Vagar: " You're late"

Me: "It's only two minutes "

Vagar: " Do you know how much money I would have made in two minutes? "

Me: " Do you know how much money I would have made if you weren't talking? "

He clicked his tongue before giving me a gift bag.

Vagar: " Go change. I have clients who need the entertainment "

Me: " Just admit this club is nothing without me "

Vagar: " You seem to forget that I pay you for this. "

Me: " You never cease to remind me; how can I forget? "

He didn't say anything but just left the room and I changed.

I put on my makeup the only thing that hides my sins.

I took off the gown I had put on top of my outfit.

I was wearing a black thong with a black red lace bra. I hate this job but it pays the bills.

I'm a stripper and at times I give private calls. I don't sleep with them but I feel like such a prostitute.

Anyway I'm at a point in my life where I'm my own enemy and friend. I hate what I do but I don't care about what anyone else thinks.

I'm only 22. I have never met my parents. I don't even know any siblings

I grew up on the streets just not literally but I moved from House to house and no one knew I was there.

Imagine being a kid at 5 And you're being dropped outside and told to leave.

I get blur dreams about my life and I think if I didn't know and see things that I see I wouldn't have survived.

Anyway I went out to the VIP suite and went to my pole.

I always drink a few shots of vodka before doing this.

I am not thick but I have an ass and boobs and I was actually used to being this exposed.

I only started doing this after having Jamal. Before then I killed people for a living.

How I met his father and had him is a story for another day.

By 3 am I had showered and was knocking off

I was exhausted. I just needed my bed.

As I was locking up I started feeling dizzy. I couldn't balance.

I held on to the wall my head was spinning.

Me: " Wh.. What's happening to me? "

I saw a boy playing outside. He was kicking a ball and looked happy.

As I was seeing that boy the environment changed and I was now in what looked like a prison.

I started walking in. I saw the guards but it's like no one noticed my presence.

I kept walking until I arrived at the entrance of a single cell.

I was even able to open it.

There was a young man sitting at a corner. He looked up and I could see that he can see me.

Him: " I must really be going crazy "

Me: " Who are you? "

Him: " You look so much like... Who are you? "

As I was about to answer him everything turned black.

I woke up from the floor and dusted myself.

My head was slightly painful and I had headache.

Me: " Wh.. What happened to me? "

I was confused. I tried recalling but nothing came to mind.

I just took my stuff and walked back to my house.

Because I own the streets I wasn't even scared of walking at that time of the night.

Getting home I unlocked then went to my room.

I switched on the lights and found Chris sleeping and there were bottles of alcohol all over the floor.

I was so mad but too tired to act.

I went to shower quickly then threw myself on top of the bed.



Weird things had been happening to me. Weird because I didn't know how to interpret them and I really felt that I was going crazy.

I didn't know if it was because of this cell maybe it was haunted or what.

This morning I decided to go out.

It was Saturday so there were activities happening outside in the sports field.

I don't usually partake but this morning I decided to.

I was going to play soccer. It's one sport I'm good at.

Buhle: " Ao TA Neo I decided to.

I was going to play soccer. It's one sport I'm good at.

Buhle: " Ao TA Neo nice seeing you out here"

Me: " It's a beautiful day good weather "

She's an inmate too. We've been friends since she got here and that was two years back.

I know she wants me but I don't see her that way. No one will ever replace LINDI.

Buhle: "I can't wait to see you play "

Me: " And if I lose? "

Buhle: " It won't change anything "

I just laughed and went on into the field.

I was doing this to also clear my mind.

During half time the guard called me.

I had actually refused to play yesterday when they asked me but they still allowed me into the field today and I had scored a goal.

Guard: " You have visitors "

Me: " Who? Me? "

I asked looking around.

Guard: " Do you think I'm blind? Of course you. Come! "

I just clicked my tongue and followed him to the visiting room.

I couldn't believe my eyes when I got there.

I actually froze.

She smiled at me.

Me: " Ts.. Tsaone? "

She looked beautiful and was even glowing.

Me: " This is... Wow"

Tsaone: " You look good. "

I laughed.

Me: " thank you but I should be saying that to you. Bogosi must be treating you good. I can't believe it's been six years "

I saw her face change when I mentioned Bogosi but I didn't take that to head.

Tsaone: " We divorced but my children have been my joy "

Me: " How.. How is he? "

Tsaone: " He's been asking about you. I couldn't let him be that sad which is why I'm here. It's time Raphael met his dad"

Me: " Are you.. Are you serious? "

Tsaone: " I am. The Holy Spirit confirmed it was a good call. "

I wanted to get up and hug her but unfortunately I couldn't since no contact is allowed.

I almost cried. I was so happy and my heart was filled with so much joy.

Me: " Thank you. Thank you so much "

Tsaone: " You should thank God. He really loves you "

I just nodded. She signalled to the guard who called someone.

A few minutes later a young version of Neo and LINDI came.

Now at that moment I cried.

He looked at me and smiled.

Raphael: " D.. Dad? "

I really wished I could touch him. I really wished I could.

Me: " Baby... It's me. It's daddy "

He looked at Tsaone who smiled then at us.

Raphael: " When are you coming home dad? Why are you here? "

I cleared my throat.

Me: " I'm coming soon. "

Raphael: "I want you dad. I want you to take me to school. Mom can't "

My heart broke. The last thing I wanted was to see my son so sad and hurt.

I hated that. I hated that I was in here while he was out there.

Guard: " Time's up! "

The guard said and he came to me and handcuffed me in my son's presence.

I felt like killing him at that instant but I didn't.

I knew if I did I was never going to get out of here.

In my cell I kept thinking about getting out.

I had a clean record I was behaving good and I knew I might be eligible for parole.

Parole is not being free but at least I'll get to see my son.

Ambriel: " You know what you have to do "

Me: " Stop making me crazy "

Ambriel: " I think it's time you saw me for who I really am"

I looked at her.

Me: " Do you have a twin or a sister or something? "

Ambriel: " No"

The room became brighter and brighter and more brighter.

I couldn't even look at her. I had to close my eyes and cover them with my hands.

Suddenly the brightness ceased a bit and I opened my eyes.

Me: " Oh my fucken god! "

I said as I stood up from my bed.

Me: " A fucken.. An angel? "

Ambriel: " I'm your guardian angel. And stop with the swearing. Why did you think I'm always glowing? "

Me: " Are you trying to tell me that this shit exists? That it's real? "

Ambriel: " Stop swearing. Look you have to start believing in God. I mean really believe. You can't fool God. He's your only chance out of here"

With that said she disappeared.

I was still very much shocked. I saw her huge wings very huge.

Guard: " Prison is making you crazy NEH you even talking to yourself"

Me: " Hey Voetsek! "

He laughed walking away.

Me: " God... God? "

I laughed. I couldn’t believe this.

Maybe I was going crazy.



Raphael had been so excited ever since we got back.

He was so happy. We were driving to His grandmother's place.

I wanted to fetch Vashti.

Bontle was the one who opened the door for us.

She was happy to see us.

We hugged her.

Bontle: " Dr Molise you look so fine "

I laughed. I had actually grown tired of telling her to stop addressing me as a Molise.

She allowed us in and Vashti ran to me.

Vashti: " Missed you mommy"

Raphael: " And me? "

She shook her head and we laughed.

Me: " She's playing "

Raphael: " Mom when is she seeing dad? "

Bontle looked at me.

Me: " Soon. Go play with your sister in the play room"

He took her by the hand and they left.

Bontle: " You.. You know where he is? "

Me: " We went to the prison. I'm actually tired from the travelling "

Her heart dropped. I could see that.

Bontle: " It's been five years since he went missing "

Bogosi just disappeared into thin air.

We all don't know where he is and if he's alive.

We stopped looking stopped searching.

Not because we have given up but because we just couldn't find him.

Yes we had been praying but we lost hope.

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