me: "Ntate I've been waiting for you to send your banking details "

Ntate: "o lokile ngwanaka? " (Are you fine my child?) 

Me: "No ntate because ke sa letile " (I'm still waiting) 

Ntate: "Tshidi I told you ke lokile I don't want your money. Spend it on yourself "

Me: "You should know by now that I don't follow orders or should I send ka shoprite? "

Ntate: "(chuckles) Fine I'll send you my details "

Me: "(smiling)Good and now please "

Ntate: "Stay well "

Kgothalo: "Ready to go? "

Me: "Yes please "

Ntate sent his banking details and because of my banking app I'm able to do the transaction in no time. 

I spent the night with Kgothalo but nothing happened. He wants us to go test together. 

I agreed though I'm a little nervous. I don't know how I'll feel if I find out I'm HIV positive. 

I might have always been safe but you never know. 

It's 6am and his shift starts at 7. I knew ntate Is an early bird which is why I was able to catch him

Kgothalo: "Enjoy your day mothwaka"

Me: "I'll try. Thanks for the ride "

I kiss his cheek and get out. There's no way I'm going to work this early plus I have to change. 

I pass them in the kitchen. I think it's best I stay as invisible as I can. I want Fez here already so we can initiate our plans. 

Gina: "(coming into my room) Where are you coming from? "

Me: "(laughs) Marriage definitely made you a granny "

Gina: "Tshidi I was worried. This is Joburg"

Me: "I knew it way before you so relax. The streets are still the same "

Gina: "So how long do you plan on ignoring us? "

Me: "(rolls eyes) Forever "

Gina: "Then why are you still living with us? I mean Lia pays you well and that night job you have you can afford to get your own place "

Me: "(chuckles) Why get my own place where I'll have to pay rent if I can stay here for free? There's more than enough room and it's a mansion! "

Gina: "(clicks tongue) Mxm"

I sit next to Zoë like I always do and kiss her cheek. She smiles at me. 

Zoë: "Mom is going to have a baby "

Me: (coughs) What? "

Zoë: "(beaming) I want a girl so we can have matching clothes "

Me: "(looking at Gina) You're pregnant? "

Zach: "We are pregnant "

Me: "(laughs) Wow "

Gina: "Do you have a problem with it? "

Me: "Yes I do and I'm not even going to hide it "

Gina: "Well deal with it "

Me: "(smirking) I plan to"

Zoë: "Do you like babies? "

Me: "Only the pretty ones like yourself "

I kiss her cheek. 

Children's innocence is amazing and pure. They don't even notice when something's wrong. 

The taxi drops me off where it usually does. 

Kgothalo smiles at me when I get in and I just wave at him. 

I'm late. 

She's breathing fire smoke coming out of her ears. 

Me: "I'm sorry traffic "

Aaliyah: "(clicks tongue) Don't bother. I have a meeting in an hour go iron my clothes. They're on top of my bed "

Me: "But you don't even work what meeting? "

Aaliyah: "Lefa and I are the IT couple. I have interviews left right and centre "

Me: "(chuckles) Right. When is he coming here? "

Aaliyah: "We're not friends you're my maid "

Me: "Correction. We're business partners "

Aaliyah: "(chuckles) You're still sleeping. Go! "

If only she knew. 



Zach: "I think I should get you a driver "

Me: "(laughs) I'm only two weeks pregnant Zach relax "

Zach: "That's my son in there "

Me: "Who said it's a boy? "

Zach: "We already have Zoë. The heavens must favour us "

Me: "Will you be picking me up? "

Zach: "Yes"

Me: "(kisses him briefly) Enjoy your day honey I love you "

Zach: " I love you too "

He opens the door for me and I get off. 

Me: "What are you doing here? "

He's swinging on my chair like it belongs to him. 

Siya: "I came to see you. I miss you "

Me: "You mean you miss bothering me like this? Should I call your father? "

Siya: "(chuckles) Lighten up Gina. You don't want to age before time "

Me: "(breathes in and out) How can I help you? "

Siya: "I need you to convince your sister to a photoshoot. She doesn't want to hear anything I say. Can you believe she called me a boy? "

Me: "Are you not? "

Siya: "(chuckles) Anyway you owe me. I need those snaps for my instagram. I'm building a profile "

Mind you I'm still standing at the door. 

Me: "(sigh) Fine now leave "

As he leaves he spanks my behind when he passes me.

Me: (groans) 

Siya: "(chuckles) Bye"

It's time for me to put my focus on my work. 

I'm having lunch with the girls. It's been a while. 

I grab my bag when it's lunchtime then leave. Monday's are always the longest. 

Meisie: "Hey mami "

Me: "(sits) Girls "

Aaliyah and Hailey are already drinking. 

Me: "And then? "

Aaliyah: "That stupid magazine bitch got to me "

Hailey: "He's having an affair "

Me: "Jerry? No"

Hailey: "Yes. I was doing the laundry today. Who the fuck puts condom packets on his pocket? We don't even use a condom "

Nina: "(shrugs) At least he's being safe "

Me: "And that makes it right? "

Nina: "We have to start operation find-the-bitch "

Aaliyah: "I agree. You're not about to stress yourself about someone you don't know. We're finding The culprit "

Me: "And then what? I don't know guys"

Hailey: "Amma fuck me a bitch up "

The rest of the lunch is spent discussing strategies and whatnot and I'm wondering if we're the CIA. 

Zach picks me up after work like he promised and drives straight home. 

It seems he's in his own world. 

Me: "Are you OK? "

Zach: "My mom is coming over on Friday "

Me: "Oh"

His mom thinks I'm with him for the money even though I make my own. 

It's because of the age gap. 

Zach: "I won't be there. Please be civil towards her "

Me: "I'm always civil to your mother regardless of what she says to me"

Zach: "Good. And no stressing. The first semester has the highest risk of miscarriage "

Me: "I won't. When are you leaving? "

Zach: "On Friday "

Me: "Phew at least I'll have you to myself for four days "

Zach: "(chuckles) What are you planning to do to me? "

Me: "Me? Nothing "

The biggest task is having to convince my sister who's no means no to agree to Siya's stupid photo shoot. 

I don't have much choice because I owe him. 

I only see her during breakfast. She sits down as usual not greeting anyone. 

I really don't understand why she's so ill mannered. It seems prison didn't do anything to change that. 

Thank God Zach had to leave earlier which gives us privacy. 

Me: "I... I need a favour "

Tshidi: "From me? "

Me: "Yes. "

Tshidi: "Tla re utlwe " (Let's hear it)

Me: "I need you to agree to Siya's Photoshoot "

Tshidi: "(folds arms and looks at me) And why the hell would I do that? "

Me: "It's the least you can do for me seeing that you stay in my house and you don't even buy food "

Tshidi: "(rolls eyes) Your husband is a multimillionaire "

Me: "I know that you don't have a reason to agree but please "

Tshidi: "You still have not told me why "

Me: "I don't even know why I'm begging you like this. You just have to do this or I swear to God you'll be without a job and a place to stay "

Tshidi: "(chuckles) Fine but you owe me"

Me: "(sigh) Fine. "



Lefa: "(bellows)What the hell were you thinking?! "

Me: "(biting my nails) I'm sorry "

Lefa: "(chuckles) Sorry? You're sorry?! "

Me: "Baby I... "

Lefa: "(chokes me) I'm going to make myself very clear. I'm the celebrity not you. Stay in your fucken lane! "

Me: "(sobs) I'm really sorry "

The article isn't that bad. I'm the one who's being labelled as a trophy girlfriend who has an ounce of brain. 

They somehow know how I've registered for courses that I never finished. 

They didn't even say anything bad about him except for how we both get bored easily. 

They don't think our relationship will last .

He let's go of me my neck and runs his hand through his rough hair. He didn't choke me much but I know I'm bruised. 

My skin is like that. 

Lefa: "I hate what they wrote about you. (cups my face) I love you Aaliyah "

Me: "(smile) I love you too "

Lefa: "Stay away from the press. (kisses me) "

I didn't think this is how our dinner will go. 

Now I'm sitting down and he's massaging my shoulders. 

He's more mad than I am about the article. 

Lefa: "Do you see a future with me? "

Me: "I do"

Lefa: "(smiles) I'm so lucky I have you"

Back at my place and I can't believe he choked me. 

My neck has the marks. 

He didn't suffocate me yes but I'll have to cover it up. 

Thank God it's winter. 

I had to make up an excuse just to not spend the night. 

I can't be with a man who lays his hand on me but I love him so much. 

I'm in my gown on the couch and having popcorn when my doorbell rings. 

When I open he smashes his lips on me. I push him off but he kisses me again this time picking me up and I wrap my legs around his waist. 

He puts me down and unbuckles my gown. 

Me: "Your wife is suspicious "

Jerry: "(taking off his shirt) What? "

Me: "And you shouldn't come here. I have a boyfriend now Jerry what if he comes here? "

Jerry: "You talk too much "

He rips my panties off and I hear a condom tear. I close my eyes in anticipation. 

I need this after the day I had. 

He picks me up and rams into me. I scream Digging my nails on his back as I feel all of him in me. 

He bits my neck his hands separating my butt cheeks and we move in one rhythm. 

Me: "(moans) Uh... Yes.. Yes... Fuck "


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