part 9 Love, lust & Desire

PALESA Me: So you and Nick? I said with a grin as we entered our room I really had fun and I never imagined that Trinny could be such good company she's fun on her own Trinny: What about us? Me: The chemistry was evident. She chuckled. I just smiled. Trinny: Yeah right. She threw herself on her bed bouncing a little. I sat on her study chair and faced her. Me: You didn't say anything. Trinny: We just friends besides he's not my type. Me: What's your type? Trinny: I don't have a type. I chuckled. Me: Really? Trinny: Okay fine. I love my boyfriend and he's enough for me. Plus Nick is too white. Me: So the problem is with his race? Trinny: I prefer them black. Me: Chris won't like to hear that. Trinny: Who's Chris? She looked at me puzzled. I took out my iPhone and showed her his pic. He was with Tony. Trinny: Nah he's too much of a player. He's quite a flirt definitely not my type. Tell him I'm racist. I chuckled. She's too raw never sugarcoats stuff. Me: Maybe you should tell him yourself. Trinny: Did he ask you to try and hook us up? Me: What? Me? I pretended to be surprised. She was right. He'd always ask me about her and to hook him up with her numbers as if he couldn't get hold of em on his own. I was surprised he still couldn't track Calvin down not that I wanted him too but I had that slight fear. What if he comes to finish off what he started? He was too obsessed with me after all. I brushed the thoughts off. Why was I thinking about him anyway? Trinny: I need a favour. Me: Oh? Trinny: I wanna visit my boyfriend I miss him. She poured. If I could I would have taken a picture. She looked so cute. Me: I miss Tony too trust me I understand. Trinny: Can you drive me to him? I wanna surprise him. Me: Of course. You could always ask Nick though. I said giggling. She shot me a death stare I just laughed out loud. Trinny: You not being funny. Me: Sorry when? Trinny: On Saturday. Me: Alright boo. I went back to studying and I think she took a nap. I had a test tomorrow it's Friday. I had to nail it as well I've already missed out on a lot the past two years so I was regaining back my education this year so I had to try my all. Trinny was right I could actually study better after the break I took. She's a god sent. . KRISTEN I made it a point to ask her her name tomorrow no matter how rude she gets. I was doing it for my nigger. Come to think of it if it was the old me I'd have fucked around 10 girls from campus now. I chuckled from my own thoughts. "You probably a virgin now" Brandon's words echoed on my mind. He might be right but I didn't care. I was turning 19 this year my last year as a teenager of course I'm grown up now. Talking of the devil he entered Looking exhausted. Brandon: Wish I could fast forward time to graduation. I chuckled. He had just come from campus it was just after 6pm now. Me: You not looking so good. He threw himself on the couch next to mine and breathed out loud. Brandon: It's Trinny man. Me: Who's that? He sat up and looked at me. Brandon: That's her name. Me: How did you know so fast? I guess he beat me to it. Brandon: Heard some girl calling her. Me: You really serious about her ain't you? Brandon: As a heart attack man. Me: Well I approve. He chuckled. Brandon: As if I need your approval. Me: You don't? Brandon: Fuck off man. I chuckled. I was only pulling his leg and I was succeeding. Me: You really whipped. Brandon: Bruh I approve. He chuckled. Brandon: As if I need your approval. Me: You don't? Brandon: Fuck off man. I chuckled. I was only pulling his leg and I was succeeding. Me: You really whipped. Brandon: Bruh don't remind me. I just laughed shaking my head. I've never seen Brandon be like this with a girl before not even with Kim. Pam god Pam. I missed her. I last saw her a month ago. I should probably visit her when things ain't this hectic we had been the good of friends regardless of our history and after what happened with Hope I just pushed everyone away her included. And then there's Cindy god she must think I forgot about her. I probably last saw her last year. Regaining my life back meant making things right with all my friends. I really had to spare some time and go visit them they probably think I'm dead. Cindy is probably so mad at me. I have to make things right. . TRINNY Me: How do I look? I turned around and her jaw dropped. I was wearing a black tight jumpsuit with an open back. It was sleeveless with a V neck and reached my ankles. Palesa: You look exquisite. Me: Thanks. I smiled. It was just a half smile. I really don't like smiling. I was finally going to Kgothatso more like a surprise visit. He'd long told me where he stays. He's in Pretoria. I was wearing black Biker boots with a medium thick heel. I didn't have any makeup on and I let my hair loose. I looked at my reflection one last time on the mirror. One would think I'm meeting him for the first time. Me: I think I'm ready. Palesa: It's about time. I chuckled. I took my bag and phone the one Nick bought. It was an IPhone 6. I was just grateful for the camera it was perfect I took so many pictures every minute. My instagram was booming baby! She locked our room after we got out and went to her car. I was suddenly nervous I hadn't seen him in a long time more than a month. Me: You sure I'm okay? She laughed. I was serious. Somehow I saw the need to impress I don't know why. I mean we had been together for months. Palesa: Yes just relax. You look hot and sexy. She giggled. I got off the car. Me: I'll call you. Palesa: Should I go? Me: Umm no I'm still not sure if he's home. Palesa: Alright you'll tell me then. Me: Cool. I took a deep breath in. It was a block of flats for students. I signed in then went to his room. It was on the 12th floor. Imagine! Anyway I took an elevator there. When I was on his door I took another deep breath then knocked. The music was way too loud so I decided to just open. I got the shock of my life. I kept blinking thinking my mind is playing tricks on me but it wasn't. Me: Kgothatso. I said almost as a whisper and he looked at me shock all over his face.

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