Pabi: "Mosadi ke wena motho wo? " (Is this you) 
I laugh. 
Me: "Ke spoko " (It's a ghost) 
She grabs me hangs me giving me a twirl. 
Me: "(chuckles) You're still here? "
Pabi: "Tjo not all of us get married to rich men ko Goli"
Me: "(rolls eyes) Oh Gina"
Pabi: "(laughs) Motswalle they had a big wedding. Roads were closed ka mo and even the chief attended. Le nou there's never been a wedding like hers"
Paballo and I were friends in high school. We'd disappear together . I'm even surprised I passed my matric the way I was never interested in school. 
Me: "Yah she's always been destined for great things. "
Pabi: "Yeah plus I heard she's working in a big company. You can see by the clothes she wears hore she's rich. "
Me: "And wena? What's up with you? "
Pabi: "Hai I'm still hustling phela nou I have two kids so ha kena boikhethelo " (I don't have a choice) 
Me: "Don't they have fathers? "
Pabi: "They're married "
Me: "(laughs) Tjo "
I throw away the stump of cigarette when I'm done then she walks me home. 
I find The family having lunch. 
Gina: "Some things will never change "
I don't reply to that but sit Down instead and dish up for myself. 
Me: "So what's your husband's name? "
I'm looking at him. 
Gina: "Zach Zach Kwena. "
Me: "(nods) Glad to finally see your type "
Ntate: "Are you going to church with me tomorrow? "
Me: "Yoh ntate I don't want to be crucified "
Ntate: "Crucified by who? There's nothing like that "
Me: "(shakes head) Ke hantle mo " (I'm good here) 
Gina: "(clicks tongue) That's why I don't want you here. "
Me: "I'm not a kid Gina it's high time that clicked in your head. You can't handle me and not even your -"
Ntate: "Let's just have a peaceful lunch hleng banake with no fights "
Zach: "I agree "
Me: "(chuckles) Right"
I take my plate and go to my room to finish eating  there Instead. 
I don't understand why Gina insists on fighting with me. I know she's successful and I knew she'd be I don't understand why she insists on rubbing it on my face. 
Like I get it. 
Her focus was on books while mine was on boys parties and weed. 
I spend the rest of my day in my room. 
I only come out with my plate when it's dinner time and place it in the sink. They're sitting together again. 
Me: "Ntate I need clothes. As you can see I've lost a chunk of weight "
Gina: "(laughs) Poor daddy"
Ntate: "How much do you need? "
Me: "You don't ask a girl that ntate. I have expensive taste "
Gina: "I'll give you my old clothes back in my house "
Me: "No thank you. You and I have very different taste except when it comes to -"
Zach: "I'll take you. "
Ntate: "Fine I'll give you my card but it has a limit "
Me: "I'm definitely going to exhaust it. Ke a leboha ntate "
It's morning and I'm ready to go buy my clothes. Tomorrow is Good Friday and today we have people coming who'll stay with us. 
I don't want to be here during that but I've been out of the game for so long that I fear things have changed. 
Gina: "There's no way I'm Letting you leave with her"
They're in the kitchen but her voice is so loud. 
Zach: "I married you didn't I? "
Gina: "It's her I don't trust. "
Me:" (coming in) Morning family "
Gina: "I'm taking you to the mall "
Me: "And who's going to go with ntate to church? "
Gina: "Zach will "
Me: "(shrugs) OK "
Me: "(huffs) Yes she's my sister wa tikilane and I cannot have her around my husband "
Liyah: "I don't know Gee "
Me: "Weren't you complaining about your current maid and her incompetency? "
Liyah: "(sighs) Fine. Plus I've been wanting to get rid of this bitch"
Me: "(smiles) Great. Thank you babe "
I hang up and upon turning Zach gives me a disapproving look. 
Me: "(shrugs) What? "
Zach: "It just feels like I don't know you "
Me: "What do you mean? "
Zach: "You've become so heartless and bitter towards your sister a trait I never thought you had "
Me: "I'm not... (exhales) I'm just me. This is me giving her tough love so she can change "
Zach: "She's just gotten out of jail. Don't you think she's paid for her sins? "
Me: "Oh you're team Matshidiso now? Is there something you're not telling me? "
Zach: "You've grown crazy "
Me: "She just went out and spent my father's hard earned money. "
Zach: "He's also her father. I actually thought you would have offered to buy her the clothes but no you're team Matshidiso now? Is there something you're not telling me? "
Zach: "You've grown crazy "
Me: "She just went out and spent my father's hard earned money. "
Zach: "He's also her father. I actually thought you would have offered to buy her the clothes but no you were more than willing to offer her your worn out ones. "
Me: "I'm not doing this with you Zach "
I get into the covers and close my eyes. 
I'm not heartless. I can't be. I found her a job and dad won't have to deal with her. 
There's nothing wrong with that. 
I spent the whole day running after her while she went from one shop to the next spending money she didn't earn. 
Now she'll get to earn her own money. 
Dad: "Why did you leave my granddaughter? "
Me: "I blame Zach and his mother "
Dad: "(laughs) I miss her so you should bring her to See Me soon"
Me: "I'll do that "
Dad: "Oh Tshidi I got you something "
Really now? I wonder why he bothers with her. 
Tshidi: "Eng ntate? "
Dad: "It's just a phone and I've saved my number. You can call me anytime "
Tshidi: "Kea leboha ntate. "
Me: "You didn't have to waste your money like this dad. She could use the house phone to call you "
Dad: "I wanted to and this is a smartphone so le ena she could be in the times like other kids "
Me: "(rolls eyes) mxm"
He hugs her then hugs me. 
Dad: "(whispers in my ear) Learn to forgive her. This bitterness and hate isn't healthy "
He let's go and we finally leave. 
I have to get back to work. I probably have a lot that awaits me. I've been gone for so long. 
I don't usually take breaks so yes you can call me a workaholic. 
Tshidi: "I thought you booked us flights "
Me: "I don't have money to waste "
Tshidi: "But Zach has"
Me: "Mr Kwena to you "
He's the one driving. 
Tshidi: "Trust me he doesn't mind "
Me: "And what does that mean? "
Tshidi: "You're smarter than me Gina you can figure it out "
Me: "Mxm"
Tshidi: "You're so grumpy man aren't you getting some? You should try swallowing it makes one glow "
Me: "Swallowing what? "
Tshidi: "(laughs) Thank you for confirming my suspicions "
Me: "I don't have time for your games "
Tshidi: "He's clearly starving. You don't do that to your husband Gina "
Me: "Do what? You don't know anything other than opening your legs "
Tshidi: "I know men "
Me: "O tikilane vele "
Tshidi: "And it's been such a long time. I think I'm even a virgin now I need to test drive. Just to see if I still have it(laughs)"
Me: "Just shut up and stop annoying me"
Tshidi: "(laughs) Yes ma'am "
Siya: "Have you seen her? "
Me: "No I haven't. Apparently she was in jail for eight years "
Siya: "What was she in for? "
Me: "Murder "
Siya: "Sounds dangerous. I love danger "
Me: "You're just a typical fuck boy "
Siya: "Lighten up sis I'm just having fun. I still want Gina though "
Me: "She's married for fuck's sake"
Siya: "Which makes the challenge more thrilling. I just want to smash and leave. I just need a taste of that "
Me: "You're pathetic "
Siya: "Yeah I love you too"
We're waiting for Gina who's bringing her sister. 
I asked him here so he can help me judge her. 
I need to know who I'm bringing into my house. 
I'm just glad I fired that maid. Unfortunately I can't fire Josey because she's such a good cook. 
She's been with me since I bought this house . The doorbell rings. 
Me: "Go open. It's them"
Siya: "With pleasure "
Josey has prepared snacks which we'll munch on during this meeting. 
Gina: "Hey thank you again for this"
The sister looks bored and she's definitely not what I expected. 
Me: "This is your sister? "
Gina: "Unfortunately she is"
Me: "Wow "
Gina: "I know right "
She's wearing all black. Black jeans black T-shirt and black sneakers. She has tattoos on her arms which I assume she got in prison. 
Siya: "She's like a piece of art "
Me: "I admit she's beautiful and so perfect "
Gina: "I didn't bring her here for compliments. I have to go back to work. Behave "
The sister rolls her eyes. 
Siya insists on walking Gina out. 
Me: "I'm Aaliyah Rhodes your boss"
Her: "I'm Jhené"
Me: "Oh are you up for the job? "
Jhené: "I don't have a choice now do I? "
Me: "No you don't. "
Jhené: "Where's my contract? I'd like to go through it"
Me: "There's no contract "
Jhené: "Then why am I here? "
Me: "(sigh) What do you need a contract for? "
Jhené: "Security. My sister makes the mistake of thinking I'm a fool but I'm not. When will you have it prepared? "
Me: "By the end of this week but I'd love if you start now. "
Jhené: "You will have to pay me per day until the contract is ready "
Me: "You gotta be kidding me! "
Jhené: "Do I look like I'm playing? "
She's rather so serious. I'm desperate. 
Me: "Fine"
Siya: "I'm leaving "
Me: "You took long "
Siya: "I'm making progress. (kisses my cheek) Take care "
Me: "Yah thanks for nothing"
He just laughs and leaves. 
Me: "Start immediately "
Jhené: "Yes ma'am "

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