Minni: "You did this? "

Me: "I did"

She looked at me with her arms folded.

Minni: "And how did you even get into my room? When? "

Me: "Do you like it? "

I wasn't about to answer her ridiculous questions.

She walked around. I had tried this being romantic thing and had her room filled with white rose petals.

They were on the floor on the bed and a few banquets on her dressing table.

Minni: "I love it. "

The curtains were closed and I had lit candles.

Of course I hired someone to do everything for me.

She came to me and perked my lips.

Minni: "This is amazing "

Me: "It's just flowers. I have a bigger surprise for tomorrow only if I'm still your date to the party"

She smiled.

Minni: "OK. I'm looking forward to it. Is it something flashy? "

Me: "I'm not telling. That would completely ruin the surprise "

Minni: "This is too beautiful am I allowed to take pictures and videos? "

Me: "Just make it fast. I want to make sweet love to you. It's not right that we've only had sex once "

Minni: "What if I'm on my periods? "

Me: "That's not my problem "

Minni: "You're quite a challenge Hugh"

Me: "Champagne? "

I said swaying the bottle in the air.

She smiled.

Minni: "Please "

I poured both of us glasses.

I gave her one. She took a sip.

I held her face and brought to mine then kissed her. It was so intense that she dropped her glass and her arms wrapped my neck.

I broke it then looked into her eyes.

I then gulped down the remaining drink and went to put the glass on the table.

I took off my shirt with her eyes still fixed on mine then took off my pants and shoes

I went to her picked her up with her wrapping her legs around my waist and we kissed again. My lips went from hers to her neck. I unzipped her dress while kissing her neck with my one hand.

I put her down then let it fall on the floor. She was now just in her thong.

Me: "I love the view. Did you even breastfeed? "

She giggled.

Minni: "I did but only for the first six months "

Me: "Your breasts are beautiful "

I cupped them with my hands.

I threw her on the bed then got on top of her.

I kissed her boob's. One to the other then kissed down her belly line. I licked her navel and she moaned. I wanted to take my time with her.

Me: "You smell like blueberries "

Minni: "Aftershave "

After I went down on her we made sweet love with our moans and groans filling the air.

We made love everywhere even in her bathroom by the sink.

We ended in the bath tub where she fell asleep. I dried her then lotioned her too and took her to bed.

Me: "Merry Christmas "

I said when she opened her eyes. I had already showered and even had breakfast with me.

I kissed her forehead.

Minni: "A part of me thought last night was a dream"

Me: "I'm still here and I got you breakfast "

Minni: "I could get used to this"

I chuckled.

Me: "Don't. Go rinse your mouth then we'll eat"

She went out and came back wearing a robe

Me: "I didn't say shower"

She rolled her eyes.

Me: "I must admit that you look so beautiful without the makeup. More beautiful "

Minni: "Thank you. I thought you'd be gone in the morning. How did you get breakfast? "

Me: "From your step mom"

I said with a grin and she looked at me with a raised eyebrow.

Me: "She likes me"

I winked at her and she chuckled.

Me: "I have to go"

I said after we had our breakfast.

Minni: "Already? I was enjoying this"

Me: "I'll see you at the party"

I kissed her cheek then left bumping into her father at the kitchen.

He clicked his tongue and I just laughed and went out.



Aphiwe: "It's only been a few weeks and you're so happy"

I chuckled.

Me: "He really makes me so happy. He makes me feel so alive "

Aphiwe: "I'm happy for you. Anyway I have to go. I don't want Craig murdering me"

I laughed.

Me: "Christmas is family time "

Aphiwe: "Oh yes. Enjoy. Diana is probably going mad wherever she is"

They were spending Christmas together.

I walked her to the door. We hugged and I waved her goodbye.

Me: "Will you help mommy choose an outfit? "

I asked my daughter after we had taken a bath together.

David was only coming to fetch us. He said Carol was overworking them to ensure everything is in place.

I heard that Minni's sister was also going to be there.

I had to dress up because those two are always on their best.

It was around 3pm

I needed all the time to prepare myself and Autumn of course.

I wore a black mermaid dress that was backless with lace sleeves. It had a slit from the thigh and revealed my little butt perfectly.

I matched it with red platform heels and wore a beautiful neck piece I had gotten from David.

My daughter was in a black umbrella dress with black sandals.

I took cute pictures of us. I had kept the makeup simple but I still looked amazing and smelled nice.

David: "It's about time"

He said when we were downstairs. I kissed his cheek.

David: "You look amazing "

Autumn: "And me? "

I laughed.

Me: "Thank you "

David: "You look splendid baby "

He kissed her cheek.

Me: "And you look dashing "

David: "Oh darling I try "

Me: "I have gifts "

David: "And you're only mentioning this now? "

I rolled my eyes.

Me: "A little help? "

We arrived at the Jacobs residence right on time.

It was set in the garden and looked amazing.

The theme was all Christmas with red green and white.

There was a long table and we had been given seat numbers.

Everything was well set. They even had a band which was playing Christmas music. They were dressed In tuxedos the ladies included. They were white bells hanging in the air and there was red carpet.

Me: "This is beautiful "

David: "Mrs Jacobs went all out. Let's go take our seats"

The kids had their own table the ladies included. They were white bells hanging in the air and there was red carpet.

Me: "This is beautiful "

David: "Mrs Jacobs went all out. Let's go take our seats"

The kids had their own table which is where Autumn went to sit.

It wasn't far from ours.

He pulled the chair for me and I sat down.

David: "This is Nobuhle and Her husband Lasizwe. And she's Leonor my girlfriend "

Nobuhle: "You're beautiful dear. I'm just glad he's not gay "

Lasizwe: "I told you "

I chuckled.

Me: "I can testify he isn't "

Nobuhle: "I'd ask something but unfortunately my husband is a very jealous man "

She kissed her lips. Their love was evident.

"Dad we're not sitting with the kids right? "

He looked a bit like him and was holding Minni's daughter 'S hand

Nobuhle: "You're most welcome to join us"

More people came. I met their step brother and his fiancee His name starts with a B and she's Krissie.

Mr Jacobs: "Can someone call Minenhle? "

Nobuhle: "No daddy you know she likes being the show stopper "

They both laughed and oh she was. I wasn't surprised to see her with Hugh they must have fixed their issues. He looked unrecognisable and had even done his hair.

They were wearing black and white. Him in all black and her in all white.

Minni: "Sorry we're late"

He pulled the chair for her and they sat down. He was next to me with Minni next to Lasizwe on his other side.

Hugh: "Is Esihle here too? "

I nodded and pointed at her.

The dinner went great and they were all so funny.

Hugh looked to be so in love. No I wasn't any jealous.

Nobuhle: "My favourite part of the evening. Gifting time! "

She clapped her hands.

Mr Jacobs: "I didn't get you two any gifts"

Minni: "Then subtract yourself from my life "

Mr Jacobs: " I'm kidding cupcake. Let's go to our gigantic Christmas tree. It's in the house "

David: "Autumn has made some friends "

She was with the twins.

I smiled.

Me: "She gets lonely when her brother isn't there "

David: "We should make her a friend "

He squeezed my butt.

Me: "Behave "

I whispered. He kissed my neck. We were in the house now.

Minni: "I hope everyone bought me a gift"

Carol: "Give us a break "

We laughed. Hugh kissed her cheek. They were so adorable.

Anyway gifts were exchanged.

All couples received all expenses paid vacation vouchers from Mr Jacobs. We got one for Dubai Minni for Hawaii Krissie for Paris and Nobuhle for Aspen.

Carol: "What about me? "

Darrell:" Let the kids enjoy themselves while we look after our grandkids "

He kissed her cheek.

They excused themselves.

Hugh: "Want your gift? "

She nodded.

David said he'll give me my gift at the vacation. I had bought him a Rolex watch.

Minni: "I didn't buy you anything. I was mad"

Hugh: "I expected that but I bought you something "

He gave her a small wrapped box.

Minni: "I'm so nervous "

Hugh: "Open up baby"

I almost fainted when she did.

No fucken way!


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