Part 3 Love, lust & Desire

# Narrated Few days later they were all getting ready to go to varsity. Trinny was in her bedroom and packing the last of her bags. She took out a cigarette and smoked while reflecting back on her life. She and Kgothatso had decided to work on their relationship a part of her wondered if it was really worth it but her heart convinced her of the love she has for him and she forgave him. She looked outside the window while taking puffs of her cigarette. It crossed her mind that she was actually leaving. This place had rather bittersweet memories. Her home where she never felt like she belonged. Her mother who treated her like an outsider who never showed her any affection. All she knew was cursing her and calling her nasty names. She'd never for once treated her like her own daughter she had always wondered why she hated her this much. This is the same woman who carried her for nine months who nurtured and breastfed her till she was fully nourished. Where did it go wrong? Prior to finishing her cigarette she threw the remaining away and left the window opened for some fresh air. Someone knocked on her door she went to open and it was her mother. She sighed before letting her in. All she wondered was what she was going to say to her her mind told her it's nothing nice. She wasn't any bothered though she had gotten used to it and it didn't even bother her anymore. Definitely not after she created this shield. The same shield which gave birth to who she was now The reason for the tattoos and piercings and all this bad girl image. Meanwhile Palesa had long packed her bags. Tony was the one driving her. It wasn't that far since its in the same province. She was going to be sharing a room something she had never done before. She wondered who that would be and if they'd even click. She had never been good at making friends not because she's shy cause she's totally the opposite. She was so used to her own space that she had no idea how it was all going to work. She couldn't get a single room because she's a first year student and she didn't want to complain to her dad cause he'd end up buying a flat for her something she didn't want yet. She was taking almost all of her clothes and other necessities. The room was fully furnished so she only needed a fridge microwave and iron. That was it. She was a bit anxious though it had been such a long time since varsity and this wasn't the previous one she had been going to. She wondered how this experience was going to be and she hoped she makes friends. An hour later she was with her family and bidding farewells. She promised to visit at least once a month refusing to make any promises she might be unable to fulfill. This was it. She was going to focus on her books and was looking forward to doing something with her life. This was for her future and she couldn't hide her excitement. Kristen however wasn't worried about anything. His flat was only twenty minutes from campus so he wasn't worried in anyway. He was going to live with Brandon his beardless friend as they'd be going to study at the same campus. His flat was two bedroomed so Brandon was going to occupy the other room. He was moving in today and as much as he wanted him here he wasn't looking forward to having company. He had basically become a loner ever since what happened with Hope. He hardly visited home and he couldn't even recall when last he saw his sister. He didn't like her husband at all and now it was even worse. According to him all Johnson's were evil. He thought Hope was better but was now convinced it runs in their blood. He wondered if his child would have also grew up to become like one of them. Maybe all that happened was for the best. He tried convincing himself but he couldn't stop mourning for his child's death. Having someone in the house was probably going to help him not overthink or was it? We'll just have to find out. . TRINNY My jaw dropped. I couldn't believe this. I stopped breathing for a while trying to digest all my mother told me. This was my first hearing such from her. All my 17 years of living in this earth. Me: Come again? Do you blame me though? I had to know whether I heard her or I was hallucinating. My eyes had popped out from astonishment. The woman in front of me looked like my mother but I doubted its her. Maybe my mom had a twin which I had no knowledge of. Mom: Boitumelo I know all of this is a shock but it's true. I love you you my daughter and I gave birth to you. You my first child to go to university and I'm proud of you. I wasn't going to play along with this. I was not buying it. I just nodded. I was going with Tumi. Yeah him. I decided to forgive him because it wouldn't be fair forgiving his brother and not him while they were in this together. Since we were going to the same campus he offered me a lift and I couldn't say no. Things weren't the same like before but I believed We'd get there. He had actually erased any chance of us ever pursuing a relationship together. I now completely saw him as a friend

no ass grabbing and definitely no kissing from now on. I just nodded. She had given me money for transport food on the road and whatever necessities. I had a bursary and allowances from both her and my father. Phemy was at school. Tumi texted me after the awkward moment with my mother. She had gone out of my room. She didn't even apologize for how she had treated me all these years. That's how she is. She'd treat you badly then the next moment expect things to just be normal. She always made it my fault. Tumi: I'm outside. I got up and went to open the gate for him. My mother was probably sleeping now. She had been working night shift at the hospital. He got in and I stood at the door waiting for him. He came to me. Tumi: Hey. Me: Hi. We shared a short hug. He helped load all my bags into his range rover. He comes from a well off family reason why he thought no girl would ever say no to him. I was wearing a black boyfriend dungaree with a white T-shirt and Black adidas NMD and a cup on my head. I needed to do my hair after I'm all settled in. An hour later we were on the road. I was going to help him with driving though I didn't have a license. I was only going to drive at less risky roads. I didn't have a license but I could drive my father had taught me and it wasn't even hard because I'm a fast learner. Three hours later we had arrived at campus. They directed us to my res. The res manager gave my keys and Tumi helped load my stuff. It was only clothes and bedding pillows and blankets. I was going to buy whatever I need from here. It was a Sharing room but fortunately for me my roommate hadn't arrived so I chose the best side which was the one far from the door and my bed was next to the window. We had our bathroom in the room. It was just a shower sink and toilet. At least I'll only be sharing with one person. Tumi had to leave so he could go get himself settled. We were gonna meet tomorrow so we could buy whatever I need. He had bought food for today and tomorrow for me and I was going to buy groceries tomorrow. I opened the window. My room was on the fourth floor. I lit a cigarette while sitting by the window frame. I had already settled in. . PALESA Tony was holding some of my bags for me. I had a whole lot of stuff with me we came with a van. I don't even Know where he got in. I was given a room number and key. Man: Your room is on the fourth floor your roommate arrived three hours ago. I nodded. I was a bit scared. I wondered how she was. I really hoped it was not another Lelo Mthiyana situation (From Skeem saam) Tony: Relax. Me: I can't. What if she's a serial killer of some sort? Tony: You'll make me hire a body guard for you. Me: Okay fine I'll relax. The lift stopped at the fourth floor and we got out. I took a deep breath when I was in front of my room's door. Tony: You gonna open up or? I breathed out. The door wasn't locked so I just opened. It seemed my roommate had settled in already. She turned when she felt our presence. She had a cigarette on her hand. I really wasn't expecting this. It didn't suit her though. She was beautiful short light skinned with a piercing on her nose and lower lip and one on her eyebrow. She also had a small tattoo on her hand. She didn't say anything but looked outside the window again. I wasn't expecting that too I thought maybe she'd come and introduce herself or something. She had navy blue hair and was wearing a black golf cap. Tony: Let's get you also settled in. Me: Umm yeah. Tony saw the tension in the room but didn't say anything. This girl looked Gothic. Could it be she's a satanist or something? Anyway we went to get some of my other bags and this time we found her laying on her bed with her phone on her hands. I just let her be I'm not good at making friends anyway. I accompanied Tony to his car. Tony: Sure you'll be okay? I nodded. My conscience wasn't telling me anything so I didn't worry much about her. Tony: Call me if you feel unsettled in anyway. Me: I will. Tony: She looks harmless. You should try talking to her. Me: She looks scary. He chuckled. Tony: It's just a front. Me: She's so beautiful. Tony: Really? I laughed lightly. She was actually more beautiful than me. I'm not feeling threatened by her in anyway I'm just being completely honest. She didn't have any makeup on unlike me. Me: Don't tell me you didn't notice. Tony: I only have eyes for you. He perked me lightly on the lips. I just smiled. When he left I knew I had to face my rude roommate sooner or later. I'll just have to find a way to talk to her but she scared me. She looked younger though you'd even think she's like 15. Even Lema looked older than her. I sighed and got in the lift. How's that for my first day in campus. . KRISTEN Brandon: Ready for the babes? We were going to campus tomorrow for the orientations. It was Sunday. I really didn't want to attend this orientation it was stupid for me. All I wanted was to know all my classes then chill after. Me: Do we really have to go? Brandon: Yeah apparently it's compulsory. Me: Who makes an orientation program six days long? Brandon: You'll just have to suck it up. We were in the lounge watching TV. He had forced me to get out of my room. The doorbell rang. I looked at him. Me: Expecting someone? He didn't answer me but went to get the door immediately. I heard a familiar voice. Kim: Hey Charisma. Now that's something I wasn't expecting. I didn't even think they were still together considering how he had been talking about babes. I just nodded and got up. She was staring I was topless. I cleared my throat and went up the stairs. I still couldn't stand her face and it was worse now after what Hope. Every female suddenly infuriated me. Eve is after all the one who gave Adam the forbidden fruit and the reason they were kicked out of the garden of Eden. Yeah I read my Bible.

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