Zach: "Thank you. It looks amazing "

Me: "I know how important this is for you it's my pleasure "

Zach: "(takes my hand) I hate how things are between us. Can we just get back to normal? "

Me: "(sigh) I'd love that. I hate the tension. I miss our cuddles "

Zach: "(cups my face) Maybe we can have a quickie "

Me: "(chuckles) I think we have a few minutes to spare "

Zach: "(picks me up bridal style) Then let's "(walks up the stairs) 

He lays me on the bed and takes off my clothes then his. 

He spreads my legs and rubs his tip on my coochie making me more wet. 

He then enters me and the feeling is heavenly God forgive me. 

He pumps in and out of me and I moan. My hands go to my breasts and massages them while my pelvic meets his at the pace of his strokes. 

Oh how I missed being one with my husband. 

We take a quick shower together and I'm in a very good mood. 

This is surely going to be a good night for me. I'm smiling from ear to ear even when I'm dressing up. 

Zach: "(zipping my dress)You look good"

Me: "I feel good too"

Zach: "(kisses my neck) I hope it's because of me"

Me: "Isn't that obvious? "

Zach: "(chuckles) Good. Let's go"

We hold hands and exit the room together. 

I'm in a turquoise blue mermaid dress and he's in a navy blue suit with a black shirt. 

Tshidi is no where in sight and the table has been set. 

Our guests start arriving and I'm so happy to see Hailey. 

Hailey: "You look hot mommy "

Me: "(laughs) Thank you. You look good too"

The night goes well. Hailey and I entertain the two other women while Zach remains with the guys. 

We've eaten and they're having wine while I'm having sparkling juice since I don't drink in Zach's presence. 

Hailey: "Where's the jailbird? "

Me: "(Rolls eyes) Probably locked up in her room"

Hailey: "I thought I'd see her "

Me: "Well she -"

Just when I thought she's going to behave she comes with headphones on and dripping wet. 

She's in a swimsuit which is clearly inappropriate and disgraceful. 

I watch her as she goes to the kitchen while swaying her hips side to side. 

I'm boiling smoke coming out of my ears. 

Me: "Excuse me ladies(fakes smile and leaves) "

Getting into the kitchen. 

Me: "(Roughly grabs her arm) What the hell do you think you're doing?! "

Tshidi: "(furrows eyebrows) Huh? "

Me: "(slaps her cheek) What do you call this?! "

Tshidi: "(holding her cheek) I just went for a swim "

Me: "You can't swim! Why did you have to embarrass me like this?! "

Zach: "What's going on? "

Upon turning I realise we have company. Tshidi runs out while I'm left to deal with this. 

Zach doesn't look pleased and I have all eyes on me. 

Hailey: "(stuttering) I think we... We should uhm... Thank you for the dinner but I think we should call it a night. Honey let's go "

I'm left with him. I can't even make eye contact. 

How do I explain myself in this? I told Tshidi to disappear but as always she had to have all attention on her. 

Zach: "What was that? "

He's too calm for my liking. 

Me: "(sigh) I'm sorry. I didn't think she'd do this. I thought I got through to her"

Zach: "(chuckles) Really? "

Me: "Yes honey. I'll talk to her"

Zach: "(chuckles) Wow. (storms off) "

I put all the dishes in the dishwasher. 

I know he's mad but I don't understand why he's so calm. 

It's a bit scary. 

I find him packing a bag. 

Me: "Are you going somewhere? "

Zach: (silence) 

Me: "(sighs) What do you want me to do Zach? Ke mo khotlisetse hae? "

Zach: (silence)

I undress looking at him with hopes that he'll say something. 

It seems my sister being here has done nothing but drive a wedge between us. 

I cry myself to sleep. Oh how I pray for better days. 



They're having breakfast. I don't greet nor say anything to anyone. 

I just sit down and dish up for myself. 

Zoë shouldn't be around this much tension. It's too heavy and thick. 

Me: "Uh I'll be taking a taxi today "

Gina: "Why? "

Me: "You should be happy sis less chances of me embarrassing you "

I take my phone and bag then leave. 

The taxi drops me at the gate which means a long walk for me. 

Exercise I guess. 

The guard just takes his time opening the gate.

Him: "Dumela mme"

Me: "(rolling eyes) Bye"

Aaliyah: "You're late! "

Me: "(pushes my way in) I took a taxi "

Aaliyah: "I don't have time for your excuses. You're suppose to be here on time because that's what I pay you for "

Me: "I'm sorry "

Aaliyah: "I don't give a fuck. Go get started. "

Me: "Tjo"

I think she forgets how big her house is and I have to clean it.

I never liked doing house chores. I learned all this shit in prison. 

Like I previously said being in prison humbled me which is why I'm here tolerating bull from this boss.

I always start upstairs in all the rooms. I'm all done up when the clock hits one and the boss wants to talk to me. 

She's in the dining hall sitting down and I follow suit. 

Aaliyah: "Your contract. I want it signed on Monday so I'm giving you the weekend to go through it"

Me: "So you still want to hire me? "

Aaliyah: "(rolls eyes) Duh! Regardless of your nasty attitude you know what you're doing "

Me: "(mumbles) might be nasty but you're nastier "

Aaliyah: "What? "

Me: "Nothing boss"

Aaliyah: "(stands up) Good now eat. (leaves) "

Two months later and I've gotten used to taking taxis. 

I work at a night club from Wednesday to Saturday so my sister sees less of me. I've gotten used to hardly sleeping. 

I'd get another place to stay but she's in the city and close to everything. 

Kgothalo is taking me out. Oh it's the annoying guard. 

We got to know each other when he kept me company as I was waiting for a taxi. 

I can't believe I've went so long without a man. 

It's Sunday and he's also not working. I work for Aaliyah on weekdays from 08h00 to 17h00 then the club is from 19h00 to 03h00. 

Kgothalo: "Ke pheile mme" (I cooked) 

Me: "(frowns) That's not going out "

Kgothalo: "Ke a tseba but you'll love it. I promise"

Me: "(shrugs) Re tla Bona " (we'll see) 

He drives those old BMWs which he takes good care of. It's a gusheshe navy blue in colour. 

He's driving us to his place with music playing on the mp3. 

He lives in Kagiso. I'm surprised that he has his own house It's an RDP but I just thought that he's renting something. 

He parks in his yard and because he's a gentleman comes to open my door. 

He takes out the key from his pocket and opens. 

Kgothalo: "O tla nthabele ntho ya ho nwa? "(Would you like something to drink? )

Me: "Please "

Kgothalo: "Juice? "

Me: "(nods) You're a neat freak NEH "

Kgothalo: "You can say that"

He gives me a glass of juice. 

Me: "thanks. So you woke up early to cook? "

Kgothalo: "I'm used to waking up early but yes"

Me: "Nka nthabela dijo "

Kgothalo: "(laughs) Dula fatshe mme and I'll dish up for us"

We're in the living room and I do as I'm told. 

It's an open plan so I can see him in the little kitchen while I'm here. His living room has a black long couch a big plasma TV with those sound system that has tall speakers and a DVD player. 

There's also a dining table with six chairs. 

Me: "Thank you "

He sits next to me with his food. 

Kgothalo: "How old are you? "

Me: "I'm turning 26 you? "

Kgothalo: "I'm 32. Chee you look so young "

Me: "(laughs) I know. Why did you bring me to your house? "

Kgothalo: "Ka hoba ka ho rata " (Because I love you) 

Me: "(chuckles) OK . First date out of prison not bad"

Kgothalo: "(laughs) I forget you're an ex-con"

Me: "suka wena. Typical black person making me eat seven colours"

Kgothalo: "Ja tlhe mme and stop complaining "



Me: "Why am I here? "

Lefa: "Bathong baby that's how you greet me after we haven't seen each other for weeks? "

Me: "And who is to blame for that? Do you think I'm a fool? "

Lefa: "No and I think you should be careful how you speak to me. I'm your man not your friend "

Me: "(sighs) I'm sorry. I just... I mean you only sent me good morning and goodnight texts and that's it"

Lefa: "Ke maswabi baby. Things have just been so hectic in my team and we've all been working our butts off "

Me: "(nods) So much that you couldn't spare a day to come see me? "

Lefa: "(sighs and takes my hand )I'm sorry "

Me: "I don't know if I should trust a soccer player "

Lefa: "(let's go of my hand) Wow Aaliyah. You're one to talk with your reputation "

Me: "(slaps him) Don't you dare! "

Lefa: "(Bellows) Don't you ever do that again! Ever Or I swear"

Me: "(clicks tongue) Mxm"

Lefa: "Drop the attitude Aaliyah "

Me: "Or what?"

He roughly pulls me to him and I bump onto his hard chest. He fists my hair and kisses me. I can't even break the kiss but instead move with his pace. It's heated and fast. 

When he breaks it the clothes start flying until we're both naked. 

He throws me on the bed flips me over and takes me from behind. 

His thrusts are fast and deep I'm screaming my lungs out. 

He didn't wait for me to adjust to his size but no just went right in. 

The mix of pain and pleasure is amazing I admit and he sure knows how to move his waist. 

I don't know how many times I orgasm while he hasn't. 

He switches position and I'm now on top. We're in seesaw position and we move together. 

When he's close he puts his hands on my back and takes control increasing the pace and I improvise and move at the newly set pace. 

He collapses on his back and I lay next to him my hand on his chest. 

We're both trying to catch our breaths. This was an amazing session. 

Lefa: "Am I forgiven? "

Me: "You're getting there"

Lefa: "(laughs pulling me closer) Good. Let's go shower so I can take you out "

Me: "Out as in in public? "

Lefa: "(chuckles) Yes I'm not trying to hide you"

Me: "Good"

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