Minni: "Are these real diamonds? "

She bit on the chain.

Buhle: "Fuck the diamonds are those Ferrari keys? "

Minni looked at Hugh.

Minni: "How is this even possible? "

I couldn't believe that Hugh bought a girl he just met a whole fucken car.

We all ran outside to see this beast and damn it was really a Ferrari.

The plates were written Minni. It was black with pink rims.

The seats were all white written Minni in glittering pink.

It was beautiful and looked like the latest version.

She screamed that we all had to cover our ears.

Minni: "This is beautiful baby thank you "

Then they kissed.

David: "Are you OK? "

He gave me a concerned look.

Me: "I'm fine. I just find this overwhelming. "

David: "I didn't know your baby daddy was loaded"

I chuckled.

Me: "He's more humble I'd say about his wealth. He's not one to show off"

David: "That's admirable "

Hugh: "Wanna take this baby for a ride? "

Minni: "Hell yeah "

David drove Autumn and I back to my apartment.

She was already sleeping when we arrived. He picked her and went to put her in her crib.

I took off my shoes poured myself some wine then sat in the lounge staring at the blank TV.

He came and sat next to me.

David: "Jealousy doesn't suit you you know "

Me: "I'm not jealous "

David: "What kind of relationship did you have with Hugh? Was it just sex or you were in love? "

Me: "Uhm just sex. I did catch feelings though but I'm over that "

David: "Men choose who to spend on and how much. Anyway did you enjoy the party? "

Me: "I did. It was amazing . Thank you for taking me"

I kissed his cheek.

He turned and made it a full on the lips kiss.

David: "So when are we taking our holiday? "

Me: "We can choose any date after the launch "

David: "Amazing. "



Minni: "Now I'm having doubts about leaving "

Me: "You don't have to leave "

Minni: "I don't know Hugh. This all seems like a fairytale "

I pinched her and she chuckled.

Minni: "What was that for? "

Me: "Proof that this is reality "

Minni: "This is how it all starts like a perfect story but it never has a happy ending "

Me: "But don't we always take a risk with our hearts and hope and believe it'll work out? "

She sighed.

Minni: "I'm scared "

Me: "We still have our trip to Hawaii. Just don't be a stranger "

Minni: "Don't be anyone's Savior "

I laughed.

Me: "Really now? "

Minni: "No Hugh or should I hide someone to keep an eye on you? "

Me: "I promise to behave but I'll be keeping an eye on you "

Minni: "You're not exactly the only one so it's cool"

I pinched her nipple.

Me: "Really? "

Minni: "Yeah. "

Me: "These are the kind of moments I wish to not end"

Minni: "Can we take a picture? "

Me: "Uhm OK "

Was it just a picture? No. She took countless of pictures.

Two days later and she had left.

I missed her like crazy.

Anyway I was in my lounge watching TV when Diana just barged in.

She threw a newspaper at me.

Me: "Hello to you too"

Diana: "They're not mentioning your name but I know this is you "

She punched me.

Me: "Ouch "

Diana: "I wondered why you were scarce kante you're rolling with Hollywood stars. What happened to Lihle? "

Me: "She left me because of Sisipho"

Diana: "If I were to write a book about your life I'd get billions "

Me: "As long as you don't skip all our love making sessions "

Diana: "I'm married dummy. So do you love her? "

Me: "I think I do but it's too soon to tell "

Diana: "It's never too soon. My husband loved me the first time he saw me. "

Me: "Well do you love her? "

Me: "I think I do but it's too soon to tell "

Diana: "It's never too soon. My husband loved me the first time he saw me. "

Me: "Well she's someone I would want to settle with. I think I'll see as time goes on. "

Diana: "I want you to be happy and settled down instead of moving from one woman to the next"

Me: "You sound like my mother right now"

Diana: "It's called caring. "

She said rolling my eyes.

We had lunch together which she cooked then she had to leave.

As I was about to get out I had a visit from Leonor.

Leonor: "A car? "

Me: "I'm actually on my way out"

Leonor: "I guess I never knew you "

I chuckled.

Me: "Leonor what do you want? "

Leonor: "I just came to check up on you"

Me: "I'm well"

I closed the door and went to my car.

I drove to the club.



Dad: "What happened? I thought you were spending Christmas and the New Year with your in laws "

Me: "I don't have in laws "

Dad: "I remember accepting lobola for you"

Me: "I've never had anyone hurt me like this. I never thought I could hurt like this. The pain is here and it's too much. I can't get rid of it"

Dad: "I'm sorry baby. Seeing you hurt hurts me"

Me: "I hate him dad. I hate him so much and I... I want nothing to do with him or his family. "

Dad: "You can't stay locked in here forever though "

Me: "I know but I need to heal. It won't happen overnight "

Dad: "That doesn't mean you should watch your life pass you by. "

Me: "If you guys don't want me in your house then I'll leave. Schools are far from opening so I don't get how I'm watching my life pass me by. "

Dad: "I'm just saying that it's new year's eve. There's nothing wrong with going out to play with other kids "

He kissed my forehead then left my room.

I sighed.

This bastard was probably out there having the time of his life.

Me? I was still haunted by my own foolishness. He confessed straight to my face.

To think I was in love with that. I couldn't even think of what kind of person that Made me to be.

I went out like my father had suggested and man even the alcohol couldn't make me forget.

I tried not thinking about it. I knew that making out with a random guy or girl also won't help.

People were excited as the New Year approached but me? I wasn't.

What was there to look forward to anyway?



Oh how happy I was when I welcomed the New Year with my girlfriend.

Retha: "Happy New Year baby"

I kissed her again. We watched the fireworks.

It was a beautiful moment.

Me: "Can't believe we made it "

Retha: "Can this be a New start for us? Let's just forget about the previous year's drama and focus on building our relationship and your uhm... Your coming baby "

Me: "Might not be mine "

Retha: "It's yours. April comes from a rich family so I don't think she's trying to rob you. I don't want you to regret this at a later stage "

I sighed.

Me: "Fine. I'll talk to her"

She kissed my lips.

Retha: "Thank you. "

In the morning my mother forced us to wake up early and help her prepare her lunch.

We took a quick shower together got dressed and went to slave.

I was sent to run errands while Retha had to do the actual cooking.

I felt for her. My mom is a real slave driver.

My phone rang. It was Fana. I groaned.

I had no interest in associating myself with him cause he was really not what I thought.

Me: "Sure "

Fana: "Happy New Year man "

Me: "Ah thanks "

Fana: "Thought you pull up in my crib. We had an epic party "

Me: "Retha and I decided to stay indoors "

Fana: "It sounds like you're not interested in talking to me"

Me: "Damn right. You owe me answers man"

Fana: "I'm trying not to think about that. Keamo left me and now I'm not even welcome at her home. My life is pretty fucked up"

Me: "I don't blame her. Definitely not after what we found out about you. That woman loves you but you played her"

If I was driving I would have had an accident.

I was busy trying to get things in the long list that I had been given.

Fana: "I know and I feel bad. We'll talk man. Come see me"

Then he hung up.

I wondered if he even loved her. I mean she stayed even after his infidelity but he betrayed her.

I found April at home when I arrived.

I felt bad for Retha.

Anyway my father helped me with taking the stuff I bought into the house.

Me: "We need to talk "

I said this pulling her by the hand.

April: "What's going on? "

We were now outside where there wasn't much noise.

Me: "Is this baby really mine? I need to know if you're not taking me for a ride"

April: "Yes it's yours. I don't sleep around "

Me: "I'm going to trust that you're telling the truth. When is your next appointment? "

April: "Next week"

Me: "I'm coming with you. It's time I got involved as the father "

April: "OK. I'll send you the address and we'll meet there"

Me: "Great"


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