woman's cunt to virgin tightness.

She had spent the whole week bathing with it as per the orders given by Kgomotso.

Didintle arrived home finding them in whispers.

Kgomotso: "He didn't tell me where he's taking you guys. It would have made things easier "

Sinazo: "You could have tried harder to change his mind! "

Didintle gasped surprised that Sinazo was talking to her mother like that and she wasn't reprimanding her.

Kgomotso: "You know how stubborn your father is. The soap will work you have nothing to worry about "

Sinazo: "I hope it does. Daddy will send me back to the villages if it doesn't. I don't want to be a slave Ma "

Kgomotso hugged her and Didintle almost cried because of what she witnessed.

Her mother had never embraced her like that.

She greeted and went to their room.

Sinazo came in after excited. Didintle just changed into casual and did her homework ignoring her.

Bhabha soon came home and took the girls.

An hour later they had arrived in MaMguni's house.

Sinazo was surprised because she thought they were going to the bundus.

However they were just in another township.

MaMguni welcomed them and offered their father beverages

She was going to see the girls individually.

MaMguni was a seer and what the girls didn't know was that they wouldn't have to take off their clothes.

Didintle was the first to go. Though she knew she was pure she was nervous.

MaMguni: "Relax my child and sit"

There were pillows and a blanket in the room where they sat.

It was a small room which was lit only by candles.

MaMguni: "Didintle you're one strong child. "

Didintle was confused but just nodded.

MaMguni: "You should cherish every gift your womb will nurse regardless of the circumstances that bring that reality. You shall find love from a tainted soul that will mend and restore your broken soul. You have a good heart Didi. You can go call your sister "

Didintle left in turmoil. None of what MaMguni said to her made sense.

She kept replaying it in her mind trying to break the puzzle.

Sinazo followed and she was more nervous than her sister.

She was surprised that Didi hadn't taken long.

MaMguni: "Sit child "

She obliged Her heart beating in her ears.

She hadn't thought she'd be this nervous.

MaMguni: "Are you familiar with the saying that 'Uzenzile akakhalelwa' ? "

Sinazo nodded wondering where she's going with this.

MaMguni: "Your life is in your hands child and you're the one who's going to lead It into distraction. It's nice now you're beautiful with a nice body but inside you're very rotten. You want things to go your way and you forget that you're a child "

Sinazo: "Haibo I didn't come here for this "

MaMguni: "Life will humble you. You're excused "

Sinazo: "What about the testing? "

MaMguni: "You know you're not a virgin. Should I tell your father that you lost it at 13? How do you think that will make him feel? "

Sinazo: "You didn't even check "

MaMguni: "I don't have to. Just know that there's a consequence for every action "

Sinazo left not even waiting for MaMguni to say anything.

MaMguni joined them. Bhabha was anxious.

MaMguni: "You have nothing to worry about. Have a safe journey back home"

Sinazo was relieved.

They all left each in her own world.



Cheryl: "Are you cheating on me? You've never put me on your whatsapp "

Me: "I don't have time for this. I'm studying and you're being a nuisance "

Cheryl: "Why her? What does she have? "

Me: "She doesn't nag me like you do"

Cheryl: "So you admit? "

Me: "For fuck's sake Cheryl. Let me breathe! "

She sat down.

I was close to losing my cool with her.

I needed to concentrate. Mathematics had always been something I had to put extra effort and time on.

She was pacing around my room making me dizzy.

Me: "I'm legit going to fuck you up if you don't stop! "

She did and I stood up and went to her.

I held her wrist.

Me: "What the fuck is wrong with you?! "

I ranted wanting to sort her out once and for all.

Cheryl: "You're hurting "

Me: "This is nothing compared to what I'll do if you don't fucken answer my question "

I saw the fear in her eyes which made me want to do more than hold her wrist tightly.

Cheryl: "I just want the truth. I love you "

Me: "She's my woman happy now? "

Cheryl: "Wh... What about me? "

I touched her cheek.

Me: "You too. Don't you want me anymore? "

I wiped her tears with my thumb.

Cheryl: "I do but you don't even give me attention "

I sigh.

Me: "She's been a hard nut to crack. I'm sorry but I have to study too. I want to graduate in record time "

Cheryl: "Am I not enough for you? "

Me: "This isn't about you it's about me. I want her and it's either you accept that or leave me alone. I'm going to study now and you're going to let me be "

She didn't say anything.

Cheryl was working as a clerk for a law firm.

She was 23 a year older than I was but no one could see that.

I studied through the weekend hardly having time for anyone or anything.

On Sunday evening there was a knock on my door.

I knew it wasn't Cheryl because I had asked that she gives me space to study.

It was Addy and I wondered how she even knew where I stayed.

Me: "What do you want? "

She pushed me aside and got in ignoring my question as she banged my door.

Addy: "Your place isn't as bad as I thought. "

Me: "Adeline what do you want? "

Addy: "Some chocolate "

She said licking her lips

I wasn't about to fall onto that trap.

Me: "You're at the wrong place. Sure you're hot and all that and more but No one seduces me. "

She chuckled.

Addy: "Nice speech. No one says no to me"

She came closer to me and I looked her deeply in the eyes.

Me: "I'm not no one and I'm saying no. You don't want to see me mad "

Addy: "So she wins? I guess you really love her. "

Me: "How did you know where I live? "

Addy: "Mia gave me your address. She wanted to know if you're for keeps. Usually the guys don't say no to me"

Then she left.

I wondered what friendship these two had.

I had figured they were different seeing how Adeline is forward while Mia hasn't even kissed me.

However I wasn't going to let go of this easily.

Turning Addy down didn't mean I didn't want to fuck her.

I knew I would just not when she wants me to but when I want to.


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