Me: "Thank you again for visiting us. I finally got a breather "

Jacky: "I needed it too though your husband was nothing but an ass"

I chuckled.

Me: "Now you know what I have to deal with "

Jacky: "What you choose to deal with. You don't have to deal with all of this"

Me: "You're right. I chose this. Go well"

I kissed Jamal and waved as they drove off.

I took a deep sigh and went back inside the house.

It was Friday morning and I realised I couldn't continue missing work like this.

Bogosi had turned me incompetent.

I came back home after he assured me that his behaviour will change.. I hoped it will because I was tired of what he'd become.

Bogosi: "You're going to work? "

I nodded. I was having cereal for breakfast. He was coming from dropping off Vashti.

Bogosi: "How will we go about with getting married? "

Me: "Not when things are like this"

Bogosi: "So you don't mind giving birth out of wedlock? "

Me: "I'm not even a month pregnant relax"

I said rolling my eyes.

I didn't even feel pregnant.

Bogosi: "Look Tsaone I know things between us are still messy but I'd like us to be OK "

Me: "How about you stop with the drugs and alcohol? How about you finally accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior? I miss my Pastor Bae"

He chuckled.

Bogosi: "You still call me that? "

Me: "That's the man I fell in love with and I want him back "

Bogosi: "A lot of years have passed "

Me: "But we have to look forward to the years we have together. We can't waste more time "

Bogosi: "I guess I have to get my shit together "

Me: "And you should stop with the cursing "

Bogosi: "Mm I should. You'll end up late"

Me: "Oh yes"

I put the bowl down and took my bag.

Bogosi: "Kiss? "

Me: "Let's not push it"

I walked out.

Work was very hectic. I was going from surgery to surgery and hardly had a moment to breathe.

I had to have lunch for ten minutes and I could only go home late around 10pm.

I was very exhausted. My whole body was killing me.

I immediately took off my shoes when I got in.

The lights were still on. I went to the fridge then warmed some milk and drank it all.

It was going to help me sleep.

I found Bogosi on the bed and I was surprised to see him holding a Bible.

Me: "Wow"

He looked at me.

Bogosi: "Are you OK? You must be tired. Want a massage? "

Me: "No. I'm just going to take a quick shower then sleep "

Bogosi: "OK then"

Me: "I'm actually surprised to see you reading the word "

Bogosi: "I know "

He went back to what he was doing.

I went to take my shower then dressed up in my sleep wear.

Me: "Good night "

Bogosi: "Good night "

I had hope. I had hope that things will get better and maybe we'll go back to how we were.



I had been sitting in this bar and probably on my third or fourth drink.

I couldn't believe that Vagar had fired me just like that.

It just made me dizzy because I absolutely had no plan and worse I wasn't even educated.

I didn't know what was to become of my son and I.

I actually wished that Chris was here because at least he was working too

Even the alcohol didn't help with how I was feeling.

To think I was all dressed up for work and then boom I got fired. His reasons made sense though.

I mean I had been absent and never bothered to say where I was. I also took time off when Chris passed away so yes maybe I had been incompetent and was costing him money.

I did have some money saved up so we were going to survive on that until I made another plan.

Neo: "You shouldn't be here"

He said sitting down next to him.

I quickly wiped my tears. I guess I had been too consumed by my troubles.

Neo: "Are you OK? "

He was dressed up in jeans and a formal shirt. I wasn't expecting to see him here.

I guess he also needed an escape.

I didn't say anything but just gulped down my bitter drink and asked for another.

Neo: "Jacky? "

Me: "Let me be please"

I begged and I think that surprised him.

I was just defeated.

The barman gave me my drink and I think Neo ordered something too.

I even fell like the music playing wasn't loud enough because I could hear my own thoughts which silenced the music.

I took out my wallet as an attempt to pay but he stopped me. I looked at him.

Neo: "I got you "

I shook my head and took out a note.

I stood up and walked away.

Neo: "You can't drive in your state"

Me: "I'm not drunk"

Neo: "You're over the limit. Jamal can't have his mother in jail"

I sighed and gave him my car keys.

I got into the passenger seat and he went to the driver's seat.

I thought he was taking me home but I was wrong.

He took me into this large yard which had a big house.

The house had lights outside which allowed me to see it.

He came and opened my door.

Me: "I want to go home"

Neo: "Stop being stubborn please"

Me: "Neo I've had a shitty night already. I'm not in the mood for your shit "

Neo: "You can't be alone in this state. Come"

I sighed and got out.

He took my hand then we went further in. He took keys from his pocket and opened.

His house was beautiful inside and out.

Me: "I didn't imagine someone who just got out from jail living this lavish"

Neo: "I told you Jacky I can afford you a whole lot"

Me: "I was fired tonight. It sucks. I've always been on top of things"

Neo: "I'm sorry to hear that "

Me: "I don't want your pity or sympathy. Are you going to offer me a drink? "

I asked I can afford you a whole lot"

Me: "I was fired tonight. It sucks. I've always been on top of things"

Neo: "I'm sorry to hear that "

Me: "I don't want your pity or sympathy. Are you going to offer me a drink? "

I asked looking around.

Neo: "What would you like? "

Me: "Wine preferably white "

Neo: "You've drank enough "

Me: "Not if I haven't blacked out"

Neo: "I'll bring you cold water "

Me: "Mxm"

He came back with water while I was laying in his couch on my back.

I had gotten rid of my coat and I was just in my costume.

He gave me the water and I splashed it on his face and giggled. The look on his face was priceless.

Me: "I want wine"

I said standing up. He was so pissed.

He took off his shirt and I bit my lip.

Me: "Nice"

I ran my hands on his upper body.

I then got closer and kissed his abs each one of them and I could hear the change in his breathing.

I went up and stood on my toes. He was so tall

I kissed him and his reply was furious like he was hungry for me.

I stopped it when I knew he was legit turned on.

Me: "I'll go get myself that wine"

I looked at his erection then at him and smiled walking away.

I poured myself a glass of wine and sat in the kitchen on a bar chair.

Neo: "You're something else "

He said coming into the kitchen.

I had forgotten about him and was probably on my third glass of wine.

I was drunk no lie.

I tried standing but couldn't balance.

Me: "Shit "

He picked me up bridal style and I think I fell asleep in his arms.

I was just too wasted.



I woke up early so I could prepare breakfast.

It was Saturday which meant I had the whole day to spend with my son and of course Jacky.

I was planning on keeping her with me for a while.

I had watched her sleeping and even snoring. She was probably going to wake up with one hell of a hangover.

I was busy humming while whipping some eggs.

It felt good having her on my bed even though she was out of it.

Losing her job really hit her hard and to be honest I was glad she was no longer a stripper.

The whole thing made me uncomfortable. Just the thought of her dancing bare.

I wanted that to be for my eyes only.

Raphael came when I was setting up the table.

Raphael: "Morning dad"

Me: "Did you brush your teeth? "

He nodded.

Raphael: "And I washed my face "

Me: "Good boy"

Raphael: "Do we have a guest? "

Me: "Yes we do. Behave "

Raphael: "I always behave "

He said rolling his eyes.

Jacky came when I was done with everything and shame she looked like hell with her hair all over her face and her eyes swollen with eye bags. Must have been from her crying.

She was in one of my T-shirt and looked beautiful either way.

Me: "I hope you're hungry "

She shot me a death stare.

I still hadn't forgotten about the stunt she pulled and I wanted her to be sober before I avenge myself.

Raphael: "Morning Jacky "

Jacky: "Morning "

She turned to me.

Jacky: "I want my car keys. I'm leaving "

Me: "You're not going anywhere. Sit your pretty behind down and let's have breakfast as a family. I didn't slave on the kitchen for nothing"

Jacky: "I'm not hungry"

Me: "I wasn't asking you. Sit"

Raphael: "Please"

She rolled her eyes and sat down.

Good girl.


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