part 7 Love, lust & Desire

TRINNY Me: You know what you right she doesn't deserve my attention. My head was buzzing. God knows what I would have done to that bitch if I would have stood up. I threw the cigarette I had been smoking away I was pissed to the core. I stood up. Tumi: And then? Me: I just need to go lay my head down for a bit I need a moment to process this. Tumi: Should I come with? Me: Umm no it's okay.. I need to be alone for a while. Tumi: Alright babe. Me: I'll see you guys. Palesa: Bye. I took my bag and phone then left. It's a long walk to res but I had gotten used to it. Just as I was exiting student Centre I bumped into some chest my head was just all over. That bitch really succeeded in ruining my day. My phone fell in the process and I saw my screen get smashed. God knows I can't afford a new phone now. I wanted to cry. I got down to pick it up but our hands touched. My eyes went from his hands to his face. Me: I.. I'm sorry Guy: It's okay. I got up and he gave me my phone. My mouth immediately formed a frown when I saw the screen. It wasn't bad though but it was a stab to my heart.. Guy: Sorry about your phone. Me: It's not your fault. Guy: Had I watched where I was going this wouldn't have happened. Me: I also didn't pay any attention to where I was going so I guess the blame is on us both. Guy: I'm Nick. Me: Trinny. Nick: Nice name. I smiled a bit. I don't like smiling though I hardly ever do unless I'm with close friends. Me: Thanks. Nick: Can I buy you another phone? Knowing what I did and not doing anything about it won't be good on my conscience. Me: I.. It's not your fault. Nick: I insist. Me: You don't even know me. Nick: Yet now come. Me: You a stranger. What if you kidnap me then sell me to some Nigerians? He chuckled. It was deep and manly I just laughed. I did say something stupid. Nick: Look into my eyes do I look like a human trafficker? I looked into his beautiful blue eyes. He had blonde hair was tall and a little skinny with a tattoo on his neck. He was a handsome white guy with pink lips and thick eyebrows. I looked down his eyes were just too beautiful and impossible to stare into for long. Me: Okay fine you win. Nick: Let's go then. I looked at him. He gave me his hand to hold and I did. They were very soft. No I'm not falling for this guy he's also not my type. We went to a black Audi R8 coupe. Me: Wow! Nick: I get that a lot I rolled my eyes and he chuckled opening my door for me. I got into the beautiful beasts with black and white interiors. I'm not a fan of sporty cars but this took the cup. Nick: Love it? Me: I'm drooling right? I said covering my face with my hands. He chuckled. Nick: It's not wrong though want it? Me: Please don't say you'll give it to me. I said looking at him. Nick: I won't say anything then. He parked the car in the parking lot of the mall and then got out and got my door first. Me: Can I ask you something? Nick: Anything babe. Me: How old are you? Nick: I'm 20. Me: What? My jaw dropped. How is it possible for a 20 year old to be driving such a beast? He just smiled at me. He must come from a rich family

another trust fund baby as if Palesa wasn't enough. We got into the phone store. I didn't say anything. I didn't ask. . PALESA Me: So that's why she was so mad? Tumi: Yeah. Me: Seems like I'm not the only one who's been through a lot. Tumi: Care to share? Me: Maybe sometime in the future. Tumi: I won't force it then. Me: I should probably go too. Tumi: Umm yeah. I'll accompany you. Me: Thanks. We got up and walked to my res. Me: You know at some point I thought you were dating Trinny. He chuckled. Tumi: I get that a lot. Me: Your friendship is just confusing even a friend of mine thinks you dating. Tumi: Which friend? Me: Chris he's my boyfriend's best friend. Tumi: You mean the scary colored guy? I chuckled and nodded. He wasn't that scary and the look on his face was just priceless. He must be a cheese boy. Me: Thanks for accompanying me. Tumi: Anything for my future wife. I chuckled. We shared a hug and parted ways. When I got in our room Trinny wasn't there and from what I saw she hadn't been here. I hoped she's fine wherever she is. I think we both shared the same pain no matter how different but it was all because of love. . KRISTEN Brandon couldn't stop talking to me about this girl. Me: What's her name? He scratched his head. I wanted to laugh. Brandon: I don't know man. Me: Kim should know about this. Brandon: Kim is a nuisance. Me: She's your girlfriend. Brandon: And I'm talking about my future wife. Me: You even worse. Brandon: Whatever man do you think she'd be there at the freshers? Me: Who? Badgirlriri? He chuckled. Brandon: Yeah. I shrugged my shoulders cause honestly I didn't know. The following day I woke up and got ready for campus. We weren't writing but we were going to be doing some serious revision that I wouldn't miss for the world. I took a hot shower dried and lotioned. I wore a black Redbat longer length T-shirt with a black guess skinny jeans and Red Adidas NMD. I combed my hair and held it with a band. I poured some DKNY cologne took my bag and went downstairs. Cereal for breakfast. How I wish one of us could cook. Brandon: You need a wife man this cereal thing everyday ain't healthy. Me: I need to learn how to cook. Brandon: That's a woman's job. Me: We should get a maid. Brandon: A big assed sexy young maid. Me: Would she even be able to cook? Brandon: I wonder if she can cook. Me: We can't get a maid who can't cook. Brandon: I'm talking about my future wife here. Me: Oh god. I took my bag and left with him laughing behind me. I got in my Rover and drove to campus. I parked my car locked it and left to the lecture hall. Our lecture hall is always packed you'd swear they're like 100 students in here. I got into my usual seat. The lecturer came and our lessons started. I usually don't look sideways when I'm in class but I don't know what happened but I did. She had black curly hair and was wearing all black with lots of piercings. She had a tattoo on her thigh.. Wait is this who Brandon had been talking about? Me: Hi. She looked at me and nodded. She was beautiful but I just wasn't there. She had absolutely no makeup on except for her lipstick she had beautiful smooth and flawless skin. Girl: You okay? Me: Umm.. Yeah. I looked back at the front. I should have at least asked for a name and hook my nigger up then he can stop pestering me about her. I sighed. She looked like a tough nut to crack.

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