Me: "Go away! "

I said covering my head with the pillow.

My mom had been knocking on my door and it seemed she was never giving up.

I had spent the whole day locked up in here since I got from Hugh's place.

My phone was still off.

Mom: "Open this door Keamogetse. Your husband has been here for four hours now"

Me: "I don't want to see him"

Mom: "Should I call your father to come kick this door open? "

I sighed. I knew my mom was capable of that .

I dragged my feet to the door and opened.

Mom: "I'm not even going to ask"

Seeing him made me want to puke.

I never thought I'd find myself in love and married to such a monster.

He disgusted me.

My mom left and he got in and closed the door.

Fana: "I know that you probably See Me as a monster "

Me: "You are a monster! "

He sighed.

Fana: "I know. I know. I love you Keamo I really do and this... You weren't suppose to find out. "

I chuckled.

Me: "Wow"

Fana: "I just... It's not easy OK. Do you think I enjoy having this virus in my blood? I don't and yes it was my fault but the bitch was doing exactly what I've been doing. I guess this was my way of dealing with it and it was wrong yes but it's difficult for me to just accept this"

Me: "You made me believe you had. I went counselling with you. I still chose to stay regardless of your status dammit! You played me. Our relationship was a lie. This marriage... It's a fable! "

I threw my engagement ring at him.

Tears were furiously running down my cheeks.

Fana: "Look Keamo I know that this is a big shock but please forgive me. I'll change. I promise "

Me: "I want nothing to do with you Bafana Mkhize. Nothing. This video can easily go viral and I'd be the laughing stock. Please just leave "

Fana: "Baby come on "

Me: "Don't baby me! You don't love me. Our relationship was just a front. It was too perfect and now it all makes sense. "

I went to open the door.

Me: "Leave "

Fana: "I'm not going anywhere until we fix this "

Me: "Should I call dad? "

I didn't even turn to look at him as he left.

I sank down on the floor with my back on the door and just cried.

I had no plan. I didn't even know how my life was going to be without him.

I didn't know how I was going to move on from this.

The good thing was that it was the festive season so no school.



Man I never imagined the party turning out that way.

I knew more about Kea's fiance than she did and I personally thought it was good that she finally had a glimpse of his true colours.

I believed that she was going to recover from it.

Lihle had invited me over to her house for lunch.

I didn't know what it was about but I accepted the invite.

I missed Minenhle though and I was going to try and get us back to where we were.

She sort of brightened up my life and I enjoyed spending time with her.

I loved that status didn't matter to her and that she didn't care about what anyone else thought of her or her choices.

She lived her life as she wished and that was admirable.

She did her regardless of what anyone thought.

So there I was outside Lihle's door.

I knocked just once and she came to open.

Lihle: "Hi"

It was Friday.

Me: "Hello. I only had breakfast today so... "

She giggled.

Lihle: "Come on in"

I looked around.

Me: "You're alone? "

Lihle: "Yes. My mom went away. She's visiting her family "

Me: "Can't believe I've never been in here"

Lihle: "And how is our home? "

Me: "It's girly "

She laughed rolling her eyes.

Lihle: "Come sit down. I'll set the table "

Me: "Why are you so formal? And you didn't have to dress up for me "

Lihle: "Come on Hugh. "

I went to sit down

I tried Minenhle again and her phone still took me to voicemail.

She had probably blocked my number.

Lihle: "I'm not that much of a good cook so I bought this "

Me: "As long as I get to eat "

We had a lunch over comfortable silence.

I needed to know what it was all about and I asked as we were having dessert.

Lihle: "I wanted to thank you. For the other night "

Me: "I still care about you Lihle and that would never stop "

She smiled more like blushed.

Lihle: "I just... You literally saved me"

Me: "That I did. Thank you for filling my stomach. I'm just trying to sound polite"

She chuckled.

Lihle: "You're welcome "

Me: "So

more like blushed.

Lihle: "I just... You literally saved me"

Me: "That I did. Thank you for filling my stomach. I'm just trying to sound polite"

She chuckled.

Lihle: "You're welcome "

Me: "So am I still the only one you've slept with? "

She looked down. I laughed.

Me: "Come on. Don't be shy on me now"

Lihle: "Ha.a Hugh"

Me: "Sorry. "

Lihle: "So uhm... I didn't know you knew Minni"

Me: "I tend to forget she's a celebrity "

Lihle: "Yeah. Everyone probably knows her. "

Me: "Maybe if I watched more TV or if I was on instagram I'd have known her sooner"

Lihle: "You're together? "

Me: "Argh it's complicated. I like her though "

Lihle: "Oh"

Me: "You left me Lihle and I still have three kids "

Lihle: "I just... I guess I didn't expect you to move on so soon "

Me: "I don't think it's soon. I mean it's been weeks. I have to go"

I said standing up.

She walked me to my come.

Lihle: "Thanks for coming "

Me: "No sweat"



Carol: "I should be doing that "

That would be my father's wife and basically the woman who raised us.

She's the closest I have to a mother and the only mother I know.

Me: "It's keeping me from over thinking "

Carol: "Want to share? "

Me: "It's Junior. He wants us to get back together "

Carol: "Is that what you want? "

Me: "I don't think I can go there. I can't be with someone who won't be loyal and committed to me. He says he's changed that he's grown up now and realises his mistakes. I just don't buy it"

Carol: "I think you have your eyes set on someone "

I chuckled.

Me: "I had. I want to be alone now and just focus on my career and the kids "

Carol: "It has been great having you here"

Me: "I can't believe I don't have a date for tomorrow "

I said frowning and she laughed.

Carol: "I'd hook you up but look at how old I am"

Me: "Argh it's fine. I'll survive "

She helped me pack my bags and then we went down.

Me: "David are our flights booked?"

David: "Yes ma'am. I can't believe you really leaving "

Me: "It's been great but my life is not here. "

The kids were with Junior's parents.

Me: "I'm coming "

I went to my car.

I was going to collect the gifts I had ordered.

Sending them to the house was going to ruin the surprise.

"You're really done with me? "

My heart skipped a beat when I heard his deep voice behind me.

I didn't turn.

Me: "Thank you "

I said and took the gifts which were already wrapped.

Hugh: "Let me help"

He stood besides me and took the others.

Me: "Are you following me? "

Hugh: "Yes"

He blatantly said.

My gifts weren't that heavy but I was glad I wasn't holding anything.

We went to my car.

I put everything in the backseat.

Hugh: "So are you going to unblock my number?"

Me: "I have no reason to be keeping contact with you"

I folded my arms and had my back against my car.

He was kind of hovering over me.

Hugh: "Why can't you let me explain instead of jumping into conclusions ?"

Me: "Explain what? Why you had a girl in just a towel in your house while you were topless? "

Hugh: "Yes. Something you should know about me Minenhle is that I never lie ever. I always say what's on my mind. I hardly ever explain myself "

Me: "So explain then. Though I doubt it will change anything "

Hugh: "Lihle is an ex of mine. I was in my office and you know about the view. She was out of it and I couldn't let her be taken advantage of"

Me: "Thought Jesus was the only Savior. It doesn't matter anymore because I'm leaving tomorrow. "

Hugh: "Then we should make memories "

Me: "Memories? "

Hugh: "Yes"

He pinned me against the car.

Me: "We're in public "

Hugh: "So? "

Me: "You've made headlines already "

He laughed.

Hugh: "I don't care "

He kissed me while in that position.

He whispered in my ear.

Hugh: "I have a surprise for you in your room"

Me: "My room? "

Hugh: "Yes"

He bit my earlobe.

Me: "I don't believe it"

He got from me and opened the driver's door.

Hugh: "You'll find me there"

He kissed my cheek and I watched him leave.

Surprise? What surprise?

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