I knew I had to act smart lest I scare him away.

I slowly turned. I also had to keep my feelings in check and not get any emotional.

Bogosi: "Do I need to repeat myself? "

Me: "I don't have... I don't have anything "

Bogosi: "Open the car. I'll search for myself "

He couldn't even recognise my voice. Great. I opened the car like I was told.

Bogosi: "Stand back"

I moved back. I had to think of something. The only weapon I had was my shoe.

There was no doubt that he was high on something.

I took it off as he searched my car. I knew I had to act fast before he's done. I sneaked up on him and hit him with the heel and he screamed falling inside.

I quickly got into the driver's seat and drove off.

Bogosi: "What the... Where are you taking me? "

Me: "Consider yourself kidnapped mister"

He really didn't recognise me

I thought Jacky and the pastor said his heart is crying out for me.

What was this?

Bogosi: " I'm bleeding. You could have killed me"

Me: "Says the guy who had a knife "

I parked inside the yard.

Me: "Come I'm a doctor so I'll check it out for you"

Bogosi: "I'm also a doctor "

I laughed.

Me: "Then why would you try to rob me? "

He didn't say anything. The gate was locked so I knew he wouldn't go anywhere with running. We had electric spikes all over the yard.

I got out. He got out with me. He was holding his head where it was bleeding. I don't think the damage was that bad. I only struck him once but I guess I used too much force.

I switched on the lights.

Me: "Can I take a look at that? "

He was actually clean for someone who's a junkie which made me wonder where he was staying.

He was dressed in all black.

Bogosi: "This... Being here. It's like Deja Vu "

He said looking around.

Me: "It's late. I'd like to look at that then sleep "

I went to get the first aid kit and then helped him with his wound.

Out of the blue he held me by the neck and pinned me against the wall.

Bogosi: "Who are you? "

Me: "I.. "

I couldn't talk because of his hand on my throat. I couldn't even breathe.

He rushed to bring me some water and I drank the entire glass.

Bogosi: "Why did you bring me here? "

Me: "Because it's your house. I have church tomorrow "

I said walking away from him.

I went to set The alarm on and locked the door.

Bogosi: "Ausi I want to leave "

Me: "You'll find a vacant room to sleep in. There's food in the fridge if you're hungry "

I left him like that.

I should have prepared myself for this.

I couldn't even sleep. I woke up early that morning. I turned took my phone and it was 6am.

I went to shower so as to get rid of the tension.

The kids weren't here so at least I didn't have to hurry my preparation.

I got dressed in my gown so I can go check on my guest.

It looked like he was waiting for me.

Bogosi: "Why now?"

He asked immediately when I came out.

Me: "What do you mean? "

Bogosi: "Why now Tsaone? It's been six years "

I sighed. He was sitting around the dining table. I don't think he even slept.

Me: "I... I met someone who opened my eyes. I thought you didn't remember me"

Bogosi: "You don't forget someone you love Tsaone just like you're not suppose to give up on them. "

Me: "So robbing me? "

Bogosi: "That's what my life has become. I rob people for a fix"

He chuckled.

Bogosi: "Love can Fuck one up "

Me: "You're cursing "

Bogosi: "A lot has changed. Where's my daughter? "

Me: "With your mother "

He chuckled.

Bogosi: "To think you thought you were barren. I didn't even see you give birth hold my daughter on her first day on earth. Fuck she probably doesn't know me now "

Me: "I'm so sorry"

Bogosi: "Shut up! You're one cruel woman. I feel like killing you with my bare hands right now. I've been homeless while you were living lavish in my house! This is my sweat and tears "

I just cried. He was livid and I didn't blame him.

I had done him wrong.

Bogosi: "But guess what I'm not going anywhere. I'm going to stay in my house and eat your money. You made me this way "

Me: "Bogosi"

Bogosi: "Give me money. I need some coke"

Me: "Will you listen? "

Bogosi: "Not to anything that comes from your mouth woman. Look at what I've become because of you"

Me: "I'm really sorry"

I said

I'm not going anywhere. I'm going to stay in my house and eat your money. You made me this way "

Me: "Bogosi"

Bogosi: "Give me money. I need some coke"

Me: "Will you listen? "

Bogosi: "Not to anything that comes from your mouth woman. Look at what I've become because of you"

Me: "I'm really sorry"

I said wiping my tears which wouldn't stop falling.

Bogosi: "Money! "

He looked so scary.

I had to run to my bedroom empty my wallet then go back to him.

Me: "This is all I have "

Bogosi: "Good girl. Now car keys "

I gave him my car keys with shaking hands.

Bogosi: "I think we're going to get along just fine as living mates"

With that said he left.

I just cried. I had really damaged that man. Yes he looked like Bogosi but other than that he wasn't him.



The smell of freedom was just the best. Being outside prison walls for the first time in six years and knowing it was the last time was amazing for me.

It was great having fresh air hit my face. It felt Heavenly.

I think just knowing that I've been cleared of all charges and that I was finally going to see my sons warmed my heart more.

Jessica's husband was the one who fetched me.

He introduced himself as Nathan.

Nathan: "How does it feel? "

He asked as we were in the car.

Me: "Amazing "

I had God to thank for this and I did the minute I was told I've been set free.

I looked out the window as he drove.

I didn't care where he was taking me. I was just glad that I was out.

Nathan: "So are you ready to work for the Willemse's?"

Me: "I would be if I had a clue about my job "

Nathan: "You will after you've settled in. We don't want to overwhelm you"

Me: "Can I get a time frame? "

Nathan: "I think a month. I know you have kids. We're giving you time to sort out your things. Don't worry you'll still receive your salary "

Me: "Why are you being so card? "

Nathan: "I'm far from being kind NEO. I guess this prayer thing worked out for you"

Me: "Prayer thing? "

Nathan: "Being in prison develops faith. Faith that one day you'll get out. I'm sure you prayed for that day "

I didn't reply.

He drove me to a certain house that was in a big yard.

Nathan: "This is you"

He said then parked.

Nathan: "I'm not going in. These are your house keys and car keys. See you after a month Neo"

He gave me the keys which I took.

The car was an Audi.

I wasn't even expecting that. He drove off immediately when I got out.

Me: "Home sweet home"

I went to the door and opened. The house was a single storey yet large. It was huge looked more like a family house.

I went to the main bedroom. The big was a king size.

There was even a closet filled with new clothes.

These people were just too generous.

I decided to take a bath. The bedroom was an ensuite.

After my bath I wore a bath robe then threw myself on the bed.

I hadn't had a decent sleep in years.

It felt so good.



Me: "Hey"

I had just called Tsaone. I don't know why but I just did it.

Tsaone: "Hi"

Me: "You sound down what's wrong? "

She sighed.

Tsaone: "I found Bogosi"

Me: "You should be happy "

Tsaone: "I've just given him my money and he took my car with "

Me: "Shame. Why would you trust a junkie? "

Tsaone: "He hates me"

Me: "He's just mad. He'll come around "

Tsaone: "I know. I just... I don't know how will I deal with him and the kids too. They're going to ask questions "

Me: "Just be honest. Don't over think it"

Tsaone: "How old are you again? "

I laughed. That didn't sound like me.

Me: "22. I have my whole life ahead of me "

Tsaone: "I didn't even go to church. I'm going out of my mind with worry. He's been gone for hours"

Me: "He'll come back "

She sighed.

Tsaone: "I hope so"

Jamal pulled my dress.

Me: "I have to go. Good luck "

Tsaone: "Thanks"

I picked him up.

Me: "Are you not sleeping tonight? "

Jamal: "I can't "

Me: "I'll warm you some milk "

Jamal: "I miss dad"

Me: "I miss him too"

He hugged me tightly.

It was going to take us time but we were going to get there.


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