Fana: "You done man? "

Me: "Is it a good idea for you to go out though? "

Fana: "And why won't it be? "

Me: "Because you're married "

He laughed.

Fana: "Fuck you man "

I laughed and hung up.

Retha: "All done "

Me: "Let's go"

We were still at home.

My mom will just have to get used to her because she wasn't going anywhere.

We drove to the party. I had called Fana so he was also on his way.

The first person we saw when we got there was April.

Retha: "Really? "

Me: "Ignore her baby"

I kissed her lips.

Fana had just parked too.

The music was too loud.

Fana: "This seems like a good party"

Me: "Hell yeah "

We went inside and the surprising thing for both Fana and I was seeing his wife.

His eyes showed his shock. She was busy tongue locking with some girl.

Me: "I think you need to calm down"

Fana: "Fuck that"

He was now furious. He went over to her and pulled her from the girl.

She didn't seem scared or shocked. In fact she looked pissed.

Kea: "Are you crazy? "

He slapped her.

Fana: "You take me for a shit. When the fuck did you get here? "

Suddenly the music was off.

Kea: "I'm not in the mood for you. I've been trying to call your ass to no avail. I didn't come here with you or for you so let me be"

They had gained themselves an audience.

It seemed the slap didn't do anything to her.

Fana: "I'm gonna kill you! "

He said choking her and I knew I had to step him. I went to free Kea who coughed.

Hugh I think came.

Hugh: "What the hell is going on here? "

Fana: "You bitch! "

He went over to her and I hid her behind me.

Me: "Stop this man "

Hugh: "Get him outta here and switch my music on. This is my fucken house"

I grabbed Bafana. Kea was now crying. We all walked out more like I dragged him out.

I gave Retha my car keys so she was the one driving.

Fana: "She's not even remorseful "

Me: "She looked hurt to me. "

Fana: "Someone got to her. She wouldn't just do that "

Me: "You should check your phone "

He took out his phone.

We were both in the back.

Fana: "She sent me a video "

Me: "And? "

He opened the video.

Me: "Fuck! "

Fana: "I'm dead. I'm so dead"

He said running his hand through his hair.

Me: "Is this... Is this true? "

He didn't answer. I kept quiet.

It was clear I didn't know him like I thought.



To think I was trying to call him while he's cool and going on like he's not playing me for a fool.

Hugh had taken me to his room since I couldn't stop crying.

I don't even know how the crying came about but oh well.

He was trying to calm me down and the more he tried the more I cried.

Hugh: "What did he do? You guys seemed like the perfect couple getting married and shit "

I was calm now after ages. He had given me water.

Me: "I thought we were too but turns out I was wrong. I've just been blindly in love with him"

Hugh: "He's a lawyer after all"

He said shrugging.

Me: "You're the second one to say that this week. Anyway I saw a video of Him with some guy. He goes around sleeping with girls to... I can't say it"

Hugh: "Askies "

He gave me a hug.

I broke it then looked at him.

Me: "I think I need to forget about him just for tonight "

Hugh: "Is it? You're guys are like married "

Me: "Traditionally yes but we're not "

He looked at me. .

Hugh: "I think you should sleep "

Me: "Can I sleep here? I promise I'll leave in the morning "

Hugh: "Yes you may. Will you be OK? "

I forced a smile.

Me: "You don't have to worry about me. Go to your party. I think your guests are waiting "

Hugh: "Just know I'll also sleep here "

I chuckled.

Me: "I figured. "

I took off my clothes and got left in just my underwear.

Hugh had went out already.

My head was banging. I put my head on the pillow then closed my eyes.

I can't believe that Fana would do something so devious. What kind of person does this?

I mean I was willing to stay with him regardless of his HIV but this... I just couldn't.

You can't go around spreading the illness because of your own mistakes.

The worst thing was he had someone who found him these targets.

I really thought I knew him but I was wrong.

I woke up to the reality of what my "husband" does behind my back.

Hugh and I were cuddled up don't ask me how.

Anyway I freed myself from his warm hold and got off the bed.

My throat was dry so I needed water.

I didn't bother pouring into a glass when I got in the kitchen but just drank from the water jar.

Hugh: "Manners woman. Sies "

I laughed.

Me: "You're up? "

Hugh: "I couldn't feel your body heat anymore "

Me: "I need a ride home. Borrow me your phone please "

Hugh: "You're leaving already? "

I nodded.

Hugh: "Go get dressed please"

There was a knock on his door.

The house was clean which wasn't what I expected.

I went to his room as he attended to whoever that was.

I put on my clothes and took my dead phone then went out.

He was with some girl. He gave me his phone.

I called a cab then waited.

I somehow wished this was a nightmare but it wasn't.

Hugh: "I have to go somewhere "

Me: "I'll wait outside "

The girl was busy giving me nasty looks. I wasn't there really. I had a lot on my plate anyway.

Hugh: "We can leave together. I'm just dropping her at her place "

Fortunately my cab hooted outside.

Me: "That's me. Thank you for everything "

Hugh: "It's Cool. You're my boy's favourite "

I chuckled.

Me: "Bye"

Getting in the cab I didn't want to think about Fana but I did and that just made me cry.

It hurt way more than it did with Maya.

I had tied myself in marriage to this psychopath.



Partying with Minni and David had to be the best thing ever.

Those two were a vibe on their own and definitely the life of the party.

David was so young and lively the previous night and so cheerful.

He was fun and had me blushing until my cheeks hurt.

We all came to my apartment after since it was closer and we were all wasted.

David remembered water so I woke up with no hangover yet I was very tired.

We all slept on the same bed but I woke up alone.

I went to my bathroom washed my face and brushed my teeth

I found them in the kitchen while chatting loudly and having my wine.

Me: "Morning "

David: "It's after twelve baby"

Me: "Really? "

Minni: "You're quite a sleeper"

Me: "And such a bad host"

Minni: "Well your boyfriend told me to be at home"

She said lifting her glass.

Me: "Haven't you guys had enough? "

David: "You can join us"

He said shrugging.

Me: "I'm cool"

I poured myself cold juice.

Minni: "I wonder if he misses me"

Me: "Who? "

David: "Hugh "

Me: "I never thought he'd be your type. He's my baby daddy "

Minni: "Small world. I don't have a type darling "

David: "What do you think would be her type? "

He asked looking at me. I shrugged.

Me: "A famous billionaire. Someone who's also in the limelight "

Minni: "That would be a failure. Hugh just made me feel normal. I mean I didn't know him for long but to him I was just Minenhle. Oh and I loved how he whispered my name "

David: "You'll meet your next victim by the end of this week and leave him because he can't pronounce your name "

Minni: "You can't too. Anyway I'm thinking of going back after the party "

Me: "The states? "

She nodded.

Minni: "I'll come back for the launch though"

Me: "The Christmas is something to look forward to"

Minni: "Nor for me. Dad invited Junior and he agreed. I don't think I want to see him"

David: "Because you're unsure of how you feel about him"

She rolled her eyes.

Minni: "I have to go leave you cats to play "

Me: "Who you leaving with? "

Minni: "Someone's husband "

She winked then left.

I just chuckled.

Minni is just crazy.

Me: "Last night was great"

David: "I'm hungry "

Me: "Should I make you cereal? "

David: "I didn't say for food"

I tried holding the blush but failed and he laughed.

David: "On this counter"


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