part 8 Love, lust & Desire

KRISTEN Me: I think I know who you talking about. I said as we were sitting at cafeteria deciding to be like other students just for today. Brandon: Oh? Me: Yeah. I said taking another bite of my sandwich. Me: I think we doing the same course. Brandon: You bastard! He said and I chuckled. If only he knew I wasn't interested. I'm not about girls anymore and the bitch looked like she has attitude for days. I've never had a girl be that cold to me I guess I was really losing my cool but I didn't care. I don't have time for girls now the degree ain't gonna get itself. Brandon: Did you score me some numbers or anything? Me: You an IT geek use your brain. Brandon: I don't know why but she makes me nervous. Me: She's quite intimidating. Brandon: Have you been checking my girl out? He said with a raised eyebrow I've never been a fan of bad girls. There was Tiffany but that's just about it. She's with Nick now and I'm just happy she got rid of herself for me. I wonder how Bianca is she did love Nick with her all but the bastard couldn't treat her right. Could it be its the same with Tiffany? It's none of my business either way. I just chuckled shaking my head. Me: "Your girl" I made quotation marks in the air while laughing Brandon: It's only a matter of time till she's mine. Me: Oh? Brandon: I just need to know her name. You saying you in the same course? Me: So? Brandon: Make a plan. Me: The fuck? Brandon: Just her name. Me: Maybe we not talking about the same girl. Brandon: She only wears black and white she has piercings all over her body and tattoos. Me: Maybe she pierced her clit. I teased he gave me a serious look and I chuckled. My nigger was really in love with this girl it was crazy. This is how I felt with Hope but now now I was completely emotionless. Brandon: That's not funny Me: Or maybe her nipples. He pushed me roughly. I just laughed. Me: You really whipped. Brandon: I'm not.. Look Me: Where? Brandon: She's at the entrance. I looked and I had been right it was her. She was wearing a black short dress long sleeves and Black Nike Huarache her ass all out. I know why my nigger was tripping this girl is flawless with no makeup on she's flames. Just don't tell Brandon I said that. Me: That's the girl I was sitting next to yesterday. Brandon: Man I think I'm falling for her. Me: I already knew that. Brandon: Oh no. Me: What? I had to turn back and look. She was Sharing an embrace with wait for it Nick. Me: Fuck! Brandon: Maybe they not dating. Me: They look cosy though. Brandon: Don't rub it in man. Me: he's with Tiffany. Brandon: I'm also with Kim. Me: Let's not jump into conclusions they might just be friends. Brandon: I think it's time I made a move before he snatches her away from me. Me: And from what we both know Nick is not to be messed with. Brandon: You got daddy to rescue you what about me? Me: Some fucked up shit. Brandon: Bra it's stressing. Me: Don't worry man I got you. And I meant it. Nick hated me before I even dated Hope and it got worse when she refused to leave me. So now he's here with my friend's crush. I'd have to make sure they hook up. I'm sick and tired of the Johnson's always taking and taking. I'll have to do something about it. Starting with knowing her name. I know Brandon will be able to find out the rest with just a name. . PALESA Things were hectic with the semester tests I really couldn't wait to get done with everything. I needed a break. I was trying my all to make sure I don't fail. I didn't want to disappoint myself or my parents I don't think I'd be able to survive. I don't want to be a loser

I can't. Trinny entered whilst I was studying. Trinny: Hey. Me: Hi. Trinny: You study too much you might end up going crazy. Me: I'm not as smart as you. Trinny: All I'm saying is don't overwork your brain. It might shut down completely. Me: You a doctor now? Trinny: I'm trying to be a good friend. Me: We friends now? Trinny: What's with the attitude? I sighed. I was just under so much pressure and it was frustrating for me. Me: I'm sorry things are just hectic on my side. Trinny: You need a break. Me: I think you right. Trinny: Look studying is good but the brain needs to rest. If you take a break you might come back with your mind more refreshed and you'll just flow. Me: Actually you right. You too smart for your age. Trinny: You don't even Know my age. Me: How old are you? Trinny: I'm 17 turning 18 on the 16th of March. Me: Woah really? Trinny: Yep. Me: You almost the age of my little sister. She's turning 18 next month. Trinny: Oh? How old are you? I chuckled. I don't know why though. Me: I'm 19 turning 20. Trinny: You look 18 though. Me: And you look 16. She chuckled. Trinny: I get that a lot. She went to put her bag down and came to me. Trinny: I got an idea. Me: Umm.. Okay? Trinny: Let's go racing. Me: Who's going to do that? I was actually getting scared. I don't know where she gets the adrenaline she's just too wild but I like her. She only smokes hardly drinks and thank God she doesn't party. Trinny: We going with Nick a friend of mine. Me: When? Trinny: Now. Me: What? Trinny: We won't be long. You need the break. Me: Actually you right. I stood up. I was wearing a jean with a white T-shirt and white superstar. Me: Am I okay? Trinny: You perfect. . TRINNY I've always been an introvert people always thought I'm wild and stuff but Nah I'm just a free spirit. I'm at the point where I don't give a damn what people think of me. I'm like whatever opinion you have of me good for you it's none of my business. What Palesa didn't Know is I was actually the one who's going to race. I don't have my license yet because I'm under age but I was going to get it soon. Nick texted me saying he's outside so we had to leave. We weren't dating or anything just two people who enjoyed each other's company. Me: Let's go. Palesa: Okay. We got out and locked found him downstairs. We hugged briefly. Me: This is Palesa my roommate and Palesa meet Nick. Nick: I'm her special friend. They shared a handshake.. Me: Don't worry he doesn't bite. She nodded. We were going with his R8. I was going to race with it it's amazing the kind of trust he has for me. He even trusts me with his beast. I blame my adrenaline rush for going to this race. Nick: You ready? Me: I'm a bit anxious but yea I am. Palesa: You the one racing? Me: Yes babe. Her eyes popped out. There's still a lot she's yet to find out about me this is just the half of me. Palesa: Wow. Nick: You can say that again. Me: Hey! I stroke him lightly and he chuckled. Nick: Sorry babe. Palesa only believed when she was me on the race line that I was really the one racing. Nick was also part of the race with another one of his cars. I wonder where he gets them cause he's only 20. Anyway I didn't win it was only my first race after all but I came out second Nick was the one who won. He came to open on my side. Nick: Impressive Me: But I didn't win. Nick: You the winner in my eyes. Me: You too sweet. We went back to Palesa. Palesa: That was impressive. Me: Thanks. Nick: You hungry? Me: I could do with some hot wings. Nick: Who's driving? Me: Palesa. Palesa: Why me? Us: Why not? She chuckled. We drove to the mall while listening to some Lil Wayne. He's still my favorite artist. He's Bae forever ENE shame.

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