Jacky: "Will you stop staring at me? "

Me: "No"

Jacky: "Raphael tell your father to stop making me uncomfortable. I want to eat in peace "

I chuckled.

Raphael: "Dad stop making Jacky uncomfortable "

Me: "Sorry "

I said still looking at her.

I then focused on my plate but I was glad to see her eating.

She cleared the table after.

Raphael left said something about playing Xbox.

This gave Jacky and I some time alone.

She was doing the dishes now something that wasn't necessary since I had a dishwasher.

Me: "The dishwasher is there for a reason. I thought you'd be nursing your hangover "

Jacky: "I'm trying to distract myself "

I sighed.

Me: "I hate seeing you like this"

Jacky: "You've never seen me like this. I'm human too"

Me: "I can take care of you Jacky only if you let me"

Jacky: "I've always taken care of myself Neo. I won't stop now. I'll make a plan "

Me: "You're too young Jacky. Please you need to start living. You need to stop living from hand to mouth. "

Jacky: "You don't know me Neo. Yes I get that you're infatuated with me but what you don't know is what I've been through. You don't know how much I had to struggle and you definitely don't know why I started with the killer. Yes I'm a recovering serial killer and I... I don't want to go back there. "

Me: "I don't care about your past. I see a future with you. Please let me be there for you. For once let yourself be taken care of and looked after "

I held her hand. I then put my thumb on her chin.

Me: "Let me. Please "

Jacky: "I've just met you. I'm sorry "

She shook her head.

I saw that convincing her wasn't going to be easy. Jacky was a different breed of women and I had to thread carefully.

This was someone I saw a future with and I could also see she had been through a lot in life.

She didn't trust easily.

Me: "Did you shower? "

She shook her head.

Jacky: "I just wanted to leave. I have to fetch Jamal"

Me: "You'll leave tomorrow after church. I can go fetch him"

Jacky: "Why do you want to control me? You're not my father "

Me: "I might be older than you but definitely not that old "

Jacky: "How old? "

She asked with her arms folded.

Me: "My age doesn't matter "

Jacky: "Do you want to fuck Or make love? "

Me: "I want to get to know you which is why I want us to spend the weekend together "

Jacky: "I'm horny OK and I also think sex will make me feel better. It's better than killing right? And I don't want to risk getting caught "

Me: "Killing is a drastic choice. Fine let's go"

I took her hand. She smiled looking at me.

I took her to my room.

She took off my T-shirt and was only left in her thong. Lace. My favourite.

Me: "Are you sure about this? "

Jacky: "Regrets later Neo if you're a flop in this department "

I laughed. She's amazing.

Her breasts were giving me a standing ovation. Her body was all toned you wouldn't think she's a mother.

I went to her and kissed her picking her up. She wrapped her legs around my waist as we continued kissing. She was a very good kisser and that kiss was very erotic and a turn on.

I laid her on the bed and got rid of my shirt.

I then took off my pants. She was looking at me more like scanning me.

Hey eyes were blazing with desire I think.

I sat up and made her sit on me then kissed her again.

She broke it.

Jacky: "Please. No more foreplay "

Me: "You're ruining the mood "

She got onto the fLoor and took off her underwear.

She wasn't any shy with showing her privates. She made me take off my boy shorts letting my erection spring freely.

Me: "I love how you take charge "

She rolled her eyes got on top of me and tried to insert my groin onto her.

Jacky: "Fuck. I forgot protection "

I laughed and threw her on the bed.

She squealed.

I opened her legs and tried entering. She was shit tight.

I finally did but didn't move she gave me a death stare which made me laugh.

I pulled back then went in again.

Jacky: "Neo"

She moaned. Oh she gave me a death stare which made me laugh.

I pulled back then went in again.

Jacky: "Neo"

She moaned. Oh how I've waited to hear that.

I pulled out again but this time thrust in deeply making her scream.

I then started moving at a pace my eyes fixed on hers.

She was so beautiful and felt so good making me fall for her even more.



I was woken up by breakfast on bed. Of course I had slept too long since I was very tired the previous night.

I hadn't even brushed my teeth but I was refreshed.

Bogosi: "Good morning baby ".

He kissed my cheek.

I nodded.

Bogosi: "Go brush your teeth. I made breakfast "

Me: "OK thank you "

I got out of bed and went to do as I was told washing my face too.

Bogosi: "How did you sleep? You were snoring very loudly "

Me: "I was tired"

I defended and he chuckled. I sat on the bed again and took the tray to my lap.

Me: "Thank you for this"

Bogosi: "It's my pleasure. Just eat and make sure my son is well fed"

I rolled my eyes.

Me: "It sucks that you always know the gender"

Bogosi: "I wish I knew a lot more. I need to get ride with the Master. He's the one who knows and reveals secrets mysteries and what the future holds. What I didn't know then was you leaving me"

Me: "That will forever be my biggest regret "

Bogosi: "You also need to forgive yourself for that"

Me: "I'm glad you're back regardless of how you've been"

Bogosi: "You saved me Tsaone. I wouldn't have survived long. Who knows? Maybe I would have overdosed or gotten shot while trying to hustle for my next fix "

I smiled.

Me: "The food is getting cold"

He laughed and watched me eat.

I had feeling that I was going to have a good day for the first time in a while.

Bogosi: "Go shower "

Me: "So commanding "

Bogosi: "That hasn't changed"

Me: "So I see"

He went away with the tray as I went back to the bathroom.

I took a long warm bath which was very refreshing.

I dried lotioned and got dressed in a simple dress with sliders.

I went to look for my daughter whom I found swimming with her father.

He grinned at me and waved. I waved back.

Vashti was having a good time.

It was fun to watch.

They came out with Bogosi dripping and I rolled my eyes.

Me: "I see you're feeling hot"

Bogosi: "I am hot"

Vashti: "Dry me mom "

I dried her. She had even wet her hair.

Me: "Go dress up before you catch a cold"

She ran into the house.

Bogosi: "I owe your friend an apology. I was very rude to her"

Me: "Yeah you were"

Bogosi: "I'd like her number so I can call her. I believe we can start this journey of salvation together. She's highly gifted"

Me: "Do you even have a phone? "

He chuckled.

Bogosi: "Buy me please "

Me: "Mm OK but I also think I can find something for you at the surgery "

Bogosi: "No let me enjoy being a stay at home in peace "

I laughed.

Me: "Fine. As you wish"

He kissed my cheek.

Bogosi: "What happened to Cici? "

I shrugged.

Me: "I'd be lying. Miss her? "

He laughed.

Bogosi: "Oh no never. I miss your friend"

He winked.

Me: "Hey she's a kid "

Bogosi: "Still older than 18"

He shrugged.

I frowned folding my arms.. He just laughed and kissed my cheek.



Me: "I'm not going to church. I don't even have clothes here"

Neo: "We can drive to your place and you get dressed there"

Me: "No Neo. No"

Neo: "Why not? "

Me: "Because I follow my own rules. I don't get dictated to and I'll not be controlled by any entity"

Neo: "That's interesting "

I huffed.

Me: "I'm going back to my place "

Neo: "Oh come on"

He put his hands on my waist.

We had spent Saturday all naked and I could still feel the impact.

I wasn't about to boost his ego though.

Me: "No. My son probably thinks I don't love him anymore "

Neo: "My dick doesn't come for free"

I laughed.

Me: "Shame I guess my pussy is"

Neo: "You wanted it now you have to pay me"

Me: "Are you a hooker? "

Neo: "No but nothing's for free"

He kissed my lips.

Me: "Anything but I'm not going to church "

He sighed.

Neo: "Fine. Just cook for us clean and make dessert"

Me: "I'm not your wife "

Neo: "I also want an ironed shirt and trousers "

Me: "I'm so leaving "

Neo: "Naked? I doubt"

Me: "You underestimate me Neo. You really do. "

He had forced me to take a shower with him and then this conversation.

I went out of the bathroom to his closet and looked for something I could wear.

I went for some sweat shorts and a T-shirt.

I was really leaving.

I took my car keys and dead phone.

Neo: "You're leaving? "

Me: "Yes"

He sighed.

Neo: "OK. I'll come see you some time next week"

Me: "Yeah whatever "

Neo: "I love you"

I rolled my eyes and got into my car.


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