I cannot believe how far we've come.

Tsaone had been so patient with me I felt I didn't deserve it.

The Bible does say that Love is patient and she proved that it's exactly how she loves me.

With everyday and seeing her beside me I couldn't believe she was still mine.

I couldn't believe that we had found our way back to each other.

Truly what God has put together no man can separate.

I have been clean for a while and my spirit had gained strength.

Tsaone: "But this is not fair. I wanted a proper wedding "

I laughed.

We were having a small gathering which will happen after we sign at court.

Me: "You'll get it baby but this is it for now"

I kissed her lips.

I was getting ready so we could leave.

Tsaone: "I want one bigger than the first wedding "

Me: "Tsaone we will have that in five years when we're renewing our vows"

Tsaone: "But that's so far away "

Me: "Unfortunately that's how it will be. Cheer up you're marrying this handsomeness "

She laughed rolling her eyes.

Tsaone: "You talk like I'm ugly"

Me: "You're not. You're the most beautiful woman I've ever laid my eyes on"

She blushed.

She was wearing a simple bodycon white dress with matching white heels. She also had a flower hairband on her hair.

I heard my mom and sister's voice as they sang.

I laughed taking Tsaone's hand and we went out.

We joined them in the singing dancing and swaying as they did.

Jacky: "So much noise "

She said coming in and we all stopped laughing.

Tsaone went to her and they hugged.

Tsaone: "I'm glad you could make it"

Jacky: "I came to convince you not to marry this ass. It's not too late"

I chuckled.

Me: "I thought you'd Bring Your man"

Jacky: "He didn't know if he'd be welcomed considering the history but I'm here on both our behalf "

Me: "Isn't that cute? "

She rolled her eyes and I chuckled.

Bontle: "OK who's this? "

I had even forgot that they had never met. If they had my sister would know better than to give Jacky attitude.

Tsaone: "My maid of honour Jacqueline "

Mom: "She looks so young "

She rolled her eyes.

Jacky: "Can we go? "

While everyone was wearing white Jacky had gone for black instead.

A few hours later we were back at the house and officially Mr and Mrs Molise once again.

Jacky: "I'm sorry but I'm getting drunk. Pastor you'll have to forgive me"

I laughed.

Bontle: "I think I'm starting to like you"

Jacky looked at her.

Jacky: "Actually I need that drink now "

I followed her out.

Me: "What's going on? "

I asked and she shook her head.

Jacky: "It's nothing "

Me: "I saw how you looked at her. What did you see? "

Jacky: "Your sister is something else. "

She shook her head.

Jacky: "Just pray for her"

She took out the booze from her boot gave to me to hold.

Jacky: "It's no sin"

She winked making me laugh.

This was a great celebration with family and Friends.

I was happy so was heaven but I knew the enemy wasn't pleased.

My wife was only three months pregnant and I was happy that things were still smooth.



We were having a braai at night. I had left Jamal with his granny. She didn't mind.

I was having my liquor with Bontle. The couple were cooed up in their own bubble.

We were done with the meat waiting for his mom who was dishing up.

Bontle: "How did you and Tsaone meet? "

Me: "I broke into her car"

Bontle: "What? "

Me: "Yep. She was so scared but still followed my orders. We went to her house and I stayed there for a week"

Bontle: "That's... So unbelievable "

Me: "I know. I'm happy I no longer hear her prayers. It was driving me crazy "

Bontle: "So you're like my brother? "

I shook my head.

Me: "I am me. Why do you do this? "

Bontle: "Do what? "

Me: "Give yourself to all these men. You grew up in a loving family so it doesn't make sense to me"

Bogosi: "Food is ready"

Me: "Ohh finally you remember we're also here"

He chuckled.

Tsaone: "But you two seem deep In conversation "

This girl was shocked.

Me: "Which you both disturbed but I'm hungry "

I said standing up.

My phone rang.

Me: "Baby? "

Neo: "I hope you're not drinking "

Me: "Thought you were calling because you missed me"

Neo: "I mean it Jacky"

Me: "But I'm celebrating. Just relax there are no men here"

Neo: "I miss you. I hate being away from you "

Me: "I'm coming first thing tomorrow morning. Hopefully they won't force me to go to church. I can sense it"

Neo: "It won't hurt you know"

Me: "I do but it should be a choice"

Neo: "How's my baby? "

I laughed.

Me: "No matter how much unprotected sex we have I won't fall pregnant. What if I removed my womb? "

Neo: "That's... No. We'll have to go find it and put it back "

I laughed.

Me: "That's crazy "

Neo: "I love hearing you laugh. It's the best sound ever "

I cleared my throat.

Me: "I should go"

Neo: "Am I boring you? "

Me: "What? No but I'm with people. You know that "

Neo: "Fine Jacqueline "

Me: "Don't be mad please "

Neo: "Seeing that you beg... "

Me: "Mxm"

He chuckled as I hung up.

I went back to the rest.

Bontle: "What did you mean... You know with what you said? "

Bogosi: "What did she say? "

Me: "I think you know what I meant. I'm not judging you but... Actually never mind "

She nodded.

Bogosi was still looking at me.

He should know these things. He's the prophet after all.



Me: "Fuck I miss her"

Ethan: "You're whipped man. You've just been dating for a month but look at you "

We were in November.

Me: "We've done a lot of things before officially dating "

Nathan: "And how is she? I mean we all know how flexible she is"

I laughed.

Me: "I'm not saying shit. That's my future wife "

We were chilling having a couple of beers.

Ethan: "I wish my life was that easy. My wife is still mad at me"

Amo had been mad since he spoke of taking a second wife.

Nathan: "How's the baby? "

Ethan: "Fine but I just... I fear Lexy falling pregnant. We haven't really been safe"

Me: "Are you saying you've been fucking her while your wife is mad? "

Ethan: "You can't really blame me"

I laughed.

I had just gotten on my bed was sleeping when I felt a certain breeze.

I woke up and went to close the window.

I didn't remember leaving it open.


A voice said softly.

I opened my eyes. I was just about to catch sleep.

Me: "Ambriel? "

Ambriel: "I need you to get on your knees now and pray for Jacky"

Me: "What's going on? "

Ambriel: "Pray until you're contact. You're connected now. Do it"

I got up immediately and got on my knees.

I couldn't see her but I could hear her voice.


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