Me: "I got you lunch"

Gina: "She's giving you trouble? "

Me: "(sits down) You're welcome "

Gina: "(chuckles) Thanks babe "

Me: "She wants a contract "

Gina: "(coughs) What? "

Me: "Yep and she won't start until she gets one. I'm now forced to pay her per day until the contract is ready "

Gina: "I'll talk to her. For someone who needs you more than you need her she's being difficult for no reason "

Me: "(sighs) She says you make the mistake of thinking she's a fool"

Gina: "(chuckles) I don't think she knows anything besides opening her legs "

Me: "Anyway I have to love and leave you. I'm going to check on dad then I'm on my way out"

Gina: "Alright babe thanks for lunch "

Me: "(stands to leave) So when is your husband's next trip? I could do with a night out "

Gina: "(sighs) I wish I knew. Things aren't that well between us now"

Me: "(sits again) Why? What's wrong? "

Gina: "We're always arguing. Mostly about Tshidi. He thinks I'm bitter and heartless towards her"

Me: "Tshidi? "

Gina: "My sister didn't she introduce herself? "

Me: "oh she said her name is Jhené"

Gina: "(rolls eyes) Anyway we've been bickering a lot "

Me: "I'm sorry babe. "

Gina: "(fakes smile) Things will get better "

Me: "Just feed him. The way to a man's heart is through the stomach right? "

Gina: "I'll do that. I just want things to go back to Normal ".

Me: "They will. Don't worry"

I kiss her cheek and leave to see my father. He's in a phone call so I just wave at him then leave. 

Getting back at my house there's music pumping out loud. 

I know it's Jhené but this is unacceptable. I'm so pissed by this. I just go over to the sound system and switch it off. 

She's not even in the lounge. 

She comes down and I'm breathing fire. 

Me: "Do you think this is a club? "

Jhené: "Uh why? "

Me: "Why the hell did you have music pumping out loud?! "

Jhené: "It makes me work well. I was humping and pumping to the beat "

Me: "This is my house my rules and I'm saying no music. Your job is to make sure my house and clothes are clean. You're not allowed to play around with my sound system or any other thing in this house. Are we clear? "

Jhené: "Make sure to include that in the contract "

Me: "(bellows) Just disappear! "

Jhené: "(laughs) Yeah whatever "

Me: "(clicks tongue) Josey! "



Gina: "Does the word grateful exist in your vocabulary? "

Me: "You didn't have to come all the way to fetch me. I would have taken a taxi "

Gina: "With what money? "

Me: "I just got paid "

Gina: "Oh right. I forgot you want to be paid per day and a contract. "

Me: "The terms of my employment do not concern you. I don't understand why you always want to start something with me. I get it Gina. You're better than me. more beautiful you're lighter you're more educated and more successful. You've proved your point "

Gina: "I've always been better than you "

Me: "Yeah and I've always known. Though in some departments I can disagree. Let's just go "

I leave her in the house and go outside to her car. 

I don't get why she feels we're In competition. We're sisters for heaven's sake. 

She comes after about ten minutes and we can finally leave. 

Getting back at her house I go to 'my room' and take a shower. The good thing about this mansion is having a room that has a bathroom and TV. I only go out if I want food. 

There's a knock on my door and I know it's not her because she never knocks. 

Me: "Come in "

It's a little girl their daughter. 

Her: "My name is Zoë. You're my aunt? "

Me: "Yeah. "

Zoë: "Don't you like eating with us? "

Me: "Your mom doesn't like me "

Zoë: "But dad likes you and I like you "

Me: "(sighs) Let's go then "

She takes my hand and we vacate my room and make our way to the dining hall. 

My room is downstairs. 

I sit down and she sits next to me. 

Gina: "Thank you for joining us your Majesty "

I dish up for myself and start eating ignoring whatever conversation is taking place on the table. 

I'm thinking of my life plan and where to from here. 

There's no way I'm spending my whole life as a maid. 

Zach: "How's work? "

Me: "Fine "

I go back to the guestroom after finishing my food and browse the internet. 

It's just after midnight when someone opens my door. I'm still on my phone. 

Me: "What do you want? "

Zach: "We need to talk "

Me: "I don't want to talk "

Zach: "Tshidi

look at me"

Me: "(sighs and looks at him) What? "

Zach: "I'm sorry for my wife's behaviour "

Me: "Don't be modest. That's not why you're here. You want me"

Zach: "I'm committed to my wife "

Me: "If you could spell commitment you wouldn't be here"

Zach: "I don't have much time. Gina should never find out about us"

Me: "What exactly? What 'us' are you speaking of? "

Zach: "You know what I'm talking about "

Me: "What makes you think she'd believe me? "

Zach: "Good"

Me: "Anything else? "

Zach: "No"

Me: "Get your ass out of my room then "

Zach: "My room"

Me: "Seeing that you want to talk (sits up) can she handle you? "

Zach: "We've been married for seven years "

Me: "(laughs) Of course and you've been behaving. Get out Zach. Your wife is cold "

Zach: (clicks his tongue) Mxm"

Me: "(laughs) Bye"



Today we're having dinner with Zach's associates. 

I'll work half a day so I can ensure that everything goes smoothly. I'll also have to make sure that Tshidi is nowhere in sight because she's a loose cannon. 

They're coming with their wives so Hailey will be here. 

I've just gotten in my office when I find Mr Rhodes on my chair. 

This is a surprise for me. I clear my throat. 

Me: "Good Morning Sir"

Him: "Mrs Kwena you're five minutes Late"

I look at my wrist watch and he's right making me nervous. 

Me: "My apologies Sir traffic was a headache "

Him: "(laughs) You should have seen your face "

Me: "(confused) Sir? "

Him: "I'm joking Gina "

Me: "Woah you know my name? "

Him: "(looks at me like I'm crazy) You work for me. I know everyone from the execs to the dustbin man "

Me: "I... Of course you do Sir "

Him: "(stands up) Come to my office at 11 sharp. There's something we need to discuss "

Me: "(nods) OK sir"

I watch him as he leaves gracefully. Mr Rhodes is a good looking man and I admit to having sinful thoughts about him. 

I don't know why the devil is doing this to me seeing how committed I am to my husband. 

Zach has not touched me since I turned him down that time. We've basically been like strangers who sleep next to each other.

I'm so nervous when the clock hits 11 and I have to go to the big boss's office. 

I'm rubbing my hands together because I'm trying to distract myself from my fear. 

I knock until he allows me in. 

His PA's desk is empty. 

Mr Rhodes:" (looks at his wristwatch) Punctuality is definitely not your thing "

Me: "I got out of my office at 11"

Him: "I said you should be here at 11 not come out of your office at 11"

Me: "I'm sorry Sir"

Him: "Close the door then come sit "

I do as he says. 

Him: "I've been reviewing your work and I realise how much of an asset you are to this company. Your work is impressive Mrs Kwena "

Me: "(blushes) Thank you Sir "

Him: "It's rare to find a woman who not only has the beauty but the brains as well"

Me: "(blushes more) I don't know what to say "

Him: "Then don't say anything. With the way you're blushing I might be accused of immoral behaviour. You're excused "

The speed at which I get off from the chair and rush out almost makes me trip. 

I can imagine how much of a fool he thinks I am. 

This is my first interaction with the big boss and we're a big company it's no surprise that I thought he doesn't know me. He might have just seen my surname on my door. 

There's a lot of us in finance. 

Lia 'borrowed' me her chef who'll be preparing a four course meal for the guests. 

I bump into her brother at the exit. He takes my hand and kisses it. 

Me: "This should stop. You're getting out of hand "

Siya: "(laughs) Maybe I was never in hand"

Me: "I'm serious Siya "

Siya: "Hey do you have Jhené's number? Of course you do please give it to me. "

Me: "She works for your sister you could have asked her or went there and asked Jhené herself "

Siya: "(shrugs) You're her sister "

Me: "(clicks tongue) Mxm. "

Siya: "(grabs my arm before I can walk away) Are you mad? "

Me: "I don't have reason to be. I'm in a hurry Siya. I have a dinner to prepare "

Siya: "See ya"

He kisses my cheek then leaves. I wipe it. 


I have to drive to Lia's place so I can talk to Tshidi or should I say 'Jhené'

Tshidi: "Aaliyah isn't here"

She's the one who opens for me. 

Me: "I'm here to see you "

Tshidi: "Out with it. I want to finish up in time "

Me: "Zach and I are hosting his associates for dinner tonight "

Tshidi: "Fine I'll disappear "

Me: "Good. I don't want you messing this up or embarrassing me. We have a reputation to protect "

Tshidi: "(rolls eyes) Sure whatever. Is that all? "

Me: "Yes"

I make my way out. 

Now I can relax. 

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