part 4 Love, lust & Desire

TRINNY This is what I hated about Res having to share a room. Worse it was with a typical spoilt rich girl with a colored boyfriend. The bitch didn't even bother greeting I don't know if no one taught her about manners or not. Now I wished I had settled for out of campus residence cause I don't see this girl and I being friends. You could see she thought highly of herself thinking she's your majesty. Nxa! Anyway if she was going to pretend like I don't exist then she could go to hell for all I care I'm just going to act like she's not here and she better stay out of my way before I fuck myself a bitch. The following day I woke up and took a shower . I had sent my mom a text yesterday that I arrived safely it was the sincere thing to do. Tumi was picking me up so I can go buy groceries and other stuff I need. I last talked to Thatso yesterday and I actually missed him. It seemed I was going to spend so much time with his brother and I really wish it was him here instead. Anyway I dried and wrapped a towel around my body when I was done. She was up laying in her bed. I just looked at her then went about with my business. I took out a cigarette lit it and smoked next to the window as usual. "Hi" Someone said behind me so I turned and looked at her. Roommate : I'm Palesa. Me: Boitumelo. Palesa: So you smoke? I rolled my eyes. What the hell did she think I was doing? Dancing? I just needed this bitch to get out of my face and allow me to smoke in peace. I looked at her with a raised eyebrow. She looked nervous. Am I really intimidating? I doubt so. Palesa: I'm not good at making friends so I - Me: I don't wanna be your friend. I turned back to the window and continued with what I was doing and I heard her leaving. It's about time. After smoking I dropped the towel and lotioned. I wore a black tight short Jumpsuit with my all black Nike Huarache. I applied some eyeliner and mascara then my navy blue matte lipstick on my lips. I took my black backpack and put my wallet in and other necessities. How I wish I had a car. Sigh. My phone rang on the counter. I answered without checking the caller id. Me: Yeah? "I'm downstairs " Me: Ain't you coming up? He chuckled. Tumi: No just come down. Me: Okay I'm coming. Tumi: Cool. I took an apple from the fruits we bought. Doll face was playing with her phone. I just got out without saying a thing to her taking my key just in case I find her out when I come back. I took a lift downstairs and there he was looking as handsome as ever. I wonder how he and Kgothatso can be siblings and be the complete opposite. I love my boyfriend so much but he's not handsome. He's not ugly either just normal. We hugged shortly. Tumi: You look beautiful. He kissed me on the cheek. Me: Thanks. Tumi: Let's go ma'am. Me: It's about time. He chuckled. We walked out and to his car. . PALESA As soon as she left I could finally breathe. That girl scared the shit out of me and she was rude and so intimidating. She still looked beautiful and flawless. I only thought she had a tattoo on her arm but I was wrong there was one on her thigh and another on her leg and ankle. I still wonder how old she is because she looks so young. Anyway I tried reaching out to her but she completely rejected my efforts and plainly told me she doesn't wanna be friends. Sigh. I wonder how we gonna be able to get along when we can't even be friends. I don't get why she doesn't want us to be friends. Am I too ugly for her? I just don't know. Tony called me disturbing me from my thoughts. Me: Hello. Tony: Hey what's wrong? Me: What do you mean? Tony: You sound sad. Me: I'm okay. Tony: You know you can't lie to me. I sighed. He always knew when I'm lying. He knows me that much. Sometimes I think more than I know myself. Me: My roommate doesn't wanna be friends with me. Tony: Did she say that or you just assumed that? Me: She told me straight to my face. Tony: Ouch. Me: I feel so stupid. I embarrassed myself in front of that beautiful girl. Tony: You sure you don't have a thing for her? Me: What? No I chuckled. Me: I'm not bi and I only have eyes for you. Tony: We using each other's lines now? I laughed once more. Me: What's yours is mine right? Tony: You think you smart. I laughed even louder. Me: Point of correction I am smart. Tony: I'm glad you laughing. Just give it time I am smart. Tony: I'm glad you laughing. Just give it time you'll be friends. Let everything happen at its own pace. Me: You talking sense now. Tony: I always do. Me: Oh please. Tony: I miss you. Me: I miss you too baby. Tony: Wish you were here in my arms and I'd be whispering sweet somethings in your ear. I smiled and blushed biting my lower lip. Me: Oh? Tony: Yeah then stare deeply at your beautiful eyes as I make you come. Me: Stop it! I don't know why he's able to get me horny by just speaking or even just looking at me. He has that effect on me. He chuckled. Tony: Sorry for making you wet and not being there to help you. Me: You'll have to make it up to me though. Tony: Oh I will. When I'm done you won't even be able to sit down for a week. Me: Anthony! He chuckled. I know he meant it. Everytime he goes for it I always struggle to walk for days but that never makes me stop wanting more and more. Tony: I got to go baby. Take care if yourself for me. Me: I always do. Tony: Don't stress about your roommate she'll come around. Me: I hope she does. Tony: Bye I love you. Me: I love you too. He hung up. I was hungry now so I decided to cook. I had brought groceries too yesterday so I was all sorted. My fridge and microwave had been delivered as well. I wondered if Tumi would be keen to eat with me. I know Tony told me to just let it be but I couldn't. I had to put on more effort so we can get on well. . KRISTEN I had to listen to them having sex. Now I regret not having my rooms sound proofed. Kim actually spent the night I don't know why she wasn't at school cause she's doing matric now. It's never easy having your ex fuck your best friend. What's fucked up with all of this is that it started when Kim and I were still dating. Kim was screaming her lungs out as if trying to piss me off. I think Kim was doing it on purpose she likes rubbing me off the wrong way nje. I didn't care though I was going to put my focus on my books only. I was going to stop with this alcohol shit. I also needed to go back to gym and get my biceps back. I didn't have any belly fat just a flat stomach. Anyway I decided to go visit my family. I was only gonna go to campus tomorrow. I took a quick shower dried and lotioned. I wore black adidas shorts black Adidas T-shirt and Red Nike Rosh. My hair was long now and I wasn't planning on cutting it any time soon. I took my phone and car keys then went off. I drove the Range Rover to mom's place. I needed to go bond with my little brother. His name is Kristin. He was a few months old now. Mom was surprised to see me as usual I don't knock. She ran to me and suffocated me with an embrace. Me: I-can't-breathe She laughed before breaking it and kissing me all over the face. If I had a girlfriend she'd probably leave me now. Seeing how my mother is affectionate with me. Mom: I can't believe you here. Me: Better believe it. Where's mini me? The kid looked so much like me you'd think he's mine. Probably why the gave him the same name as mine. Mom: He's sleeping. Come. She took me by the hand. Dad was reading a newspaper in the lounge. He peaked to look at me then turned back to his paper before dropping it probably when he realized its me. Dad: Son! Me: Pops. He got up and also gave me a tight hug. It's then that I realized how much I had descended my family and I vowed never to let that happen again. I was living for them now and getting my degree was the first step to making my parents proud. .

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