Gina: "So where are you guys going? "

Me: "Movies shopping gaming food. "

Zach: "Who's money are you spending? "

Me: "(laughs) Don't I work khante? "

Zach: "So you're Willing to spend your entire salary on Zoë? "

I sense some jealousy there. 

Zoë and I are finally having our day out like I promised her. 

Me: "You can give me your card seeing that it bothers you "

Gina: "(clears throat )Are you flirting with my husband in my presence? "

Me: "(laughs) Unfortunately ke na le motho " (I have a man) 

My phone buzzes.

Me: "Our ride is here. Zoë kiss your parents goodbye "

Zoë: "(hugging them) Bye mom daddy. Don't miss me too much"

Zach gives me a warning look which unfortunately doesn't affect me. 

I just want to have fun with little Zoë. 

So we go out and have fun go shopping movies and everything. 

I'm paying with Kristen's card. He did say it's unlimited so I'm using it. 

We're meeting later tonight at the hotel and I'm a little anxious. 

I wonder what he has in store for me. 

Zoë: "Let's go buy milkshakes at Wimpy "

Me: "(smiles)Bubblegum?" 

Zoë: "(nods with a smile) It's my favourite "

Me: "One more thing we have in common "

So we go to Wimpy after putting our shopping bags in the car Kristen sent.. Yes I now have my own driver. 

I need to talk to him about having my own car and driving myself. 

Well we haven't really talked much. He called yesterday asking me about my plans for today then I told him this. 

That's why he sent a car for me. 

So we sit down and place our orders. 

Zoë: "Aunty do you have kids? "

Me: "Oh no I don't. Why? "

Zoë: "They could have come stay with us so I can play with them"

Me: "Your mom is having a baby soon. You'll play with him"

Zoë: "(smiles) I can't wait "

After our milkshake we leave. 

It's in the late afternoon and I have to make sure I'm at the hotel at 7pm. 

So I take another shower at 5pm. 

I went for a Brazilian wax yesterday.

I find Zach sitting on my bed when I get out of the bathroom. 

Me: "Aren't you lost? "

Zach: "Who is he? "

Me: "(laughs) Are you my father now? "

Zach: "You're living in my house "

Me: "(chuckles) What's up with you really? Are you horny? I still give the best head. "

Zach: "(sighs) I shouldn't be here "

Me: "You're right but it's also your house so I guess you can be anywhere in it. (shrugs) "

Zach: "Do you ever think about us... About how things would have been if you never got arrested? "

Me: "It wasn't love Zach. It was just the sex. I mean I was 17 and you were already at a point where you wanted to settle down. You weren't even the only one and you knew that "

Zach: "(chuckles) You're right. It's still just sex with him? "

Me: "(laughs) Yep and the money you know I'm a good digger "

Zach:" (smiles) Nothing's changed "

Me: "A lot has just not the minor details "

He gets up and goes to lock the door. 

Me: "What are you thinking? "

Zach: "You know what I like. That hasn't changed "

Me: "(eyes squinted) What took you so long? "

Zach: "(smirks) Wouldn't you like to know "

Me: "You See what happens when you marry a church girl? No head. You guys probably fuck in the classic missionary "

Zach: "Get on your knees and stop being crazy "

Me: "Oh Zach"

I'll probably go to hell but I don't care. Gina has been so bitchy towards me and I'm doing her a favour right? 

I mean I'm giving her man what she can't which means he won't go seeking for it somewhere else? 

So yes I do it. I get on my knees and unbuckle his belt. 

He's already turned on by this. 

Me: "(holding his shaft) I see we've grown"

Zach: "You're a disrespectful bitch "

Me: "As bad as they get "

He likes deep throating but I start off slow. 

First I lick his balls which makes him groan almost inaudibly. 

Then I lick his head.

Zach: "Stop teasing "

Me: "You not paying me for this so shut up "

I take him in half way then out. 

I run my tongue ring on that little hole he pees with on the head.

I didn't do science so I don't know what's it called. 

Seeing how I'm teasing he decides to take control and fuck my mouth. 

He deep throats me and I almost feel his dick in my stomach (kidding) 

When he comes he decides to take control and fuck my mouth. 

He deep throats me and I almost feel his dick in my stomach (kidding) 

When he comes he holds onto my locks tightly and releases deep in my throat. 

I swallow looking him deep in the eyes. 

He pulls me by my locks and makes me stand. He doesn't say anything but just kisses me deeply. 

He knows we can't do more yet he makes my towel fall. 

That's when I break the kiss. 

Me: "Please go. I need to get ready "

Zach: "Oh come on Tshidi "

Me: "No Zach. I can't do that to Gina "

Zach: "(sighs) You're right "

7pm and I'm at the hotel. We're using the same suite so I don't even ask at reception I just go right ahead. 

Kristen: "You're late"

Me: "By only 2 minutes "

Kristen: "The fact remains. "

Me: "(sighs) I'm sorry "

Kristen: "This is the last time we meet in this hotel it's too risky. I have a reputation to protect. "

Me: "I still don't know what this is "

Kristen: "Sit "

I oblige. 

Kristen: "I want you to be my thing "

Me: "Your thing? Substantiate please "

Kristen: "Let me elaborate. I want to own you and to do with you as it pleases me "

Me: "Oh... OK. And what do I get ?"

Kristen: "Anything materialistic you want. I'll buy you a house a car and elevate you in whatever career you choose. The minute my wife finds out the deal is over and you keep whatever you would have acquired at that point "

Me: "Will this be a contractual agreement? "

Kristen: "You're smarter than I thought "

Me: "We have prison to thank for that "

Kristen: "Sit on my lap "

I do as he says and sit facing him. 

Kristen: "Tell me your dreams. I'm sure you don't want to be my daughter's maid for your whole life "

Me: "I want to be an actress "

Kristen: "Kiss me"

I do as he says and kiss him. He tastes of mint and whisky an amazing combination. 

His kiss is the type that gets you wet by the second. I can feel him growing under me. 

He stops the kiss. 

Kristen: "The keys to your house are on the bed. You'll decorate it as you wish. An interior designer will come on Wednesday be there "

Me: "The address? "

Kristen: "The keys are on top of the address with your drivers licence. You'll be starting yoga classes on Monday. "

He kisses me again then leaves. At least I can drive. 

I exhale. How long will he turn me on then leave me hanging? 



Me: "Thank you for agreeing to meet with me"

Aaliyah is still at her honeymoon so I'm meeting with Hailey. 

Hailey: "Oh come on we're besties. You don't have to thank me"

Me: "(sighs) It's about Zach "

Hailey: "What about him? "

Me: "I think... I think he has some history with my little sister. They're giving me that vibe "

Hailey: "(chuckles) That's ridiculous "

Me: "(shaking head) It's not. Like this one time Tshidi wanted to take Zoë out and he asked her with whose money blah blah blah. I just have this feeling. It's intuition "

Hailey: "Seeing how much it bothers you I'll get my PI on her "

Me: "(smiles) Thank you. It'll mean a lot to me"

Hailey: "(holds my hand) I got you. In twenty four hours you'll have all you need. "

After lunch I'm back at my office feeling more hopeful yet anxious. 

What if I'm right? What if they have some history? 

I know if they do the first thing I'll do is kick her out. 

Zach fetches me from work as usual. 

He's so happy. 

Zach: "Would you like anything before we go home? "

Me: "Uhm no thanks "

Zach: "OK "

He's even playing some music and moving his body a little. 

I don't want to over think this. 

Me: "How was your day? "

Zach: "Fine normal "

Me: "No Monday blues? "

Zach: "Not really. "

He opens my door when we're in our garage.

He takes my hand and we go into the house. Zoë runs to us and he picks her up while I kiss her cheek. 

Zoë: "I missed you parents "

Me: "(laughs) We missed you too"

Hailey really has to come through for me. 



Lefa: "You're not on any contraceptives right? "

Me: "Why? "

Lefa: "I want kids that's why "

Me: "We just got married Lefa come on "

Lefa: "I know but I thought you love me and want to build a family with me"

Me: "(smiles) of course. I'm not on any contraceptives so how about we start now "

Lefa: "But baby I have a meeting "

Me: "You've hardly had time for me Lefa. We're on our second week of honeymoon and that's all you've been doing working "

Lefa: "It's just -"

Me: "No Lefa. I need time too. "

Lefa: "(sighs) You're right. I have twenty minutes "

I open my robe and drop it to the floor. I wanna go home 

It's boring being on a honeymoon alone. 

Me: "(sulking) I think I should just go home"

Lefa: "Oh come on baby "

Me: "What's the point if I'll be doing everything on my own? It's not fun. I'm bored "

Lefa: "You have never worked in your life what did you normally do everyday? "

Me: "(shrugs) Spend my parents money? "

Lefa: "But you're my wife now and you should spend my money "

Me: "I just thought things will change when I get married. "

Lefa: "I don't understand now babe "

I pick up my robe and wear it. 

Me: "I thought we'd be inseparable and conquer the world together like my parents "

Lefa: "But you don't even have a qualification "

Me: "(sighs) I know but I'm going to change that. I've finally found what I want to do and I'll be starting next year "

Lefa: "Like your first year at 26?"

Me: "Yes and I'm going to finish this time "

Lefa: "(chuckles) Maybe we should go home. You're hallucinating "

He kisses my cheek and leaves like he didn't just hurt my feelings. 

Me: "I'll make it. I'll prove it to you and the rest of them who sees it as a joke "

I take a sip of my wine. 

He'll swallow his words one day. 


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