part 6 Love, lust & Desire

TRINNY I laughed at the expression on his face. Palesa: Umm.. We just gonna go.. Wine we gonna get some wine. Chris: Okay and some con.. Some snacks. We gonna chill here. Tony: Will you be okay? Chris: Yeah. Palesa: Need anything Trinny? Me: I'm cool. She nodded and left. Now I was gonna be left with this annoying guy. He's hot and all but that can never be my type. Never! Chris: Ain't you gonna put something on? Me: Why? Chris: It's Umm.. I can't.. (closes eyes and opens them).. Look. Me: Where? My eyes went to where he was pointing. I wanted to laugh. He had a boner. Me: I'll go shower wanna join me? His eyes popped out. Chris: You serious? Me: I was just kidding. I wrapped a towel around my body and disappeared into the bathroom. I showered dried and lotioned while still on the bathroom. Me: I wanna get dressed. Chris: What's stopping you? Me: I need privacy. Chris: Of course. He got up and left. I don't know what these people are thinking. Were they trying to set us up? How I missed my boyfriend. I should really visit him when things are less hectic here. I wore a panty then wore a tight fitting black sleeveless croptop exposing my belly ring. I wore a black boyfriend Jean and Black and White Adidas Superstars. I just put on lipstick on my lips then took a cigarette and went outside. I found him downstairs chatting to some girl. I just chuckled. The girl was blushing and all seems like she was really falling for his charms. When he saw me he came to me and I rolled my eyes. I thought I was rid of him now. Chris: Where you going? Me: Going for a smoke. Chris: So you smoke? I rolled my eyes. Chris: You keep getting badder and badder. Me: Don't you have a bitch to entertain? Chris: Are we jealous now? Me: Not even on your wet dreams. He put on a straight face. Oh my seems like I hit a nerve. Since we were outside I took out my cigarette Lit it and smoked. He stood there watching me. Someone hugged me from behind and I could see him getting pissed. From the cologne I knew who it was. Tumi: Hey. Chris cleared his throat and that's when Tumi looked at him. Chris: Who are you? Tumi: Trinny who's this? Me: Haibo. Tumi: Cheating on me already? Chris: I thought you were single. Me: You thought wrong. He clicked his tongue and left. If only he knew. Well Tumi went back with me to my room talking about he missed. Tumi: Who was that? Me: Chris he came with Palesa's boyfriend. Tumi: He looks scary. Me: Wait until you meet the boyfriend. When we opened they were already drinking. Chris just looked at us and clicked his tongue. Palesa: You welcome to join us. Me: I'm not a fan of alcohol. Palesa: Oh. I wasn't lying though. I do drink but only when I want to. . PALESA A month later things were much calmer in the room. We were getting along just fine and I think we were friends. I don't know but well she was no longer rude to me. At least that's an improvement. We were writing semester tests I found out she's doing Bcom economics whilst I'm doing Bcom accounting. We had some classes Together. Actually only three. Me: Ready for the test? Trinny: I think so. I studied and all so yeah I'm ready. Me: I'm kinda nervous though. Trinny: Just relax you'll nail it. Me: Easy said than done Trinny: Don't worry. We took our bags and went out. We were sitting in the cafeteria with Tumi while having some fries Trinny was smoking. We were actually more like a bunch of three now. Don't ask how we got here but it was all thanks to Tumi. I found out Trinny was completely harmless and Chris was still on her tail. Tony told me how much he didn't cease talking about her even thou he knows she's taken. He believes Tumi is the boyfriend so he pretty much hates Tumi right now. I was worried though because Chris dated my little sister and I think they're still together so him wanting my roommate. I don't know. Tony told me not to get involved but it's pretty hard not to. It's my little sister we talking about here. Tumi: So the freshers are coming up. Trinny: When? Tumi: In two weeks. Me: We should go. Tumi: Is that Nikki? Trinny: What?! She turned to look at where he had been looking and I saw her face turn red. She was clearly angry I could see. The Nikki girl wasn't alone. She was with a girl who looked exactly like her. I wonder how they knew which is who. Trinny: This can't be happening! She tried standing up but Tumi held her. What the fuck was going on here? . # KRISTEN Campus was just campus. There was too much work going on and too little time to do everything. We were on the verge of writing our semester tests. Bcom economics ain't child's play. I lay back on the couch. I just came from campus and I was so exhausted. Brandon: You back? Me: Yeah. Brandon: How was It? Me: It was just cool just too much. Brandon: Tell me about it. Me: I don't wanna go there Bruh. Brandon: So I saw this girl. Me: I don't wanna hear it. I wanted to even close my ears with my hands. I really didn't want to hear anything that has to do with a female that ain't my mother or sister. They were the only women I was fucking with now. I was really done. Brandon: Trust me you want to. Me: You got Kim what's special about who you talking about? Brandon: She's the baddest. Me: Rihanna typer bad? Brandon: Just more beautiful. Me: Good luck. Brandon: You don't wanna see her? Me: Nope. Brandon: When last did you even have sex? Now that he asks. It had been almost a year since I last had sex I know it's hard to believe but it was true. See Hope was the last girl I had sex with and she fucked me up so bad that I no longer have the desire to even have sex. To think there was a point where sex was my refuge my escape but now it's just my books. I was actually more of a snob now. At least focusing on my studies waa gonna breed something tangible for me than chasing after girls which always breeds disaster. Me: Fuck off man. Brandon: You probably a virgin now. Me: There's more to life than just sex. Brandon: Well I need to fuck me some bad bitch Me: Seems like you falling in love. Brandon: I wouldn't mind waking up to that everyday. He closed his eyes. I just chuckled. I wonder who's this girl who got my best friend going crazy. As much as I was curious I wasn't interested. Girls are just a bunch of shit. I'd rather stay single and make more money to keep me company. Ain't got time for pussy.

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