When Lefa proposed I really didn't believe it. 

Even when I woke up the following morning it still felt like a dream. 

When my dad called me saying he got a letter I guess reality suddenly struck me. 

I didn't see Lefa as traditional until I saw his family come for Lobola negotiations. 

That was a month after he proposed. 

He gave me three months to plan the wedding which brings me to now. 

I'm getting married I really am. 

I'm about to walk down the isle and I couldn't be more happier. 

I'm wearing an exquisite  mermaid wedding dress in embroidered tulle and lace. It is  sleeveless and has a low waist. The dress comes with a lining that minimizes the sheer effects of the bodice. It's beautiful and expensive. 

My mom helped me get into my dress and I've been allowed a moment alone. 

I look into the mirror and scream. 

Me: "How the hell did you... (turning) You're... Here"

Joshua: "Hello Aaliyah "

Me: "(Panting) How did you get in here? "

Joshua: "I wouldn't miss you making the biggest mistake of your life "

Me: "(laughs) Really now? "

Joshua: "It's only funny now. You're the type that prefers learning the hard way but don't worry it's God who's allowing it to happen "

Me: "Look I'm not my mother. I won't listen to whatever nonsense you're coming with. I'll never be your wife which is why I'm getting married. Get over it"

Joshua: "(chuckles) I wish you all the... "

Then he disappears before he can even finish his sentence. 

What just happened? 

Me: "(to my reflection on the mirror) It's all in your mind it's probably nerves(exhales)"

Dad: "(knocking) Baby can I come in? "

Me: "Yes you may "

Dad: "I don't want you to do this. You haven't been together with this guy for even a year "

Me: "(laughs) You're one to talk "

Dad: "It's different with your mom and I. I knew she's the one for me after one night "

Me: "Exactly so you have nothing to worry about "

Dad: "Just know that our home will always be welcome to you. I really don't have a good feeling about this"

Me: "I thought my happiness is all that matters or does it not? "

My dad doesn't like Lefa and doesn't hide it. 

At least he gets along with my mom. Lefa isn't bothered though which is why I'm trying not to be. 

Dad: "(sighs) It does"

Me: "You should be happy. No more worrying about me and my supposed lack of ambition "

Dad: "That's not funny "

Me: "(chuckles) I love you dad "

Dad: "(kisses my forehead) I love you more"

The moment comes 'Here comes the bride' plays. 

I'm getting married to the man of my dreams what more could I ask for? 



Weddings. In my opinion they're just a waste of money. 

Everything spells 'expensive ' and it's really unnecessary. 

Aaliyah is one classy bitch and I'm not surprised by how over-the-top everything is. 

This wedding is the exact distraction I need after my failed first relationship As an ex-con. 

I haven't heard from Kgothalo since he unexpectedly quit. 

I went to his house and he wasn't there. 

I asked the neighbours and a lady told me he moved out. 

The house was to let. 

It hurt  of course I have feelings. 

I tried calling him to no avail. 

Two weeks later I gave up trying and got the message. 

Now back to the now. 

I'm not here as a guest. While my sister and her friends are all dolled up in expensive bridesmaids dresses I'm working. 

I personally think Aaliyah is just taking this whole maid thing too far but of course I need the money. 

She said that she needed people she can trust because they won't sabotage her wedding. 

This man had come over to her house while I was working and well he's handsome and that's all I can say. 

The hard work began at her reception so I couldn't listen to speeches but instead Had to make sure all the needs of the two families were catered for. 

Aaliyah's family is huge. From what I heard she's the only one who wasn't married yet from the ones around her age. 

I also noticed that these kids were way more humble than her. 

Yes they reeked of Money and power but they weren't showoffs like our bride. 

The wedding had cameras and the works so we had to make sure our makeup and everything is on point. 

I'm so glad that this reception is over. My feet are killing me. 

Wearing heels all day isn't fun. I'm just glad I wasn't forced into a dress not that I would have listened. 

Some girl comes to me and hands me a small envelope. 

Me: "And this? "

She just shrugs and leaves. 

Maybe it's from Siya. I just slip it into my pocket. 

We clear everything and just as we're busy someone taps my shoulder. 

I turn and it's Gina. 

Gina: "We're leaving now"

Me: "(chuckles) I must admit that I didn't see this coming or did your husband force you to this? "

Gina: "(rolls eyes) I don't have to answer to you. Just do your cleaning and make a plan to come home"

Me: "If I'm coming. "

Gina: "I'm so glad we don't look alike it was nice seeing you serve me with no questions asked. At least people didn't suspect we're related "

Me: "Unlike you I don't care what people think. I might be bad but you're horrible "

She clicks her tongue and leaves. 

Finally we're done around 1am. 

That's when I remember the envelope. I open it and there's a note. 

'The Exclusive Hotel

we're done around 1am. 

That's when I remember the envelope. I open it and there's a note. 

'The Exclusive Hotel room 234'.

Curiosity that's what sparks the decision I'm about to make. 

I hope I'm not walking to my death. 

I call an uber that drops me right at this hotel. 

My heart is beating a bit out of normal. It's a mixture of anxiety and excitement bittersweet if you ask me. 

The receptionist doesn't give me much trouble and soon I'm in the lift to the second floor. 

I take a deep breath then knock. 

"Come in"

Well I don't recognise that voice. 

I exhale deeply then open. The room is dark. 


It sounds like a command. His voice is deep and mature. 

I lock and turn. 

Me: "Who are you? "

I can't see much because of how dark this suite is. 

It's when he switches on the light that I see his face. 

Me: "Woah "

Him: "(chuckles)  I saw you looking at me"

Me: "Aren't you rather too old for cheeky lines? "

Him: "True what's your name child? "

Me: "(laughs) Jhené"

Him: "I'm Kristen "

Me: "Aaliyah's father? Aren't you married? "

Kristen: "My beautiful wife was with me at the wedding you saw that "

Me: "So why am I here? "

Kristen: "(smiles) I like you. It's infatuation. You're a temptation "

I swear that sends chills down my spine. 

Me: "I am? "

Kristen: "You're well aware of that "

Me: "Thanks "

Kristen: "Take off your clothes so we can cuddle. Make sure your bra is gone. I loved those babies the minute my son showed me the pictures he took of you "

Me: "(folds arms) No one tells me what to do. I do what I want to do when I want to "

Kristen: "(chuckles) Nice speech "

He gets up from the couch gulps the shots of whisky and walks towards me. 

I'm still standing by the door. 

His cologne is intoxicating and gives me tingles. 

It's expensive. 

He looks down at me. He's taller than I am but not too tall. 

Kristen: "This is for you kitten. Room service has closed but there's food in that little bar fridge. There's wine too only the finest. You can order whatever you want in the morning. There's a phone in the bedroom. We'll communicate on it. I saved my number there "

I don't reply. I'm still trying to make sense of this effect he has on me. 

It's lust it's desire and oh how badly I want to kiss him right now. 

He looks like he's Zach's age but I know he's older than that. 

Kristen: "I know you're undressing me with your eyes. I see how your lips are slightly parted and I know your clitoris is giving me a standing ovation. However we have all the time in the world kitten. I left a black card for you on top of the drawer. It's unlimited. Use it "

He traces a finger on my cheek and my breath hitches which makes him chuckle. 

I move from the door and when he's gone I scream then laugh at my foolishness. 

I pour myself a glass of wine and gulp it down. 

Me: "Whoo!! "

It feels like I've hit the jackpot. 

I run to the bedroom and the card is on drawer like he said. It's on top of the iPhone. 

Me: "(swaying the card in the air) Sorry Mrs Rhodes "



Lefa: "Mrs Zwane "

Me: "(giggles) Mr Zwane "

Lefa: "Welcome to Japan "

Me: "And our clothes? I'm thinking we should buy like traditional Japanese clothes. "

Lefa: "(chuckles) We'll get to do that but first I have to work "

Me: "(confused) But I thought we're here for our honeymoon "

It's two days after our wedding and we're in Japan. 

It's not an ideal honeymoon location. Yes I was thinking Hawaii Mauritius or even Paris. 

Lefa: "It's all for you for our family. I can't take care of y'all on a soccer salary. Let's just be realistic you're expensive baby "

Me: "(smiles) But you'll have to make it up to me"

Lefa: "(chuckles) Of course. I've arranged a tour guide for you who'll show you around. You don't have to worry about security it's as tight as your pussy"

Me: "(laughs) That's a weird compliment "

Lefa: "You know what I mean (kisses me) I have to go now baby don't miss me too much"

Me: "(sigh) OK "



Zach has been overly excited since we found out we're having a boy. 

He's even home more and I'm so happy. 

It's a week after Aaliyah's wedding. 

 I'm now four months pregnant and have a cute bump. 

I can't stop eating and he likes it. Tshidi has been even more scarce around the house. 

I know she's not working during the day since Aaliyah is at her honeymoon. 

I don't think their arrangement will continue seeing as she's someone's wife now and they might probably move in together. Actually they will. 

I'm surprised when she joins us for breakfast. 

She's glowing. 

Me: "This is a surprise "

Tshidi: "What now your Majesty? "

Me: "Well you're hardly ever here"

Tshidi: "You should be happy. I'm no longer cramping your style "

Me: "(chuckles) True. "

Zoë: "I always miss you aunty "

Tshidi: "Me too. We can go out tomorrow "

Zoë: "Really? "

Tshidi: "(nods) My treat "

Me: "I don't hear you asking my permission "

Zach: "I concur. It'd be great to have you all to myself "

Me: "(blushes) Fine "

Arriving at work I'm happy and thank God it's Friday. 

I wonder what plans Zach has for us tomorrow. 

Things are coming together for me and I'm happy genuinely happy. 

My smile disappears when I get into my office. 

Me: "What the hell do you want? I don't owe you anymore "

He doesn't reply but instead comes and closes the door.

He then pins me against it making me squirm. His one hand is holding my wrists above my head. 

Siya: "I just wanted to see you. Congratulations on the pregnancy "

Me: "Thank you now leave "

Siya: "Kiss me first "

Me: "I am someone's wife. You should respect that "

Siya: "Unfortunately I'm ill mannered"

I try pushing him but he's too strong for me. 

I don't know what this boy is playing at.

Me: "Please. Let go of me"

Siya: "(smirks) Only because you ask nicely (let's go of me) See you (kisses my cheek) "

Me: "(exhales) Just go. "


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