I woke up in the early morning so I can prepare myself to leave.

It was just around 5am. I didn't have any hangover and I planned on sleeping again when I arrive.

I was done with everything after an hour and getting into the kitchen I found Bogosi.

Bogosi: "Morning"

Me: "Shouldn't you be sleeping? "

I made myself some coffee.

Bogosi: "I was restless. Why are you leaving so early? "

Me: "I have a man who misses me"

Bogosi: "Ohh lucky you"

Me: "I thought you'd have started with breakfast "

Bogosi: "I have a lot on my mind. Is there something wrong with my sister? "

Me: "Not that I know of. I have to go"

Bogosi: "I know you're just leaving this early because you don't want to go to church "

I chuckled.

Me: "Maybe I will when you open yours"

Bogosi: "You'll be the first one to know "

Me: "Send my goodbyes to Tsaone"

Bogosi: "Be careful. "

Me: "I always am"

I went out and to my car.

My phone surprisingly had no reception.

Anyway I just got into my car then drove.

I went to the garage where I filled up my tank and got coffee again with a muffin just to have something in my stomach.

I got into the car again then drove while listening to some music.

Yes I do listen to music.

All was going well I had just gotten into town and was at the robots when I couldn't brake.

Me: "Fuck no"

And just like that I watched my car get hit by another from the side. It was massive that from that I blacked out.



Me: "Husband "

I said hugging him from behind.

He was busy frying something.

Gosi: "I wanted to give you breakfast in bed"

He turned and pecked my lips.

Me: "Where's Jacky? She's usually up by this time "

Gosi: "She left"

Me: "Really? "

No lie I was disappointed. I thought she would spend more time with us

Gosi: "Said she has a man who misses her"

I giggled.

Me: "Yeah that sounds like her"

Gosi: "Wait you're not throwing up or anything? "

Me: "I had no morning sickness with this pregnancy babe "

Gosi: "That's good. "

Me: "Things are calm now"

Gosi: "Perhaps too calm "

Me: "What? "

Gosi: "Sit down. I'll finish up quickly "

Well I did as he said.

Gosi: "I think you should call her"

Me: "Call who? "

Bontle came and sat with us.

Breakfast was all ready now.

Bontle: "Morning "

We greeted back.

Gosi: "Jacky"

Me: "Is something wrong? "

Gosi: "That's what I want to find out"

I went to take my phone then called her.

It went straight to voicemail.

Me: "It goes straight to voicemail "

Bontle: "What's going on? "

Gosi: "The devil wants to turn Jacky back"

Me: "Turn her back? "

Gosi: "She was slowly opening her heart to God. Actually I need to go pray about this"

Me: "Bogosi"

I was just confused. He wasn't making any sense to me.

Gosi: "Excuse me"

He stood up and left.

Bontle: "That was interesting "

Me: "How did you sleep? "

Bontle: "Slept well. Probably because I was drunk"

She said shrugging.

Me: "What's up? "

Bontle: "I'm just tired. I'm tired of moving from one guy to the next. Ever since Tshepo died I've never managed to pursue a serious relationship "

Me: "Maybe you should take a break figure out what you want "

Bontle: "It's the sex. I can't live without it"

Me: "I... Have you tried abstaining? "

She nodded.

Bontle: "Until I'm out then I see someone I like. I don't even know why I do that. "

Me: "Then try not going out. Maybe you should take a fast and ask God for some light "

Bontle: "I don't think I'm God's favourite person right now "

She said with a sigh.

Me: "God is always waiting for us to turn to him. When you take a step towards him he takes two steps towards you"

I cleared the table and she helped me with the dishes.

Vashti was surprisingly still sleeping.

I went to our room and found Bogosi undressing.

Gosi: "Let's go shower "

I took off my clothes as well and we showered together.

Me: "Are you joining me today? "

Gosi: "I can't go back there. I have to open my own church. I'm still waiting on God to tell me where"

Me: "Oh? And Jacky? "

Gosi: "She'll be fine"

I nodded and got dressed for church.



"We meet again "

His voice echoed in this room I was in.

It was dark so dark that I couldn't see even my own hands.

Me: "Leave me alone"

He laughed his voice echoing through out the room.

"You've become weak. "

Me: "Have I now? "

I was lifted up and thrown against the wall. I felt my bones break as I kissed the floor.

"You're mine! Mine only! "

I spit out what tasted like blood.

Me: "I'd rather die"

A confrontation with satan was one that didn't scare me.

He laughed again. His laughter was piercing through my ears.

"Then you'll rule hell with me. Unfortunately I cannot touch your soul "

Me: "You're not so powerful after all"

"Good luck remembering this year. I'm not ready to let go of you yet"

I heard beeping sounds. They started as faint but got louder.

My eyes felt heavy on me. I could hear someone speaking.

I couldn't recognise the voice.

"Baby please wake up. Do it for me and for Jamal. We can't lose you now"

That didn't sound like Chris. There was no way I could have cheated.

He was holding my hand so I tried with all of my strength to move my hand.



Me: "Come on Jacky. It's been two weeks now"

I had been coming here every day with hopes that she will wake up.

I didn't stop praying for her and I knew my prayers didn't fall on deaf ears.

She moved her hand. I swear I almost screamed.

Me: "Baby? "

Then her eyes moved. I think she was trying to open her eyes.

I kissed her hand a couple of times.

She was the only one who survived the gruesome accident.

Finally her eyes opened and I just engulfed her in a hug.

I then kissed her forehead and went out to call the doctor.

When I came back she looked lost.

Me: "Baby"

I was very happy. She looked at me like she didn't know me.

I looked at the doctor.

He removed her oxygen mask.

She coughed a bit.

Jacky: "W... Water"

I beat the doctor to it and helped her drink.

Jacky: "Who the fuck are you? "

Her voice was a bit hoarse.

Dr: "Jacqueline. I must say you came back to us sooner than I thought "

He ran some light through her eyes.

Dr: "One more thing. "

He went to stand by her feet.

Dr: "Can you feel this? "

Jacky: "Yes I can. How the hell did I end up here? Who the hell is this man? Where's Chris? "

OK now I was confused.

Me: "Doc? "

Dr: "She did sustain some head injuries. That's why we cut her hair. I think she's still in shock. The amnesia might not be permanent "

Jacky: "Fuck I'm in so much pain "

Me: "You were involved in a car accident "

Jacky: "I have a car? "

OK this shit was starting to piss me off.

Dr: "I'll tell the nurse to bring your meds"

He went out.

Me: "You don't remember me? "

Jacky: "You're handsome and all but I wouldn't cheat on Chris. We live together have a son together even though that son of a bitch is a drunkard. I don't know you"

OK this was frustrating. Chris was dead.

Me: "Chris died"

She laughed.

Jacky: "I don't know what you're playing at. Get your black ass out "

Me: "Jacky "

Jacky: "Leave! He can't find you here"

I sighed and stood up.

I was going to find a way for her to remember me. There had to be a way.


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