Jamal: "Mom are you OK? "

Me: "I'm fine"

Of course I wasn't. I had been fantasising about Neo.

I hadn't seen him since I walked out on him that day then suddenly I had all these thoughts.

It was just a kiss but I couldn't forget about it.

I swear I felt something when our tongues twirled and danced.

Maybe it was all in my mind.

Me: "Don't you want to go out? Visit someone for a few days? "

Jamal: "Away? "

I nodded.

Me: "Maybe just for a week"

It was a Friday.

Me: "Go pack. I need to make a call "

Jamal: "OK "

I took out my phone and called Tsaone.

I knew she was in distress. I could hear her prayers sometimes as her spirit cried for help.

She answered on the second ring.

Tsaone: "Hey"

Me: "Thought I'd let you know we coming this time. I'm trying to be polite "

She chuckled.

Tsaone: "It's so unlike you "

Me: "I know but I saw being kind doesn't hurt. I think Mrs Makhe is having an impact on me"

Tsaone: "Good because it's a good one"

Me: "How's the husband? "

She sighed.

Tsaone: "We'll get there "

Me: "And I see Lindi is resting in peace now. You and Neo really let go"

Tsaone: "It was time. She'll always be in our hearts "

Me: "I'll see you when I get there "

I hung up and went to join Jamal. He wanted to take everything like we're leaving forever.

That made me laugh and he turned to me with a frown.

Me: "I'll take it from here"

He smiled at me.

Jamal: "Can I go pour myself juice? "

Me: "Yes. You can also have some of those muffins "

Jamal: "You're the best"

He kissed my cheek and ran out.

I packed a medium sized bag for both of us. It also had shoes.

I then went out with it and my phone and car keys.

Me: "You done? "

He nodded.

I took the remaining muffins with me and we left.

I made sure to lock and ensured all windows were closed.

We got into my car and drove off. I bought him snacks at town then we left.

It was in the late afternoon when I parked my car In her yard.

She had let me in. I got out with Jamal then took out the bag from the back.

She was at the door with a smile.

Me: "Something doesn't feel right here"

Tsaone: "Oh? "

Me: "Anyway where's the prophet? He should help shed some light "

Tsaone: "Really Jacky? "

Jamal: "Hi"

He smiled at her. Tsaone took our bag.

Me: "Oh I hope you guys like muffins"

Tsaone: "This is my daughter Vashti"

Me: "The fuck does that mean? "

She rolled her eyes.

Me: "Hey Vee"

The little girl just smiled.

Me: "The father is a yellow bone? "

Tsaone nodded.

Me: "Where is he? "

Tsaone: "In the bedroom "

Me: "You just had sex with your daughter in the house? "

Tsaone: "Of course not. He's showering. You can't talk like that in front of the kids"

I rolled my eyes and threw my ass on the couch.

Me: "They're not even paying us any attention. "

Jamal was probably excited to have someone to play with and talk with.

The man came and he was topless.

Him: "We have a guest? "

For a man of God he had too much darkness surrounding him.

I half smiled.

Me: "Hi"

Tsaone: "This is Bogosi Bogosi that's Jacky "

Bogosi: "I'm the husband "

Me: "I know "

We shook hands.

Me: "So how long are you planning to stay angry? "

I said sitting down again.

Bogosi: "Excuse me? "

Me: "I can feel your bitterness from her. I think Tee didn't force you to sign those divorce papers "

I put my legs on the coffee table.

Bogosi: "Who the fuck is this coming here to disrespect me like this? And wena Tsaone you're just allowing this"

Me: "Ohh calm down "

Bogosi: "Mmh. What are you? Were you sent here? "

Me: "Deliver me then if you feel I'm possessed "

I said rolling my eyes.

He just clicked his tongue and walked away.

Tsaone: "That went well"

Me: "And you fell in love with that? Sies "



Nathan: "Thanks for joining us man"

Me: "I must say I never imagined myself drinking with white people "

He laughed.

Ethan: "We're not white. Our father's genes just decided to dominate "

Me: "He Must have strong genes "

Nathan: "You got no idea. All my mom's kids look like him. "

Raphael was with Ethan's wife. She was pregnant so couldn't go anywhere.

Me: "Are you guys ever apart? "

Nathan was with Jessica all cooed up.

We were at the club and just chilling.

Nathan: "She don't want any hoes looking at what's hers"

Jessica rolled her eyes.

Jessica: "I would have stayed behind with my babies. He's too clingy "

I chuckled.

Ethan: "They always come up with these kind of excuses. I think Nathan is worried she'll find a girl "

Me: "Huh? "

I was very confused.

Ethan: "She's a recovering lesbian "

Jessica: "You make it sound like I was sick"

Me: "Damn you just so girlish with the dress and that body I would not have thought "

Nathan: "She wasn't like this when we met. She had turned herself into a man even faking a deep voice "

I laughed.

Her voice was just too soft.

Jessica: "OK Now we can stop talking about him. Let's talk about Ethan and when he'll stop fucking Lexy "

Ethan: "What if my wife was here? "

Jessica: "She's not. I guess you're one lucky bastard "

Nathan: "Let's rather get drunk and remember we're at a club "

Me: "I'll drink to that "

I went home around 1am.

I was going to fetch Raphael in the morning.

I took a shower then got dressed in my pyjama bottoms.

I then went to the kitchen and poured myself some water.

I was missing Jacky.

I decided to call her hoping she's at work.

I didn't stop trying until she picked up.

Jacky: "What? "

It sounded like she was sleeping.

Me: "Are you not working? "

Jacky: "What do you want? "

Me: "Your sleepy voice sounds so sexy. I want you. You know that "

Jacky: "I'm far away from your reach. I want to sleep Neo"

Me: "I love how you call my name. I can imagine you moaning it"

I swear I heard a change in her breathing. She took a few seconds before replying.

Jacky: "bye"

Then she hung up.

I sent her a text.

"Where are you? "

Of course she didn't reply.

I decided to go sleep since it was late already.



I woke up in the morning and got myself ready for church.

It was Sunday and I had no reason to skip church since Bogosi's family knew about him

I got dressed in a white high-waisted skirt with a black silk top.

I wore red heel sandals and a doek.

Bogosi got into our room as I was fixing my face.

Bogosi: "Your friend... I want her gone"

Me: "She's not going anywhere "

Bogosi: "I'm not asking you Tsaone I'm telling you! "

Me: "I love having Jacky around and I've missed her"

Bogosi: "This is my house Tsaone and I don't want her here"

Me: "Tough luck because she's not going anywhere "

We were now standing facing each other hand on.

Bogosi: "You're going to disobey me? "

Me: "You're being impossible "

I breathed out.

Me:" I want to go to church and just... I need to be in God's presence. Excuse me"

I went out with my bag and phone.

Jacky was making breakfast with Vashti.

Me: "Morning "

Jacky: "Hey"

Bogosi was on my tail. He sat down in the kitchen counter.

Bogosi: "Why are you here? "

Jacky: "I don't have time to entertain the devil or his agents"

Bogosi: "She's insulting me! "

Me: "Bogosi it's too early for this. Definitely not in front of my daughter"

Bogosi: "She's my daughter too"

Me: "Baby let's go get ready for church "

I took her and left with her.

I wasn't in the mood for Bogosi really.

Definitely not on a Sunday.


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