Coming from a family of intellectuals and professionals is a pressure on it's own. It might not be vocalised but no one wants to break the chain. We're talking doctors and accountants. Aaliyah had never been interested in neither. She believed in paving her own path which was why after finishing her matric she enrolled for a law degree. 

At 25 now you'd think she'd have made a name for herself in the law world but that is unfortunately not the case. After doing two semesters she lost interest in dealing with cases and lawsuits and decided that she'd be an engineer instead. All of a sudden she was fascinated by gears and pulleys so she went for mechanical engineering. 

I wish I could say that it worked out but with this one she didn't even finish her N3. She did one trimester and stopped because in her own words "It was frustrating having to draw sketches to scale "

Kristen Jr and his wife Hope still wonder if perhaps they went wrong somewhere with her. 

If she was more like her mother she would be in Medicine or if she was more like her father she'd be an accountant. 

It didn't stop at engineering she's seen herself as a TV presenter because of her "lively personality" and a singer because of her sweet soft voice. She can play the piano and guitar which is why she formed a rock band. 

Oh her dreams never die out. 

One would think that being born in a prestigious and wealthy family would somehow enable her to make those dreams come true but how can it come to being when they never stick out? Today it's this tomorrow it's that. 

She loves fast but loses interest faster. She can never stick to one thing which is probably why she's single. 

At 18 she moved out of her parents house because they were "suffocating " her and didn't "understand " her. 

Seven years later she's still very much dependent on them. She believes money is meant to be spent but it's never crossed her mind that money doesn't fall from trees and that it's worked hard for. 

Working has never been her strong point. She has a maid and a cook because she doesn't like using her hands much. I think that could explain why they're soft and tender. 

For someone who passed her matric with a bachelor and three distinctions she lacks ambition. That probably has to do with the fact that she's never been in need of anything and she's never had to work for something. 

She's a 6ft 2 which makes me wonder why she's never considered being a model because of her slim figure and height are what most of us see on The runway. 

The perfect way for one to understand her would be to walk in  as she invites us into her life the life of Aaliyah Rhodes. 

By the time she turned 13 she had already been named as the black sheep of the family. Jhene never followed rules. She had never been a fan of taking orders. Growing up in a Christian family did nothing to change her morals and behaviour. 

She was a rebel and never hid it from them. 

Unlike Gina who respected and listened to their parents Jhene didn't. The pastor from their church would come and even though she didn't use vulgar Jhene didn't. The pastor from their church would come and even though she didn't use vulgar she'd curse at him. Oh how embarrassed her parents would be. Her father would hit her and right after she'd leave home and come back after a week.

Her mother is the reason he never kicked her out. Liteboho believed her last born daughter would change. She prayed day in and day out for God to redeem her child. Oh Lord bless her resting soul. 

Even on her death she prayed for her. 

Her father wasn't surprised when one day police officers came knocking on their doors. They were looking for her and he knew it before they could even greet. 

She still remembers the day vividly. It was just after 4pm and she had locked herself in her room memories of the previous night tormenting her. Her conscience was bewildered thoughts raging and she wished she could do something to quieten the voices in her head. 

She was unable to throw a glimpse at her hands unwilling to see the blood tainting them. 

He kicked her door down. Jhene froze when she saw the officers. She knew that freedom will be something she dreams and wishes of soon. 

The look on her father's face as she was cuffed away is still vivid in her imagination. She was pleased that her mother wasn't there to witness her arrest because in her words "prayer won't fix the heartbreak I brought her"

Matshidiso "Jhene" Mosweu. Her love for Jhene Aiko and her music is what influenced the name. She was convicted when she was 18 years old. 

After spending 8 years in jail she'll finally get to taste freedom. How will life out of the prison walls treat her? 

We're yet to find out. 

Gina lived her life according to the rules. Unlike her sister she feared breaking the rules and always stuck to the status quo. 

At high school she made sure to focus on her books and make her parents proud. She always reminded herself of the 7 B's 'Books before boys because boys bring babies'

She feared failure which is probably why she never repeated a grade. She didn't pay much attention to her appearance nor her looks. As long as her hair was clean and she was nothing else mattered. 

She always had herself covered up not wanting to lure any man by showing an ounce of flash. 

She strived for perfection and followed the ten commandments. She knew very well that sex before marriage is a sin and had somehow convinced herself that giving the opposite gender attention leads to sex. 

Her father was very proud of her. Her mother had loved both her and Jhene equally no matter how much she showed her she was better than Jhene. 

She didn't like how her little sister stressed their parents and even blamed her for their Mother's death. 

She was very happy when Jhene got convicted and despised her more when their mother died. 

She felt she deserved to rot in jail and had never visited her once since she got arrested. 

The day she left her parents house she left as a wife and though it saddened her to leave her father alone she was one with her husband. 

They had had a big wedding that she had dreamed of. 

She was only 21 when she got married and now seven years later they have one daughter who's just three. 

Gina Kwena . Wife of Zach Kwena a self-made Millionaire who's made a name for himself in the pharmaceutical industry. 

She's living a life she's always wanted and she's happy or is she? We're yet to find out. 

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