My pregnancy comes at a good time. Being married isn't easy and I hate that Zach is always away. 

On top of that I have to deal with his mom. There's nothing I'd ever do right in her eyes. 

I know she's going to act like I haven't been caring for her son and would even try to make me feel like I'm doing a bad job with Zoë. 

I'd be lying if I say I know how she'll react to Tshidi being here.

I know how disrespectful Tshidi is and I hope she won't make my mother-in-law hate me more. 

The day I've been dreading Is here. I took a day off so I can make sure she's welcomed. 

Tshidi: "Why are you up so early? "

Me: "My mother-in-law is coming "

Tshidi: "She must be a bitch then. I can help you clean up "

Me: "Really? "

Tshidi: "(rolls eyes) I'm a maid in case you forgot "

Me: "Thank you. Aren't you working? ":

Tshidi: "I am but it's 6am. Why are you asking questions? Don't you want my help? "

Me: "(rolls eyes) Just get the vacuum cleaner and let's get cleaning "

Tshidi: "That's more like it"

Zach left at 5am and that's when I woke up. 

Knowing myself I wouldn't have asked for any help

One thing that sucks about this pregnancy is the morning sickness. 

Tshidi just laughs when the nausea hits me and I have to throw up.

Me: "This isn't funny "

Tshidi: "(chuckles) actually it Is. I don't know what you were thinking getting pregnant "

Me: "What's the deal with you? Why are you so against my pregnancy? It's not like it's the first time. We have Zoë "

Tshidi: "Exactly two is just being greedy "

Me: "I don't have time for this. I think I'll manage right on my own "

Tshidi: "(drops the broom) Suit yourself "

I'm quiet during breakfast and my daughter is chirpy as always. 

I don't understand why Tshidi has a problem with my pregnancy. 

She's my sister and yes I was expecting her to be happy for me. 

I don't know why she's always against me. 

I mean I'm married so my baby will have a stable home. 

I shouldn't be thinking about her and her negativity. 

The door opens and I know it's my mother-in-law. 

Zach's mom isn't your typical mothers. She's very classy and you'd never catch her without a pair of high-heels. One would swear she's not in her sixties. I think she missed a certain stage or maybe she's going through a midlife crisis. 

She looks younger than her age though and if she didn't hate me we'd get along pretty well.

Zoë runs to her and hugs her legs. She smiles drops her bag and picks her up. 

Vivian: "Dumelang "

Tshidi: "Hello"

Vivian: "And wena o mang and what the hell are you doing in my son's house? " (Who are you) 

Tshidi: "(stands) I'll be on my way "

She takes her bag and leaves. 

Did she have to be that rude? 

Vivian: "Is this some shelter for the homeless? "

I don't say anything but stand too. 

Me: "Zoë get your bag so we can leave "

Vivian: "Zach is going to know how rudely you welcomed me. "

Me: "Ke maswabi mme. It wasn't my intention "

I grab Zoë's hand and we leave. 

I know it's going to be a long week unless she decides to stay for the month. 

That would kill me but she's capable. 

I'll be working late tonight. There's no way I'm coming back home on time tonight. 

I'll only go out to pick up Zoë and drop her off but that's it. 



Me: "Let's get one thing clear I don't want to do this and you and I aren't friends "

Siya: "(chuckles) Yes ma'am. Any more rules? "

Me: "(clicks tongue) Let's get on with it "

Siya: "Uh you'll need to take off your top "

Me: "(rolls eyes) It's double for seeing me naked"

Siya: "(chuckles) It's only boob's "

Me: "My boob's and my face "

I do as he says. I don't wear bras. I don't like to unless it's lingerie and I'm getting nasty. 

Speaking about nasty it's probably a cobweb down there and Kgothalo isn't making it easy for me. 

Siya: "Beautiful. "

He directs me and as annoying as it is I enjoy it. 

I'm wearing my vintage Levi's jeans with old skool vans. 

He puts on music and everything moves to the beat. 

When he shows me the pictures I got to have them. 

Me: "I hate to admit this but you're good "

Siya: "I know and you're probably the best model I've worked with "

Me: "Don't put ideas in my hand. I'm not that tall "

Siya: "I mean it. I have to make sure people see this. Consider having an instagram account "

Me: "An insta... I'm sorry I've been in jail since only facebook. (giving him my phone) Hook me up I might consider doing this again "

Siya: "Gladly. You should you're a natural "

Me: "I want my pictures "

Siya: "(chuckles) Yes ma'am. Do you have an email account? "

Me: "I do "

Siya: "Just put it there. You also need to choose a username. I'll tag you on my post so you can gain a following "

Me: "OK "

When we're done with everything I finally have this account and he's my first follower. 

I follow him back and now I'm hooked on my phone. 

He's given me all the pictures and even posted some on my instagram for me. 

It's not as complicated like twitter so I'll get the hang of it. 

Aaliyah: "I pay you to work not be on your phone "

Me: "(rolling eyes) I'm done for the day "

She's just got here. I'm in the living room. 

I'm waiting for Kgothalo so he can take me home. 

Aaliyah: "Why the hell are you still in my house? "

Me: "I'm waiting for my ride. What's up with you? Why are you so grumpy? "

Aaliyah: "I don't talk with staff "

Me: "Boyfriend troubles? "

Aaliyah: "Better be out of here after my shower. "

Me: "Why don't I move in with you? There's so much space "

Aaliyah: "(chuckles) I'm not crazy. I need my space "

Me: "(laughs) OK "

18h00pm and we can finally leave. I don't have much time. 

He drops me off and waits for me. 

I bump into the old woman but I don't have time for her. 

I'm late as usual. 


I change into my uniform then leave. 

Old woman : "Ha Ona matseo "

Me: "Tell Me something I don't know "

I don't pay her anymore attention. 

Kgothalo: "Don't forget we're going to the clinic tomorrow "

Me: "Doesn't that mean we'll finally have sex? "

I have to ask. 

Kgothalo: "(chuckles)  Wouldn't you like that. (kisses me) I love you "

Me: "Bye"

I get off and working begins. 

It'll all be worth it one day. I know it will. 

Friday's are always so busy. 



I pace around my room while looking at the message Lefa sent. 

I don't know why he wants to See Me at 8pm and why he sent an outfit for me. 

This just feels like a big deal judging by the outfit. 

Serious relationships have never been my thing and I'm really so happy I have Lefa. 

He loves me and I love him so much which is why I've ended things with Jerry. 

It was already getting risky anyway seeing that Hailey already had suspicions. 

Now I'm focusing on Lefa and things have been so good.

He's been spoiling me and giving me his time. 

Honestly what more can a girl ask for? 

I'm in the dress which is an olive green flare of the shoulder dress that's above the knees. 

I'm in black stilettos and there's also beautiful diamond earrings with a matching necklace. 

Some Jimmy Choo on my neck them I'm good to go. 

He sent a limousine. 

The driver opens the door for me and I get in. Lefa's sitting down looking dashing. 

I kiss his cheek but he's not having that but pulls me for a French kiss which leaves me panting. 

Lefa: "You look beautiful baby "

Me: "(blushes) Thank you "

Lefa: "Champagne? "

Me: "(nods) I'd love that "

I watch him as he pours me a glass then hands it to me. 

Me: "Thanks "

Lefa: "I love you Aaliyah remember that "

Me: "(smiles) I love you too"

He takes my hand and the rest of the ride is silent with Me helping myself to the champagne. 

Finally we arrive and the driver opens our door again. 

I get out first then Lefa. 

A camera flashes and I look at him. 

Me: "(whispering) What's going on? "

Lefa: "(smiles) Patience babe patience "

He's booked the whole restaurant for us and I'm thinking this is a big deal. 

The lights are dim and there's a violin band playing romantic music. 

There's a bouquet of white roses on our table. 

We're served the food and even as we eat they're taking pictures. 

We have a three-course meal then I have my wine. I'm feeling like dry red so I have that. 

We're talking and I'm enjoying it when suddenly the music stops. 

I look at him as he stands not breaking eye contact and goes down on one knee. 

OK maybe he's just tying his shoe laces. 

I'm wrong he takes out a small red velvet box and tears fill my eyes. 

I hope I'm wrong. I hope it's just earrings. 

The cameras keep flashing. 

Lefa: "I love you "

Me: "(smiles) I love you too"

Lefa: "I really love you Aaliyah and having you in my life is a sentimental blessing. I cannot imagine my life without you. I know we haven't been together for long but no woman has ever managed to make me feel how you make me feel. My heart beats for you. I see you as the woman I need in order to make my house a home. Aaliyah Rhodes will you make me the happiest man alive and marry me? "

Me: "(sobbing) Yes yes and yes"

Lefa: "Thank you"

He slips the ring on my finger and gets up. He makes me stand and kisses me the music starts playing while we're kissing. 

I keep staring at my ring as we're driving to his place. 

He's holding my other hand. I'm so in love with it. 

It's a big diamond ring with a platinum band. 

I love it. 

I send a text to the girls 'I'm getting married :D ' then switch off my phone. 

When I turn to face him he kisses me. 

All of this seems surreal. 


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