it was exactly two months after Chris's dramatic change and I kept hoping or thinking he'll go back to what he was before but he didn't.

Instead he kept praying reading the Bible and going to church

His skin was even lighter lighter than it was before and my... Our son was happy.

A month ago he found a job and it was paying well since he had the qualifications and all.

It was the morning on a Monday and winter was approaching.

We were in the month of May.

Chris: " Good morning "

I nodded. Jamal was still sleeping it was early in the morning.

Me: " I... I need to tell you something "

Chris: " Sounds serious "

Me: " It is depending on how you look at it "

Chris: " Let's sit down"

Me: " I... I... I see things "

Chris: " What do you mean? "

Me: " I see things that people don't see I hear voices and I've even been having dreams "

Chris: " Like a prophet? "

Me: " I can't really see the future but I see beyond the physical eye"

Chris: " And you never told me? "

Me: " I keep trying to block it I try to ignore it "

Chris: " Why won't you go to church? They might help "

Me: " Things got worse for me the minute you started praying. Now I can even see now. The angels surrounding you us and all over the yard. It's too much for me "

Chris: " Is that why you hardly home? "

I nodded.

Me: " I... I have to go away for a while "

Chris: " Why? "

Me: " I… The only way I was at least able to suppress them was by shedding blood"

He looked at me with his eyes wide open.

Chris: " So you... You are really...? "

Me: " Don't judge me. Please look after Jamal for me"

Chris: " You can't run away forever. Don't let the devil use you"

Me: " I am not going to allow myself to be used by any one. Not even your God. This is my life and I'm going to live it how I desire "

Chris: " Do you know how many people wish they could see what you see? A lot. Some pray day and night hoping God opens their spiritual eyes and you -"

Me: " This gift has been a curse to me! I just want to be normal. That can't be asking for too much "

Chris: " Baby look - "

Me: " Don't! I've packed my bag. I better find my son in one piece or else-"

Chris: " Enough with the threats "

I went back to the bedroom and kissed his face.

I took my bag careful not to wake him. I knew if he woke up I'd never be able to leave.

I didn't know where I was going but I knew I had to get away.

I had to go somewhere far from Porch.

Not far but away from.



I kept thinking she's going to come back but she didn't.

I am Chris Makhe. Jacky and I have been together for five years and it's been a rollercoaster ride.

I realised on this day that I don't know her. I really don't.

The first thing Jamal asked when he woke up was 'where is mommy? '

Me: " Mommy left for a while but she's going to come back "

Jamal: " She left me? "

Me: " No it's a work trip "

Jamal: " I miss mommy dad "

Me: " She'll be back before you know it "

Jamal: " OK "

Me: " Let's get you ready for Preschool"

She left quite early. It was around 8am when I bathed Jamal then dressed him up. I kept thinking about what Jacky told me and I really wondered why she wouldn't embrace such a beautiful gift.

Anyway I also had to get to work too.

I was driving the company car. I drove him to creche then drove to work.

I was a junior accountant. I only have God to thank for this job.

I received a call from my pastor during lunch time.

Me: " Man of God"

Pastor: " Chris how are you?"

Me: " I'm good still under the grace "

Pastor: " I need to talk to you with regards to something I don't know if you can come by the church "

Me: " Yes I can after picking up my son "

Pastor: " Great see you then and stay blessed "

The rest of my day I kept wondering what the pastor wanted to talk about.

It seemed my day was really going to be heavy. First it was Jacky and now him.

I hoped the news won't traumatise me in anyway.

I immediately drove to church after fetching Jamal.

I was I kept wondering what the pastor wanted to talk about.

It seemed my day was really going to be heavy. First it was Jacky and now him.

I hoped the news won't traumatise me in anyway.

I immediately drove to church after fetching Jamal.

I was a bit nervous. I mean I knew that I didn't have much time left on earth and I hoped it had nothing to do with that.

I wanted to spend as much time as I can with my son though Jacky isn't here.

Pastor Mokoena was in his office and I had Jamal in my hands.

I greeted and he told me to sit down.

Pastor: " I had a dream"

I nodded to show I was listening.

Pastor: " The time is near"

My heart sank. This was just what I was afraid of.

Pastor: " Fear not. Your path is cleared. Pray for your family. Do not worry about Jacky she's under God's protection. She will learn to believe. "

Me: " H... How much time do I have left? "

Pastor: " I cannot say. Don't think about it too much "

Me: " It's hard not to but I'll try "

Jamal: " Dad are you going to heaven? "

Me: " Not yet "

Jamal: " OK "

I was surprised by this question but didn't say anything.

We bought some burgers from MacDonald’s then went home.

I swear there's nothing scarier than death. I still couldn't fully accept it but I knew God had better plans and he knows best.



My job is exhausting at times. I was so tired after work and I remembered I don't have any groceries.

I drove to Pick N Pay at The Crossing since it closes late.

It was around 7H30 pm. I couldn't wait to get home and take a relaxing bath.

I parked my car got out and locked it. Being a single parent is not easy at all.

I bought groceries and a cooked chicken and rolls since I was too tired to even cook.

My help only cooks for Raphael in my absence. He's choosy about the food he eats. Sometimes he doesn't eat her food and he's very stubborn he doesn't listen.

I was surprised to find my car open.

Scratch that I was scared. The lights were on and it was clear someone was inside.

I let go of the trolley. Someone got out.

It was a lady wearing all black.

Me: " Please don't hurt me"

Her: " I'm hungry. I could do with that chicken you just bought "

I was so scared. I was even shaking. She looked young and was short but looks can be deceiving.

I took out the plastic with the chicken and gave it to her.

Her: " Get in. I want to meet your son plus I need a place to sleep. "

My eyes immediately got wide.

Me: " H... How do you know my son? "

Her: " I know a lot about you it's a pity I can't pronounce your name"

I felt like I was going crazy. I had a stranger in my car who knew everything about me.

I was frozen and panicking.

Her: " Get a grip woman! I don't have the whole fucken day! "

I snapped out of it and started putting everything in my car with shaking hands.

I couldn't even put my key in to start the car.

I was so scared I almost even peed in my pants.

Her: " I'm not ready to die please don't kill me"

I wondered how someone with such a sweet voice could be this scary and intimidating.

I couldn't understand. I started praying in my heart.

I knew only God can save me from this scary woman.

It's only by the grace of God that I got home safely without causing any accidents.

She was right next to me and she didn't seem fizzled.

Her: " Nice house Doc "

She said immediately when we got inside. That's when I got to see how beautiful she really is.

Raphael ran to me immediately when the door opened and I picked him up and kissed his cheek.

Raphael: " Who's this mom? "

Me: " It's uhm… "

Her: " Jacky Benson and you must be Raphael "

Raphael: " You know my name? "

Me: " I told her"

Jacky rolled her eyes.

Jacky: " Whatever my room please. I need a shower "

She was holding a bag which I assumed had her clothes.

I walked her to the guestroom. I still don't know why I didn't call the police on her or something.

Was it because I feared what she might be capable of? Only God knows. I don’t know.

Jacky: " Thank you Doc "

She winked at me then banged the door.

Me: " OK "

Raphael: " Is she an angel? "

Me: " What? "

Raphael: " I've seen her before mom. "

Me: " Really? Where? "

Raphael: " In my dreams. She looks like an angel in my dreams "

Me: " Uhm maybe she is "

Raphael: " Why is she wearing black? "

Me: " I really don't know "

Raphael: " I think maybe she's evil now. She wasn't wearing black in my dreams "

Me: " Let's not talk about her. How was your day? "

Raphael: " It was good but I miss dad. When are we visiting him? "

Me: " We'll visit him on Saturday. Are you hungry? I bought food "

Raphael: " Yes I am "

I went back to the car and got the groceries in. Raphael was helping me.

We parked everything where it should be then I dished up for him. She was kind enough to leave some chicken for us.

After eating I gave him a bath and he went to sleep.

I prayed for God to protect us against whatever might have brought this woman here. If she's here on an evil course.

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Ntutu 2019-05-04 13:52:06

Jacky where are you going now? Chris you dying will be devastating to your loved ones but I get comfort I knowing that you are guaranteed a home in heaven. Jacky mara why are you scaring Tsaone? How do you know her son Raphael and what do you want with him? Are you a fallen angel mh?