The definition of a journey is very simple and straight forward ; "The act of travelling from one place to the another"

This could be a journey in time. Growth is also a journey and even our lives are a journey as we have grown from infants to where we are now and the journey continues.

But what is love?

The dictionary defines it as a feeling of strong affection which may be or is often romantic and sexual.

The Bible according 1 Corinthians 13 defines Love as kind long suffering and that it keeps no records of wrongs and rejoices in truth.

William Shakespeare defined it as an ever fixed mark that looks on tempests and is never shaken.

The definitions vary and are never ending.

I believe if I were to ask you how do you define love you would come up with your own definition that could be completely different from those listed.

Is the love that we receive from our parents different from those we receive from our friends partners and acquaintances?

How do we know when it's love? How sure are we that what we see as love is really love?

It is always hard to figure out and sometimes we hold on to something that isn't love but is almost love.


We're scared to let go because we're afraid of what awaits us outside this love.

Some stay in abusive relationships and marriages all in the name of love.

Some stay because of the memories and what brought them there.

I believe it's not easy to leave someone you've been with for years.

We follow the stories of three main characters in their journey as they define their own kind of love.

We might agree with it disagree Or beg to differ but at the end we will realise that love Isn't easy. Sometimes it's worth fighting for but at other times it's better to let go.

Keamogetse Jonas a 24 years old primary school teacher.

Lungisani Ngcobo a 28 years old Software engineer

Hugh Dladla a 28 years old father of two and business man as he'd describe himself.

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