Being unemployed at least meant getting to spend as much time with my son.

He was going to school next year though for his grade R but for now I enjoyed having him with me.

Neo and I... Let's just say he helped me cope with everything.

Jamal: "I miss granny"

He said throwing himself next to me.

It was a Monday very boring one.

We were now in the beginning of October.

Me: "Oh I miss her too"

Jamal: "Then let's visit her "

I thought about it for a while.

It wouldn't really hurt.

Me: "Let's go"

I took my car keys and we left.

Jamal was very excited that when the car stopped he immediately got out

I went in after him. Mrs Makhe forced me into a hug.

Mrs Makhe: "How have you been? Have you found a job yet? "

Jamal: "Where's pa? Cookies ma? "

She chuckled.

He must have really missed them.

Mrs Makhe: "I forgot he's such a ball of energy"

Me: "I'll come fetch him later or tomorrow. "

Mrs Makhe: "Thank you. "

I nodded and went out.

I had no plans. Getting back at the house I decided to call Neo.

I knew he was at work but hoped he picks up.

He did almost immediately.

Neo: "Baby miss me? "

Me: "I'm bored. Are you busy? "

Neo: "Where are you? Are you alone? "

Me: "Yes Jamal is with his parents "

Neo: "Mm what do you have in mind? "

Me: "Been a week since I had some and thank God my periods ended yesterday "

He chuckled.

Neo: "I'm not your sex toy"

I rolled my eyes.

Me: "Then I should go to the salon. My hair is a mess"

Neo: "What do you want Jacky? "

I shrugged like he could See Me.

Me: "You "

Neo: "Not when you don't want to be mine. It's more than just sex to me"

Me: "Calling you was a mistake "

I hung up.

He called me back immediately.

Neo: "I'm coming to get you "

Then he hung up.

I was in black jeans and a black T-shirt with my black sneakers.

I was basically wearing all black with a cap on my head to cover my messed up hair.

Neo: "Hey again "

He leaned in to kiss my lips.

I didn't reply.

Neo: "Jacky? "

Me: "What do you want Neo? "

Neo: "I'm here because you called me. Let's just go "

Me: "Go where? "

Neo: "The salon first then I can make you orgasm "

He lifted me off the couch.

Me: "Put me down "

I said hitting his shoulder.

He put me down.

We went to his car .

Neo: "How's being unemployed? "

Me: "It sucks. I'm basically just surviving now and I only know being a stripper. I can't imagine doing something else "

Neo: "You don't have a plan? "

I sighed and shook my head.

Neo: "Go back to school then"

Me: "I'm too old Neo"

Neo: "Obviously you can't wear your uniform and shit but you can still get educated. Would you go for science or accounting? "

I thought for a while.

Me: "I think science. "

I said shrugging.

Neo: "There's no rush. I was thinking you start with the year. I'll look for a few adult schools "

Me: "Whatever"

I wasn't interested in this conversation anyway.



Me: "You look different with straight hair "

I had waited for her as she did her hair.

Jacky: "I wanted to dye it but thought otherwise "

Me: "It still looks good on you just makes you look like a little kid "

Jacky: "This kid can still make you scream like a bitch "

I laughed.

Me: "Really now? "

She rolled her eyes.

I paid and we left. I was surprised that she even let me pay.

Me: "Do you want anything else? "

She shook her head.

Jacky: "Let's just go"

Me: "OK "

We had just gotten at my house when my phone rang.

It was from work.

Me: "Hello? "

Nathan: "Get your ass back here man"

Me: "Now? "

Nathan: "Yes now. I know you still have ten minutes of your lunch left but.. Just come"

Me: "Alright "

I hung up.

Me: "I have to go"

Jacky: "Oh? "

Me: "Yeah. It's work. Can I please find you here? "

Jacky: "It's cool. "

I pulled her for a short kiss then left.

Ethan: "I need insight on something. It's personal "

He said immediately when I arrived.

I looked at Nathan who just chuckled.

Nathan: "This guy is crazy "

Ethan: "Shut up punk. This is just stressing me out"

Me: "What's up? "

He went to close the door then came back.

Ethan: "What's your take on polygamy? "

Me: "What? "

Nathan laughed again.

I was confused because last time I checked immediately when I arrived.

I looked at Nathan who just chuckled.

Nathan: "This guy is crazy "

Ethan: "Shut up punk. This is just stressing me out"

Me: "What's up? "

He went to close the door then came back.

Ethan: "What's your take on polygamy? "

Me: "What? "

Nathan laughed again.

I was confused because last time I checked he was married.

Ethan: "I'm thinking of hitching Lexy man"

Nathan: "Amo is going to kill you"

Amo was Ethan's wife.

Me: "Do you love her? "

Ethan: "I do. I love them both "

Me: "Talk to your wife first hear what she says. I must admit I wasn't expecting this from a white guy"

Ethan: "I'm not white! "

Nathan: "Yeah our looks might say otherwise but we're black"

8 I chuckled.

Me: "Is that all? "

Nathan: "Yeah"

I went to my office pushed some work since I was there already then left around three.

Raphael was visiting Tsaone since schools were closed.

The house was filled with a great aroma of food.

Getting into the kitchen Jacky was wearing an apron and just her underwear.

Jacky: "You sure took your time "

Me: "I forgot I left my wife here. I'll go shower quickly "

I went to kiss her then went to my room where I took a shower.

She was eating when I came back her eyes fixed on me.

Me: "Are you mad? "

Jacky: "I'm wondering what is it with me and black guys. It always starts with the sex"

Me: "Are we now moving to the next phase? "

Jacky: "I'm still not convinced. "

Me: "Convinced? "

Jacky: "If I'm ready and over Chris"

Me: "I'm sorry but he's dead "

Jacky: "We have that in common. We lost our loved ones to death"

Me: "Then let's try this"

Jacky: "I guess it won't hurt"

Me: "Will you marry me? "

She choked on her drink and I laughed.

Me: "OK too soon but you won't regret this"

Jacky: "I hope not"

I touched her hand.

Me: "I promise "



Me: "See? Everything is OK "

I said rolling my eyes.

He wiped the gel off me and I fixed my top.

Bogosi had me going for check ups every week and I was just about two months pregnant.

Bogosi: "Thank you doc"

We went out with me frowning.

Bogosi: "You should be used to this by now"

Me: "It should stop. I'm a doctor I would know if something's wrong "

Bogosi: "It's not about that. I'd also know if there was something wrong. We're confusing the enemies"

I sat down in my office and sighed.

Me: "I hope this one is more bearable. With Vashti... I don't want to go through that again "

Bogosi: "I hope you don't. I hated seeing you like that "

Me: "We should keep praying for the best "

Bogosi: "I agree "

Me: "So when will you go to church? "

Bogosi: "When God wills. For now I have to build spiritual strength and continue standing in the gap. It won't be easy going back to who I was"

Me: "I know you'll get there "

Bogosi: "Definitely with you by my side"

I smiled.

Me: "But you have to put a ring on it"

He took something from his pocket.

It was a ring.

Me: "What? "

I said chuckling in disbelief.

Bogosi: "Marry me again please "

Me: "Might consider it if you get on that knee"

He huffed and got down on one knee.

Bogosi: "Tsaone Mokoena will you do me the honour of being my wife? "

Me: "Yes of course I will"

He put the ring on me which fitted magically then kissed me.

Me: "It's beautiful "

Bogosi: "Just like you. I love you"

Me: "I love you too Pastor Bae "

He laughed.

Bogosi: "Let me go see if those kids haven't burned our house down "

Me: "OK "

My focus was on this beautiful rock.

He kissed my cheek then left.

Yep I have my man back.


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