Tsaone's husband had been nothing but an ass.

He had allowed anger and hurt to consume him making him that bitter.

He had been watching me as I was making lunch.

Me: "Say it"

I said not even turning to look at him.

Bogosi: "Jacky is it? "

I turned to him with my arms folded.

Me: "Yes? "

Bogosi: "I want you gone. Just take your son and leave "

Jamal had went to church with Tsaone.

I guess he missed it since Chris always took him with to church.

Me: "Why is that?"

Bogosi: "I won't lie. I don't like you"

Me: "Good thing is I'm not visiting you. Tough luck mister but I'm not going anywhere "

Bogosi: "You're just coming here to cause trouble "

Me: "My middle name should be havoc"

I said shrugging.

He just clicked his tongue and went out.

I didn't bother asking him where he was going. He wasn't my husband anyway so why should I bother?

They came when I was done and eating my food. Jamal seemed excited which meant church was good.

He came and sat on my lap.

Me: "You hungry? "

He nodded. I went to get him and Vashti their plates and gave them their food.

Tsaone: "Where's Bogosi? "

Me: "He left"

She sighed.

Tsaone: "Living with him is a nightmare "

Me: "Because you allow him to be "

She looked at me confused.

Me: "Stop allowing to control you and trap you in guilt. You're divorced so technically he has no right to tell you what to do"

Tsaone: "I just... I feel bad for everything "

Me: "And he knows it which is why he's taking advantage. Your husband is allowing evil to control him"

Tsaone: "So what do I do? "

I shrugged.

Me: "I'd be lying. I'm not a spiritual person Tsaone"

Tsaone: "I wish I knew what to do"

Me: "Pray maybe. Your house... It's not protected. Evil just reigns supreme here"

Tsaone: "What? "

I laughed.

Me: "Mm even my house is better than this"

I said looking around.

Me: "Raphael must have been the most powerful here. A six year old. Amazing "

Bogosi: "That's the kind of people you want here? "

He was stinking of alcohol must have went drinking.

Me: "Jamal go play with Vashti in her room "

They were done eating. I took their plates and they left.

Tsaone: "To answer your questions yes. Not people who sponge off me and always insult me and bring me down"

Bogosi: "I'm not going anywhere "

Tsaone: "Then stop complaining and making demands! "

Me: "Whoo"

Bogosi: "Shut up! "

I rolled my eyes and sinker back on my seat.

My phone rang saving me I guess.

Me: "Yes? "

I hadn't bothered to check who's caller.

Mrs Makhe: "Jacky dear are you OK? "

Me: "Uhm I am are you OK? "

Me: "Uhm I am you? "

Mrs Makhe: "I'm fine I was checking up on you. You didn't bring Jamal"

Me: "We're visiting someone. I should have told you "

Mrs Makhe: "Oh it's fine. Goodbye then"

Me: "Bye"

I hung up.

Going back at least the two were done with their bickering.

Me: "Peace at last "

I said and threw my ass on the couch.



To think I had had a great day at church then coming home it was this.

I was defeated that I even lost my appetite.

I just walked to my room and getting there I just cried.

I couldn't hold it in. It was too much.

I felt his hands embrace me. I didn't think he even cared.

I just cried into his arms because I was tired.

I was tired of us fighting. It was too much for me.

Bogosi: "Don't cry please. It's not good for the baby "

I got free from his grip and shot him a death stare.

Me: "Baby? "

Bogosi: "Yes"

Me: "Are you crazy?! "

I slapped him.

Bogosi: "Me? What did I do? "

Me: "How can you make me pregnant while things are like this? "

Bogosi: "Pregnancy comes when you have unprotected sex Tsaone"

He said rolling her eyes.

Me: "I'm not having a child out of wedlock "

Bogosi: "We'll just go sign then"

Me: "Please leave "

Bogosi: "What? "

Me: "Get out Bogosi! "

He saw I was not backing down and left.

I went to lock the door and kneeled Down.

I sighed and closed my eyes.

Me: "Lord I know I haven't been your most loyal child. I know that I might have lost my way somewhere but please Lord Shed some light into my life. I need you Father and I need your guidance. Please take control of my life and lead the way. In the name of Jesus Christ our Lord Amen "

I stood up then I went out.

I was hungry now.

I went to dish up for myself and ate trying not to stress much.

Bogosi: "I know that this isn't what you wanted but it's a second chance for me. I want to be there for my son as I couldn't be there for my daughter"

Me: "Will you let me breathe? "

Bogosi: "Tsaone! ".

He warned but I didn't care.

I took my car keys which were on the counter.

Me: "Just let me be man Bogosi. Things were so much better when you had disappeared to God-knows-where Now you just making life hell for me"

I didn't wait for him to reply but just left.

I drove to the graveside.

For closure maybe. Oh how I missed Ma. She'd tell me exactly what I needed to hear.

Now all I could feel was the weight on my shoulder which didn't seem to give me a breather.



Jacky: "I take it you're happy with yourself "

It was a Tuesday morning and Tsaone was still not back.

I was very worried about her and her safety.

I didn't reply to her.

Jacky: "She ran away from you and your bitterness "

Me: "Just shut up"

Jacky: "I'm also leaving so that should make you happy. It's not like you wanted us here"

Me: "You're not going to say goodbye to Tsaone? "

Jacky: "I don't know about you but I don't see her here. Besides I have a cellphone for that"

Me: "She didn't leave with her phone. Please don't go "

She laughed.

Jacky: "Pardon? I don't think I got that"

Me: "Don't go please. Do you have an idea of where she might be? "

Jacky: "You're the prophet. Ask the Holy Spirit to locate her for you "

Then she burst out in laughter.

She was mocking me. She wasn't even a little worried.

She didn't seem fizzled.

Me: "This is serious "

Vashti was at school so it was just me and this girl.

Girl because she looked very young

Jacky: "It's just... You guys like disappearing on each other. I'd think you were to hold for playing hide and seek "

Me: "Says one who ran away from her husband. Shut up"

She rolled her eyes.

Jacky: "Insulting me won't bring her back. Just humble yourself and apologise "

Me: "Why don't you go to church? "

Jacky: "Why don't you? "

I sighed.

Me: "I never feel like it. I wonder if I'll ever get to be who I was"

Jacky: "I don't want to be who I'm destined to be. That's my reason "

Me: "You can't ran away from God"

Jacky: "I can try. "

She shrugged.

Me: "Call your son. I think I know where she might be. We're taking your car "

She rolled her eyes and went to fetch him.

She allowed me to drive her car and she was in the front with her son in the back.

I drove to Tsaone's grandma's place.

As I was thinking her car was parked outside.

Jacky got out with me but left Jamal in the car.

She was watching TV while holding a mug.

She looked at me then stood up.

Me: "I'm not here to fight "

Tsaone: "I don't have the strength "

Me: "Let's go home please"

She shook her head.

Jacky: "Do you have food here? Wine maybe? "

Trust her to say something like that.

I shot her a death stare.

She rolled her eyes.

Tsaone: "Wine. It doesn't expire anyway or does it? I don't know "

They both laughed.

Me: "Are you drunk? "

Tsaone: "You're one to talk "

Me: "But the... You know "

Tsaone: "It's too soon anyway "

She said rolling her eyes.

Jacky came with the whole bottle.

It was dry red.

Jacky: "Amazing "

I sighed.

This was going to take a whole lot of convincing


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