Ambriel: "My work is done. This is the last you see of me"

Me: "For real? "

Ambriel: "Yes. You've opened your heart to God and invited him in. You're out of here. It's complete "

Me: "So no more seeing things? "

Ambriel: "First I'm not a thing and secondly you won't see anything out of the ordinary. Just maintain your faith in the Lord and never cease praying. Find a church and make sure your kids grow up in a Godly environment. I'm sure you don't want them turning out like you"

I laughed.

Me: "Yes ma'am. At least now the guard won't think that I'm crazy "

Ambriel: "I'll still be watching over you even though you won't see me. You'll feel my presence "

Me: "And if I want to see you? "

Ambriel: "You've seen enough of me here"

Me: "Can I ask you something? "

Ambriel: "Yes you can "

Me: "You have a twin? "

Ambriel: "No"

Me: "It's just... Two weeks back there was a stripper here who looked just like you. Maybe you're her sister "

Ambriel: "That's my cue "

Then just like that she disappeared.

It had been a week after I accepted Jessica's offer.

She still hadn't told me what kind of job I'll be doing but my conscience was clear.

I think it would have told me if there was something sinister about this job.

I had prayed about and I was confident that God agreed.

Maybe this was what he put together for me. The Bible has shown and displayed that he works in mysterious ways.

I was grateful and looking forward to seeing my kids.

I wanted both of them with me

I wanted to be the one to take care of them and it seemed that I was not going to move back but stay here instead.

I was going to sell the house I shared with Lindi something I should have done a long time ago and just move on with my life.

I had long accepted her death and I needed a new house for the new me.

This was a new beginning for me a new journey and I was yet to get used to life as a believer.

Having been in prison for six years change was bound to happen.



Two weeks since I said goodbye. It was two weeks since I saw his coffin go down and at that time I knew I'll never see him again.

I knew that was the end and the only thing that would remain would be the memories we made.

It was hard no lie but I was going to give myself time to get used to everything.

To get used to a life without him.

I was back at the club something I couldn't avoid because I had stayed home for too long.

I needed the distraction anyway and I also needed to put food on the table.

His mom did offer for me to come stay with them but I wasn't up for that.

I was fine with just me and my son.

Working while looking after Jamal was obviously something I couldn't juggle.

The good thing was I no longer worked on Saturday's which meant I had more time to spend with him.

Now I had to allow for him to stay with his grandma until I had come up with another plan to take care of him.

I was thinking of buying a car even if it's second hand so I can have him with me and only drive him to Mrs Makhe on my way to work.

Chris had left some money for us but I didn't want to use most of it to purchase the car.

I wanted to invest some for my son's future. Just because I was uneducated didn't mean that he had to be too.

His father was educated and I wanted him to follow his father's footsteps not including his problem with alcohol though.

Mrs Makhe: "I don't know if you have a sweet tooth but I baked some muffins"

Me: "I just came to fetch my son "

Mrs Makhe: "Jacky come on we didn't do anything wrong to you. You don't have to always push us away like this"

I sighed.

Me: "Maybe Jamal would be interested in whatever sh... I mean in the muffins "

Mrs Makhe: "Great. I'll put some in a container for you "

Me: "Where is Jamal? "

Mrs Makhe: "Tiring his grandfather. Let me go fetch him first "

I sat down and waited for her.

It was Saturday morning and I had just knocked off.

I made first stop to her home. I needed my son with me.

He ran to me immediately when he saw me

his eyes lighting up.

I took him into my lap and kissed his lips then his forehead.

Me: "Are you good? "

He nodded.

Jamal: "Missed you "

Me: "I missed you too baby. We're spending all day together OK "

He grinned.

Jamal: "OK "

I hadn't even slept but I was used to not sleeping for long.

My son needed my attention anyway.

Mrs Makhe gave me the container. It smelled great and it seemed I was also going to indulge.

Me: "Uhm thank you "

Mrs Makhe: "You're welcome. See you both on Monday "

We walked out with me holding the container.

I ended up taking one out which was a chocolate chip muffin.

It was heavenly. She surely knew her thing.

Jamal: "Me too mom"

I gave him one as well and he smiled. My son looked so much like his father except for the hair and skin colour.

It was sickening. One would swear I didn't carry him.

Getting home I had to take a bath.

I took a bath then got dressed in black denim shorts and a black silk top.

I wore sneakers and a cap then put on some earrings too.

Me: "Where do you want to go? "

Jamal: "Spur"

Me: "Spur it is"

It was great being with him and seeing him so happy.

From spur we went shopping and he just had to have every toy.

I didn't buy him the whole store though but I did give him most of what he wanted.

I bought takeaways since I knew I wouldn't cook and thankfully he was as tired as I was when we got home.

We both just slept. I made sure to lock the door though.

Anything can happen while a person is asleep.



It had been a rather busy two weeks for me.

Having taken that break that time when I went to the funeral it's like I called in more work for myself.

I was always so busy that I felt like my kids were taking strain.

The good thing was I still managed to bath them in the morning and spent as much time as I could with them. Saturday meant I could finally get my well deserved break.

Bontle just decided to barge into my house.

Bontle: "Good evening family "

Me: "You may come in"

She rolled her eyes.

Bontle: "Have you showered? "

Me: "Yeah after work"

It was around 7pm. The kids were with Ntombi.

I had allowed her to have them this weekend.

Bontle: "Great because we're going out"

Me: "I'm really not in the mood"

Bontle: "And I never asked. I need to find a man and you obviously need to let loose. You're no longer married to my brother "

Me: "I'm not about that life anymore "

Bontle: "You're also not getting any younger. I'm not going to debate about this with you. We're going out"

I stood up.

Me: "Fine"

Bontle: "Good. You're not drinking right? I'll need you to drive"

I chuckled.

Me: "No"

I went to take a quick shower and when I got out she had chosen clothes for me.

Me: "Really? "

Bontle: "I don't want you wasting time "

I rolled my eyes and just wore what she had taken out for me.

I put on some heels and light makeup then we could finally leave.

We were in my car and I was driving. She was even playing music out loud.

We arrived at the lounge.

It had been years since I came that I felt so out of place.

Anyway I didn't want to ruin her fun.

Bontle: "I'll get us drinks"

Me: "Non alcoholic for me"

Bontle: "Yes manfundisi"

Me: "Mxm"

I laughed. She had even rolled her eyes.

It wasn't that bad and as the night went on I relaxed and let loose a bit.

I didn't switch to alcohol but rather danced to the music.

Bontle: "Seems like I'm not going home tonight "

She winked at me and went away to whoever.

I just laughed.

The last time I went out was when my sister was still alive.

"It's really you "

I turned and it was someone I hadn't seen in forever -Cody.

Me: "It is"

He gave me a side hug.

Cody: "How have you been? It's been years "

Me: "I've had my good times you? "

Cody: "Good since your husband saved my life. I even go to church now"

I laughed.

Me: "That's good"

Cody: "I'll see you man. You're still as beautiful as ever "

Me: "Thanks"

He kissed my cheek and I watched him leave.

I only stayed for an hour alone since Bontle had disappeared then decided to leave.

They were going to close soon anyway.

It was around 1am.

I felt the presence of someone behind me as I was looking for my keys.

I slowly turned.

It was a man who's face I couldn't see because it was dark.

"I'm not going to harm you. I just need some stuff from you"

That voice sounded very familiar.

He took out a knife.

I wasn't even scared.

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