Finally I was able to purchase a car.

I had had it for a week now. We were just in the beginning of August.

I must say that it came in very handy. It made travelling easier for me and I finally had my son living with me again.

Mrs Makhe and I were sort of working on our relationship.

I was doing it for the sake of my son and Chris and yes I was trying to be nice.

Nice is something that you can't find in my vocabulary but hey I could try.

I drove him to his grandma. I was going to work.

Fuck I realised what Chris meant when he said I can't do this forever. I was thinking about it and wondering how long was I going to remain a stripper.

I also didn't want to go back to killing lest I got caught.

I just knew that if I were to commit one more murder I'd get caught.

Me: "Don't give grandma a headache OK "

He nodded.

Jamal: "I always behave "

I chuckled.

Me: "Good boy. Mommy loves you OK "

Jamal: "Jamal loves mommy too"

I kissed his lips then we got out.

Mrs Makhe was already waiting for us. Jamal disappeared into the house after greeting her.

Mrs Makhe: "How are you Jacky? "

Me: "I'm fine and you? "

Mrs Makhe: "I'm good"

Me: "Well I have to go. I'll see you tomorrow "

Mrs Makhe: "Be safe child"

I didn't reply but just went back to my car. It was a black Polo vivo.

I drove to the club.

Vagar: "Tonight you're giving a private show"

Me: "Do I have a choice? "

Vagar: "No. I can offer you a drink before "

Me: "I'd never say no to a drink"

He poured me vodka and I gulped it down.

Vagar: "You Can go change. I don't want any complaints. If he becomes too much or tries something with you just reach the buzzer "

Me: "I've done this before "

I said rolling my eyes.

He chuckled.

Vagar: "Of course"

I poured myself his vodka again and it got me in a nice feeling.

I then walked out and went to change. After changing I went to the private room. He had given me a number.

The room was dark so I switched on the lights. The guy was sitting on a chair facing away from me.

He looked younger than I anticipated. It was usually the old bellied guys who requested private shows and oh did they pay.

Me: "Hello? "

He turned to me with a grin. My jaw dropped.

Him: "Jacky hi"

Me: "Aren't you suppose to be in jail? "

He smirked.

Him: "Unless you're seeing ghosts... "

He shrugged.

He really looked like Raphael there was no questioning it.

Him: "I think I paid for a private show am I not getting it? "

I rolled my eyes then faked a smile.

Me: "Of course sir"

Him: "I'm Neo"

Me: "I never asked"

I switched on the music then went to the pole and did my business.

This guy was watching me with too much focus. He wasn't horny no but he was rather to focused.

Anyway I did what I was paid for.

It was only going to be for thirty minutes.



I clapped my hands after she was done and stood up.

Me: "You surely know your business"

Jacky: "Probably because I've done this for years"

Me: "Well I sure don't regret spending my money on you"

Jacky: "I don't have time for small talks. My work here is done"

Me: "Uh uh. Not so quickly "

She was walking away so she stopped and turned

Me: "I want to take you out tomorrow maybe? "

It was a Tuesday night.

She chuckled.

Jacky: "Yeah right nigger you're cute and all but I'm still mourning "

Me: "I didn't say I want to fuck you. Well not yet but I want to know you for now"

Jacky: "I'm not interested "

Me: "I'll come pick you up"

Jacky: "Are you deaf? "

I chuckled and walked passed her spanking her ass in the process.

I honestly came here so I can see her. I had watched her a couple of times and only this time did I want a private show.

I'm not a fan of strip clubs.

I was working as a junior accountant for the Willemse's.

I was working under Ethan's wife and well spanking her ass in the process.

I honestly came here so I can see her. I had watched her a couple of times and only this time did I want a private show.

I'm not a fan of strip clubs.

I was working as a junior accountant for the Willemse's.

I was working under Ethan's wife and well it was a good paying job.

I didn't imagine myself going from owning my own accounting firm to this but it was something.

I did come from jail and this was a new start for me.

I was only able to get Raphael to live with me and Tumelo was going to come live with us the following year because of school.

He was looking forward to it which only made me happy.

He had spent the remainder of the June holidays with us.

I had to rush home because I left my son sleeping.

Raphael: "Daddy? "

He was awake with a teddy bear and watching TV.

Me: "When did you get up? "

Raphael: "I was having a bad dream. You weren't here"

Me: "I'm sorry but I'm here now"

I gave him a hug.

Me: "Let's go sleep now"

Raphael: "OK "

He was really the most peaceful son.

He just made fatherhood easy for me and I loved that more about him.

I bathed him in the morning even though he didn't want me to and got him ready for school.

We were lucky to get space for him at such short notice.

I had already got myself ready for work.

I made him cereal and just had coffee.

When we were done with our breakfast I drove him to school then drove to work.

I knocked off at 2pm and went to fetch him then we drove together to Jacky's place.

Yes I knew where she lived. I left him in the car as I went to knock.

She opened wearing just her bra and shorts.

It looked like she had been sleeping.

Me: "Hi"

Jacky: "I'm not even going to ask how you know where I live what do you want? "

Me: "We have a date"

Jacky: "I have a son who's having his afternoon nap. I can't go out"

Me: "I came with my son too. We can have our date here and you'll cook "

Jacky: "Who said I can cook? "

Me: "Tsaone mentioned how much of a good cook you are"

She rolled her eyes. How I hate that.

Jacky: "Call Raphael and make yourself comfortable. I'm just going to refresh. I look like shit "

Me: "You look beautiful "

Jacky: "I thought you'd be out and fetching your son. He's the only reason I'm cooking "

Me: "Fine"

I went to fetch Raphael who seemed rather excited that we were here and we made ourselves comfortable like we were told.

She came after about twenty minutes wearing a white short sleeveless dress that did amazing things for her body.

Jacky: "This might take a while and just so you know it's never gonna happen again "

I chuckled.

Me: "Yes ma'am "



Living with Bogosi has been a headache but I was patient.

He didn't want me telling his family he was here and I literally lived by his rules.

He had made my car his and had even come with his clothes so he had officially moved in.

He would even drink my money until he passed out.

All I did was pray to God for better days.

He had just walked in and put my car keys on the kitchen counter.

I was cooking preparing dinner for us.

Bogosi: "I want to meet my daughter "

Little Vashti probably thought I didn't want her anymore but how could I bring her here when her father is like this?

Me: "Bogosi she can't see you like this"

Bogosi: "You don't want her to see what you've turned me into? "

Me: "How long will you blame me? "

Bogosi: "I wasn't like this until I met you then you left me. I wonder why God chose you to be my companion "

Great he mentioned God.

Bogosi: "Surely you don't think I've forgotten him"

I forgot about this thing of his.

Me: "Then why won't you come to church with me? "

Bogosi: "I'm angry at God and I'm angry at you "

Me: "Bogosi I'm really sorry"

Bogosi: "Did you even love me or you were just lusting after me like that friend of yours Cici I think "

Me: "Of course I loved you. I still love you dammit "

Bogosi: "Let's make love then"

Me: "Not like this. What happened to sex before marriage is a sin? "

Bogosi: "I married you didn't I? You left me not the away around "

Me: "Don't I deserve your forgiveness? "

Bogosi: "To think there was a time you begged me for this. Have you met someone else? "

Me: "What? No"

Bogosi: "If you love me like you say then show me"

I sighed.

Me: "OK "

He came towards me. He wasn't drunk but he was probably high.

He then kissed me oh how I had missed his kisses

I kissed him back. He picked me up and walked with me.

I had my eyes closed so I just assumed he was walking us to a bedroom.

I was right. He put me on the bed then got on top of me not breaking the kiss.

Soon enough we were both naked.

Me: "Condom? "

Bogosi: "You have no choice but to trust me"

He kissed me again.

He was right I had no choice.

Bogosi was very rough on me. Yes I was wet but it had been six years for heaven's sake.

He just trusted in and it hurt very much.

He wasn't making love he was tearing me up.

I must say he hadn't lost his game during all these years but damn he was too rough on me.

It felt like a punishment.


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