part 5 Love, lust & Desire

TRINNY We had gotten most of the stuff I needed. The rest will just have to fuck themselves really. I had even done my hair. I just did some curls in black I looked beautiful if I say so myself. Tumi couldn't stop with the compliments as well you'd swear this nigger is my boyfriend. Tumi: Did I tell you how gorgeous you look? I giggled. Me: Too many times. Tumi: How I wish things were different. I still wonder what my brother has that you don't see in me. Me: Please don't go there. You just going to remind me of memories I'd rather have buried. Tumi: And I'm sorry. I love you Trinny so much and I regret initiating the bet. Me: It's okay. Just know that you ruined any chance there might have been of us ever being more than just friends. He huffed. Tumi: I understand. Me: I still love you though. Tumi: I'm glad you still do. Me: I just wanna forget about everything. Tumi: And thanks for giving me another chance. Me: It wouldn't be fair forgiving your brother then stay mad at you. Tumi: You a good person you know that. Me: Well now I do. He chuckled. We arrived back at my res. That meant going back to my annoying roommate. How I wish we didn't share with girls. I've never been a fan of girlfriends. More especially after what happened with Kamo. The only girlfriend I'd have is Phemy and it ends there. She's knows me too well though my mother likes causing a rift between us. We both never go to bed angry at each other. She's like a part of me more of a twin than little sister. Tumi helped me carry all the stuff to my room. We found Her Majesty (rolling eyes) eating. Tumi: Hi. Palesa: Hello. Tumi: You never told me your roommate arrived already. He said looking at me. Me: She's not important. We put my stuff on top of the table and some on the floor I was gonna pack them later when he leaves. We went to get the rest of the stuff with help of a guard. We sat down after we were done. Me: I'm tired. Palesa: Umm.. Tumi? I rolled my eyes inwardly. Why can't this bitch just leave me alone? Tumi: How do you know my name? I wanted to laugh. Tumi o rata Dilo Yoh. Just because we have similar names we both Tumi's. Then suddenly he thinks she's talking to her. Doll face looked confused. Palesa: Huh? Tumi: You said Tumi. He gave her his usual panty dropping smile. You know I was paying attention to her and she looked nervous. If only she knew I don't bite unless you fucking with me on the wrong side. I wanted to laugh at her. Palesa: Umm.. I.. That's short for Ummm.. Boitumelo. Tumi: So what's your name beautiful? Tumi busy flirting with her if only he knew she had a colored boyfriend I heard they don't take bullshit. Palesa: I'm Palesa. Tumi: Nice name. Palesa: Thanks.. As I was saying Tumi.. I looked at her again. Tumi: Call her Trinny. I keep thinking you talking to me. Palesa: Sorry I cooked. Me: Trying to poison me already? I had to know phela Lelo did poison Enhle. You can never be too sure. She might look harmless kante she's a viper. I don't trust people that easily reason why my friends circle is small. I don't take chances. Palesa: I'm trying to get us to get along. Tumi: Stop being hard to the poor girl she's trying. Me: You only saying that cause you wanna get in her panties. Tumi: Jealous? Don't worry I'm all yours baby. I chuckled. He winked at me and I pushed him lightly. My phone rang in the midst of all that. I answered without checking the caller id. Me: Yeah? "I see you don't love me no more " Me: Oh baby you know that's impossible. Tumi: Cheating on me already? Me: Fuck off man. He chuckled and I stood up went to talk outside. Me: I'm sorry about that. Thatso: I miss you so much. Me: Me too baby I really wish you were here with me. . PALESA This guy is quite a flirt and he's handsome too. If I didn't have Tony I would have fallen for his charms but I'm way over that. I'm just no longer that girl I'm content with what I have with Tony and as cliche as it might sound I only have eyes for him. I was confused though. I wondered if he's Trinny's boyfriend or not. The way they get along you'd swear they're dating but again she just answered her phone blushing and all. Tumi didn't seem bothered by that in anyway. Again it's none of my business. Tumi: Ain't you gonna dish up for me? Me: Don't think I'm gonna poison you? Tumi: You wouldn't do that to your future husband. I chuckled and got up dished up for him. It was spaghetti and meatballs. He ate while we talked. Trinny was taking longer than I thought. Tumi: You wife material for real. They're splendid. Me: Thanks. I took his dish when he was done poured juice for him. Tumi: How's living with Trinny? Me: Honestly? He nodded. Me: It's hell. He chuckled. Tumi: She's a good person though completely harmless. Me: Then why am I so scared of her? Tumi: You'll get used to her. Just accept her as she is. I nodded. A week later Tony was coming to visit. We were only going to start with classes the following week and Trinny well she was just Trinny. I had taken Tumi's advice and accepted her as she is. She still made it clear she doesn't wanna be friends with Me and I was content with her decision. It was Friday my boyfriend was coming and I was so happy. I had missed him so much and apparently he wasn't coming alone. Chris couldn't wait to meet my roommate. I wonder what Tony told him. I decided not to let it bother me in anyway though. Trinny was by her window smoking. I was even used to her smoking. Like I said I was accepting her as she is. Me: Morning. Trinny: Hello. I got in the bathroom and took a shower. She was neat and tidy making me like her more I just wish I knew why she didn't want to be friends with me. Sigh. I dried and lotioned after showering wrapped a towel around my body and went to find myself something to wear. Trinny had an amazing fashion sense though she only wore black and white. I still wonder what's the deal with her. She even had a tongue piercing. I liked her though. She has "that thing" . I was following her on Instagram. Her pictures were out of this world and I even saw one of her with her boyfriend. They look beautiful together. Her new hairstyle suits her very well. How I wish she knew how much I talk about her. I wore a white Ankle grazer an olive boobtube top with a denim jacket and my Gold strip sandle heels from Gucci. I looked at my butt Trinny had an ass for days. Not those annoying huge ass but she was quite gifted. Okay enough. You guys might even think I have a thing for her. Someone knocked on the door. Trinny went to open. She had just made a cup of coffee. Trinny: Yes? "I'm here for Palesa" Trinny: You heard that right? She asked looking at me. I nodded. She could have at least told em to come in. He got in. Tony was alone I wondered where Chris was. We shared a very tight hug I almost moaned. He kissed me on the forehead. Tony: You okay? Me: Yes baby where's Chris. Tony: Probably on his way up. I nodded. Tony: You look beautiful. Me: Thanks. "So where's she? " Said Chris as he entered not bothering to greet. Me: Hello to you too. Chris: I'm not here for you. Tony: Be nice this is my girl. Chris: Sorry hey beautiful. Trinny just looked at him and nodded. Chris: I thought we chilling here. Tony: We are. You should change into something more casual. Me: I'll just take off my shoes you should have told me though. Chris went to Trinny who was just sitting on a chair while drinking coffee. Chris: So what's your name? Trinny: Boitumelo but you can just call me Trinny. Chris: I'm just Chris. Tony: Wow. Trinny: Who's that? Palesa: My boyfriend. Tony. She nodded. Chris: So you single? Trinny: Does it matter? Chris: It does. Trinny: I'm Lesbian. Chris: Really? Trinny: Yep Chris: I'd take you as you are. Trinny: You sure? Chris: Yes. Trinny: Okay. She got up and went to put her mug on top of the table. We were all watching her. It's kinda hard not to. It's like she carries such prestige. She took off her gown. Chris's jaw dropped. Trinny: You okay? Chris: I.. Umm.. It's.. Yeah. She was in her bra and bikini. Tony was also looking and at that moment I felt small. Rich kid or not.

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