I felt the weight of the world on my shoulders as I drove back to that house.

The holidays where over which meant it was time for me to go back to reality.

As I parked my car his was also parked outside.

I remained in the car and said a silent prayer. I needed strength.

I gathered enough courage and got off my car.

It wasn't big enough but I was just coming to get my clothes. I had already found myself an apartment which I was going to rent.

He was after all the one who bought the house.

His eyes were the first I saw when I got in. He looked shocked. The house was a mess. I almost puked.

Fana: "I... Uhm... I wasn't expecting you"

I still didn't say anything. I was too lost for words.

I made my way to the master bedroom. I could feel him following behind me.

Me: "I'm here for my stuff"

I then got started with the packing ignoring the mess that was even in this room.

I just wanted my clothes not caring about anything else for now.

Fana: "Keamo I'm really sorry"

Hearing his voice made me boil but I knew I had to focus on the matter at hand.

When he heard I wasn't barging he left. I thanked God for that.

I wasn't packing with any skill I was packing so I could get out of his house because I felt it was suffocating me.

About an hour later I was done. I had three big luggage bags that had my clothes and shoes and another which had accessories jewellery and stuff.

Arriving back the house was clean much to my surprise.

I made two trips back and I was done.

I'd just have to send someone to fetch the rest of my stuff.

He was nowhere to be found inside the house so I wrote him a note to pack my remaining stuff stuck it on the fridge then left.

Though the apartment was furnished it felt so lonely.

I never thought I'd start the New Year as a single lady. I had never been a fan of singleness.

I knew there was a lot I needed to change and having a man or woman in my life would stand in front of that.

The following week I was finally back at school.

It was the second week of January and oh was I grateful that the school opened.

We had two new teachers a male and a female.

The man was married and looked to be in his forties while the lady was probably fresh from university.

She was sharing the office with me.

She introduced herself as Nikiwe.

She had a slim body with big boob's and was light skinned.

She didn't talk much.

There was a knock on my office door and when I opened Lonwabo was standing on the other side with a smile on his face.

Lonwabo: "Momo"

I wasn't their teacher since they had passed.

Me: "Hi baby"

I let him in. I was alone.

Lonwabo: "I brought you some cookies. Happy New Year "

Me: "Thank you. Happy New Year "

I took the container from him.

Me: "How were your holidays? "

The smile on his face assured me that he had great fun and I listened while munching on the cookies he brought.

Hugh really raised a good young man here.



Grace: "I don't feel welcome here anymore "

Me: "Can I just bond with my daughter? "

She had brought her over to visit.

I missed my baby girl and I hated that she didn't stay with me.

However it was good this way. Grace was staying with her mother and I dreaded going to that woman's house because she'd shout about how I ruined her daughter's life.

My staying away was out of respect because the last time I checked Grace was a grown woman.

We're the same age.

Grace: "Can I cook? "

Me: "Go ahead. I'm hungry too and the kids will be when they come. My helper only comes three times a week"

My daughter eventually fell asleep so I went to put her in her old room.

My house needed some renovations and I was planning to hire someone who will help with that.

I didn't see myself moving and my yard was big enough.

I went to take out a beer from the fridge.

I wasn't planning on getting drunk since I was fetching the kids later on.

She came to sit next to me and gave me my plate.

Grace: "So

will I be asking for autographs soon? "

I laughed.

Me: "Not you too"

Grace: "Must be great finding someone who has kids like you "

Me: "I was once in love with you Grace. Where's your confidence? I think it's what attracted you to me apart from your thick ass"

She chuckled.

Grace: "I just wish I was falling in love as frequently as you do. "

Me: "I care about you and I don't want a repeat of last time. Don't rush into anything. It'll happen "

Grace: "Well I just want to lose the baby weight then I'll be good to go"

I laughed.

Me: "You don't need to lose anything. I think it makes you extra sexy "

Grace: "I love it when we're not biting each other's hands. Thank you "

Me: "I'm not that much of a bad guy"

Grace: "So you prefer the slim petite ones now? "

Me: "They like me"

I said shrugging and she laughed rolling her eyes.

She offered to go fetch the kids and I let her.

I washed our dishes then attended to Sisi when she woke up.

Lonwabo was rather happy when he came back.

He kissed his little sister's forehead.

Me: "And then? "

Lonwabo: "Momo kissed my cheek. I'm not washing this side of my face "

He was pointing at the left side. I laughed.

Me: "I thought you wanted her for me"

He shook his head.

Lonwabo: "Not anymore. I'm old now. She said I made her day "

He said with a grin.

Grace: "He couldn't stop talking about her. Should I be worried? "

I laughed.

Me: "It's just a crush. Relax"

Lonwabo went to take off his uniform then she gave them their food.

I received a video call from Minni later on.

She was in nothing but her undergarments.

Her bra didn't hide much. Her nipples were transparent.

Minni: "I miss you "

Me: "I miss that"

She laughed.

Minni: "It sucks. I'm all alone and horny"

I chuckled.

Me: "I still think you should have stayed "

Minni: "I'm coming in two weeks. For the launch the D and other things "

Me: "I don't care. I just want to see you"

Minni: "I want that too. I wonder how our relationship will survive this distance "

Me: "We'll make it work. I think we can and who knows I might go over there during your summer "

Minni: "With the kids? We could make it a family thing. Unless you think... I mean if it's not moving too fast"

I shook my head.

Me: "They'd want that. I don't think we have a pace. "

Minni: "I'm glad. I don't want to be afraid of overstepping boundaries "

Me: "You can relax. I never knew there was something that scares you "

Minni: "You intimidate me at times Hugh but I'm more scared of what I could be feeling for you"

Me: "Love is a scary feeling "

Minni: "You're one good looking man "

I laughed. I really wasn't expecting that.

Me: "Am I? "

Minni: "Do you smoke? Why are your lips so dark? I think I like them more than your pretty face "

Me: "Are you trying to make me blush? "

Minni: "I'm being honest. No wonder your kids look so good. "

Me: "Thank you Minni but I think you take the cup when it comes to beauty. Your looks are out of this world "

Minni: "I hardly ever look myself in the mirror "

Me: "That's not the Minenhle I know. I'm thinking our house will have to have about a hundred mirrors "

She laughed blushing.

Minni: "I'm not that bad"

Me: "I love you like that "

Minni: "You love me? "

Me: "Yes"

"Mommy we have to go"

Minni: "Duty calls. I love you too Mr Dladla"

She hung up leaving me with a stupid grin on my face.

Minenhle Dladla doesn't sound bad.



I woke up to the sweet smell of bacon and pineapple juice.

I knew he was here and as I turned there was a tray with breakfast on my bed counter.

Man I was yet to get used to this romance thing. Who am I kidding? I loved it but it had been such a long time.

Hugh was romantic only on one or two occasions and that was before the baby.

I went to brush my teeth and he was there in a black slim fit suit.

Me: "Am I missing something? "

David: "You haven't seen me in a week I thought you'd be in my arms by now"

I laughed and went to him. He gave me a squeeze then kissed the daylights out of me.

Me: "Wow"

David: "Good morning baby. Let's feed your tiny ass"

He took my hand and we went to sit on the bed.

He literally fed me until I could feel my stomach bursting.

Me: "Are you trying to get me fat? "

David: "It wouldn't be a bad thing but I love you even like this. "

Me: "Why are you dressed up? "

David: "I have a business meeting at 9. Go shower then I'll drive you to work"

Me: "As long as you going to fetch me"

David: "We'll do dinner. I'll tell you all about my trip"

Me: "I would like that "

Retha paid me a visit during lunch and we went to check over at the store.

Everything was coming well. The place looked modern and sophisticated exactly what I wanted.

Retha: "Is it just me or you're glowing? "

Me: "Might be just you "

We had champagne in my office.

Just a glass each.

Retha: "The foreigner must be good"

I laughed.

Me: "That sounds so wrong "

Retha: "Argh you know what I mean "

Me: "And you how's it with Mr Ngcobo? "

Retha: "Oh good I'm happy. He's happy "

Me: "And the monster-in-law? "

She laughed.

Retha: "He's always on my side so I never worry about her. She's always Working on my nerve though "

Me: "I don't think I could handle such drama "

Retha: "You're rolling with the big leagues. I doubt you'll face such"

We continued just talking until she had to leave.

David did come fetch me and we went to have our dinner.




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