Spending time with Cheryl had become unpleasant. Her periods always got her moody but suddenly they were even more annoying for me.

On top of that I had to deal with this very cold weather and knowing I can't get some.

She had periods that lasted the entire week and would never have sex while on them.

The following day I met the girl on my way to the cafeteria.

She was alone which made it the perfect time for me to talk to her.

I grabbed her arm on the traffic seeing as they were many people passing by.

She looked at my feet first then looked up until she saw my face. Then she looked at my hold on her which made me let go.

Me: "Hi"

For the first time since my infatuation with her she smiled.

It was shallow revealing her lower cheek dimples. They weren't deep but were visible.

Me: "Are you in a hurry? "

Her: "I actually am"

Me: "I'm Kgosi "

Her: "Mia can I leave now? "

I chuckled.

Me: "Can I at least get your number? "

Mia: "No. Maybe if you bump into me again I might consider it"

I watched her in fascination as she left and noticed how she was swaying her hips a bit more than usual.

I knew she was trying to send me a message and maybe felt a little of how I felt about her.

I had lunch with Leon as usual.

Leon: "Any progress? "

I smirked.

Me: "She only told me her name. It's Mia"

Leon: "You ugly cow "

I laughed.

Me: "Oh let me be. You should get a girl "

Leon: "Oh but I do "

That was surprising for me because it was news to my ears.

Me: "You do? "

He chuckled.

Leon: "Let's just say I have someone I'm interested in "

Unlike me he was the type to fall in love and always had his heart broken.

That was his weakness. He fell too deeply and hard too soon and it always bit him in the end .

However that never stopped him.

Me: "We're keeping secrets now? "

Leon: "That's because you don't like black girls and well she's black or that's what her name says "

Me: "Pray tell "

Leon: "Her name is No -something. It's difficult to pronounce "

I laughed.

Me: "Ask her to teach you "

Leon: "I will today. We have a date "

I laughed again.

I wasn't the type to take a girl out on a date or spend money on her.

Usually they did.

He was the romantic type who liked spending on his girls.

I personally think they wanted him for his money.

After our lunch we went to what's remaining of our classes.

I didn't see her even after but I was going to search for her.

On Saturday I already had her number.

I called her in the morning right after 9am.

Mia: "Hi who's this? "

Me: "You've been hiding from me"

She giggled oh how sweet the sound.

Her voice was girly and sounded like that of a twelve year old.

Mia: "Kgosi? "

Her pronunciation of my name confirmed that she had interactions with black people.

Me: "I love how you call my name "

She giggled again.

Mia: "You probably thought I can't pronounce it"

Me: "True"

Mia: "I have friends with very complicated names. How are you? "

Me: "I don't want to lie I'm not good. I want to see you "

Mia: "Why? "

Me: "There's only one way to find out. Come to me "

Mia: "You want to see me not the other way round. "

I sighed.

Me: "Send me your address then"

Mia: "After you hang up "

I hung up and instead of waiting for her got dressed.

I always showered immediately after waking up.

I also found out that Leon was dating Nolwandle and she was your typical slay Queen.

He had only shown me her picture so I was yet to meet her.

She had sent me the address so I drove to her.

She was renting a flat in the CBD.

When I knocked a girl opened.

Me: "Hi I'm here for Mia"

This girl was looking at me hungrily busy biting her lip.

She had honey blonde hair and taut lips.

Her eyes were dark blue and alluring.

I cleared my throat.

Me: "Hello? "

Her: "She's here "

She opened the door wider for me and I got in.

Her: "I'm Adeline but just call me Addy. I'm her best friend. I'll go call her now you can sit "

So I sat.

I figured she's her roommate. Their flat was small yet spacious. It had a little kitchen and a living room. I assumed a bathroom too and two bedrooms.

Mia: "Hi"

Me: "Hey "

Mia: "Addy you can sit "

So I sat.

I figured she's her roommate. Their flat was small yet spacious. It had a little kitchen and a living room. I assumed a bathroom too and two bedrooms.

Mia: "Hi"

Me: "Hey "

Mia: "Addy give us space "

She chuckled.

Addy: "Fine I'll go to Kelly "

She left us and we sat getting to know each other between drinks and snacks.

I found out she's 19 and studying nursing.

She was also a neat freak had two big brothers and her parents were divorced.



Weeks went by and I had to accept that my sister and I were no longer friends.

She had made it clear to me how I was below her and she acted as though I was the younger one.

We were in August and winter was slowly departing.

I was a lonely soul with no friends at school and only my little brothers who recognised my existence.

The others were just oblivious to it.

Sinazo's father whom we all called Bhabha came into my room.

This man and I hardly ever talked.

I'd say he was just a stranger to me even though he'd been there since I was a toddler.

He never really treated me like his. But he didn't abuse me.

I could say he Never showed me any affection.

Bhabha: "I'm going to ask you something and I'll need you to be honest with me"

At that moment my heartbeat accelerated.

Me: "OK bhabha"

Bhabha: "Is Sinazo dating? "

I swallowed hard.

He was one scary man and I couldn't exactly lie to him.

I looked down unable to maintain eye contact.

Me: "I don't know "

Bhabha: "Didintle I asked that you don't lie. "

Me: "But I... I am not... I don't think she's uhm... She's dating "

I couldn't even speak without stuttering.

I was scared. I was scared for Sinazo and what his father would do if he found out she's dating.

Bhabha: "If I find out she is and you knew you'll both know me well"

He clicked his tongue and went out.

I breathed out. That threat had me shaking.

I remembered how my mom would hit me when I'm being naughty when I was young.

I didn't want that.

I decided to do my homework.

Sinazo still wasn't back from school and I think that was why his father spoke with me.

It was around 4h30pm and I didn't even know he'd be home.

Anyway I did my homework.

I had a test coming.

I didn't choose Science but instead went for Accounting.

I wanted to have my own business one day like my stepfather.

I looked up to him.

He was very successful which was why we went to a reputable school.

I knew he was paying for everything.

Around 6pm she came while I was helping mom with making supper.

I mostly just peeled and grated where I should.

Bhabha was watching TV with the boys while sipping on a can of castle lager.

Bhabha: "Is this the time school comes out? "

I was shaking on Sinazo's behalf.

I knew how it felt to be hit with either the belt or a stick.

My mom would ask me to go find a stick for myself. She'd specify she wanted the one from the 'Moretlo' tree and it stung much when it was still raw and wet.

She looked at me as if asking that I save her.

I was more scared of her father than of her thinking I betrayed her so I didn't say anything.

Sinazo: "Cha bhabha"

Bhabha: "So where do you come from? Wa jola? "

She started crying.

Sinazo: "Cha bhabha"

Bhabha: "I'm going to ask again where are you coming from? "

Sinazo: " I was studying with my classmates. We have a test coming up "

I knew she was lying.

Drake had picked her from school with his brother's car.

They left during break. I saw them.

I knew it was his brother because I heard some girls speaking.

Bhabha: "Didintle come here "

I wiped my hands with a dish cloth then went to stand next to Sinazo.

Bhabha: "You're both going virginity testing. And wena Sinazo if you feel you're an adult you'll move out of my house in the clothes you're wearing. There's only one woman here who happens to be your mother! This is the last time you're coming home this late you hear me? "

Sinazo: "Yebo bhabha"

Bhabha: "Get the hell out of my face! "

I had never seen her father this furious and it was the first I witness Sinazo being chastened.

She was even crying.

We had supper quietly that not even the boys who are usually chirpy and noisy said a thing.

In our room Sinazo closed the door.

She was mad at me and I knew she blamed me for this.

Sinazo: "So you couldn't cover for me? "

Me: "You've never needed me to since Drake"

Sinazo: "Because mom understands. You could have at least warned me that dad is home "

Me: "How? "

She clicked her tongue.

Sinazo: "You're useless which is exactly why you can't hang with us"

Me: "I am not useless! "

Sinazo: "Mxm"

Me: "If only I knew "

Sinazo: "How about you tell me how I can fake virginity? "

Me: "Are you saying that you're not?! "

I didn't mean to shout but I was shocked.

She rolled her eyes.

Sinazo: "Go ahead tell everyone "

Me: "I'm sorry "

I whispered.

Me: "So you're not? "

Sinazo: "You think Drake would be with me if I was? No"

Me: "How was it? "

She smiled.

Sinazo: "Wouldn't you like to know. He's the second guy I did it with "

I almost screamed.

Me: "You're 14! "

Sinazo: "Yes I'm old enough for this. This is why you're single you're too childish "

I kept quiet.

Like I had previously said it seemed as if Sinazo is the eldest while I am younger.

Even my mother at times made me feel like that.

She was closer to her than to me.

I treated my mother with respect which was why I couldn't talk about anything that isn't school related with her.


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