Shopping for Christmas with Minni was beyond exhausting.

I couldn't feel my legs after just two hours.

Me: "I'm tired baby. I can't "

She frowned.

Minni: "But we're not even half way through the list "

Me: "Can't you do this alone? "

Minni: "Fine I'll do that alone. You should just have stayed behind if this was asking for too much"

Me: "Great"

Minni: "What? "

She looked shocked.

I kissed her cheek then left because that was just too much.

It seemed she couldn't make up her mind about anything. Nothing at all.

I got a text on my phone as I was driving home. It was Minni.

"I'm so mad at you Hugh. Consider yourself history in my life!! "

I laughed. She was probably just being crazy.

I had a party to prepare for. Grace was gone too wanted to spend time with her mom.

Anyway I was alone and definitely in the mood for a party. It was on Wednesday but oh well I had to make sure everything is in order.

I went to take a nap just for a maximum of two hours.

Minni had invited me to their Christmas party on Sunday and it was Just Tuesday.

I took a quick shower when I woke up.

My phone rang.

Me: "Yes? "

Sakhile: "I've just emailed you on Minenhle"

Me: "And? "

Sakhile: "Let's just say she's a good bad girl"

Me: "Thanks man "

I hung up. I was going to go through everything at the club.

My phone beeped again.

"I'll find myself a new date for the party. Keep ignoring me! "

I chuckled.

I called her back this time and it took me straight to voicemail. OK. She was just being dramatic.

I went to the club and first thing I did was read upon Miss Jacobs.

For someone as forward as she is her history wasn't as dirty as I would have imagined - four exes Marcus included who's first on the list.

-Three kids with two of them both baby daddies cheated on her

-Grew up with her daddy Mom died while giving birth to her.

-has a sister who's married with three kids and a housewife

That was just it. Oh except that she's also a spoiled brat and lover of nice things.

I was so consumed in my work that it was a late when I finished.

Looking at my view of the camera once more I saw Lihle.

She looked a bit out of it like she had too much to drink and was dancing on some fucker's lap.

He was touching her all over. They'd even kiss with his hands on her little butt.

That was so unlike her. It was clear she wasn't herself.

I got out since I was done and went over to the VIP section.

I tapped her shoulder. She was barely dressed in just a cropped bra and a short that looked like underwear.

She looked at me with her eyes squinted.

Me: "Let's go"

This guy looked at me and I stared back waiting for him to try something with me.

He didn't but instead lifted his hand surrender form. Good boy.

Lihle: "I'm...still... having fun"

Her speech was even slurred.

Lihle: "What are you even doing here? "

I took her as she was screaming and threw her over my shoulders as I was at the exit which of course is also an entrance Minni was there. She looked at me then over my shoulder.

Lihle was busy trying to punch me. This probably looked some type of way.

Then she just turned and walked to her car. Damn.

Anyway I went to mine threw Lihle in the backseat then raced off.

Me: "Your ass better not throw up on my leather seats "

She got off immediately when I parked in my yard and threw up. You'd swear she was throwing up intestines and shit.

She found me in the kitchen having a beer and looked like shit. It was around 11am when she decided to wake up.

When her eyes met mine they shot out.

Lihle: "I... What... What happened? "

Me: "Go shower. You stink! "

I said not even looking at her.

She came back when I was on my second beer bottle wearing my towel.

Me: "That's more like it"

Lihle: "How did I get here? "

Me: "Go drink some water "

And she did came back then sat down.

Me: "What has become of you Lihle? You go to clubs now and act like a cheap hoe? "

Lihle: "I... It's... I'm sorry "

She said looking down.

Me: "Don't apologise to me. God knows what would have happened if I didn't come. That looser would have left with you and had his way with you since you were obviously out of it. He would have maybe called his friends and they would have some fun with you. Is that what you've become now? "

Lihle: "I just... I wanted to have some fun. I've been locked up in the house and I.. Things weren't suppose to go that but I kept drinking "

Me: "You need to get your shit together. You're not a fucken teenager"

"I guess I needed the confirmation"

I didn't even hear her come in.

Me: "Minni hi. How did you know where I live? "

Minni: "Having crazy exes like Mike comes in handy "

I went over to her. She was standing by the door.

Me: "It's not what you think "

Minni: "You don't have to explain to me why you're topless and she's just in a towel. Daddy was right I deserve better "

I held her arm as she attempted to walk away.

My hold was a bit tight.

Me: "Will you let me explain? "

Minni: "We're not together Hugh. It was great while it lasted"

With that said she snatched her hand then walked away. I watched as she got into her car then drove off.

Great. Just great.

Lihle: "You moved on? "

Shame she sounded hurt.

Me: "I'm not in the mood Lihle "

I went to my room and threw myself on my bed.

Great. Just fucken great.



David Scott is the name. My best friend calls me a self proclaimed fixer but I wouldn't quite describe myself as that.

I'm just a guy who likes changing the world at any chance he gets and if that includes a person's attitude then so be it.

I believe that being humble goes a long way.

That is one of the things I liked about Minni - her humbleness.

Now we were in her room while having wine and ice cream because she was sad and I was being there for her.

This woman has been with me through thick and thin.

Minni: "I actually liked him"

Me: "He's a loser"

Minni: "Yep but anyway I need a date for next week "

I chuckled.

Me: "I thought you were still mourning your loss "

Minni: "I'm not saying I need a new dick Dave. I just need a date "

Me: "I just remembered something Steve Harvey said"

She rolled her eyes.

Minni: "I'm sure you going to tell me"

Me: "When a man loves you he gon' come get you"

Minni: "This wasn't love David. We went out twice had sex once. "

Me: "He explained himself to you. Trust me it's more than just a casual hookup "

Minni: "This is depressing. Let's talk about you and Leonor"

Me: "Really now? "

Minni: "Yes. You guys seem serious"

Me: "Well I like her a lot. I just don't like how she looks down on other people. I thought taking her to the farm would change that but it seems it's going to take a lot of work "

Minni: "Stop trying to change her"

Me: "I'm not. I'm just... I'm trying to better her attitude "

Minni: "Nop. You're trying to change her"

Me: "Let's go out "

Minni: "Where? As long as it's not his club "

I laughed.

Me: "Nop though that doesn't sound like a bad idea"

Minni: "I'm going to shower "

I called Leonor as she left so she can join us.

She picked up immediately.

Leonor: "Hey"

Me: "Hi do you have any plans? "

Leonor: "No I'm just hanging out with my daughter "

Me: "She has a nanny right? "

Leonor: "Yes but why? "

Me: "We're going out. I'll come pick you up in an hour or so"

Leonor: "What's the theme? "

Me: "Just dress nicely and be a girl"

I said rolling my eyes. That was a dumb question.

I went down finding the parents cuddling on the couch.

Darrell: "I didn't know you're here. You guys are always out"

Me: "We're on our way out. Where's DJ? "

Carol: "Stop calling my son that. He's playing his game "

Me: "You've never thought of having another one? "

Carol: "No. We have a lot of kids here. Besides I'm too old now "

Minni came and we could finally leave.

We both went with a driver since I knew we'd be too wasted .

Me: "We're picking Leonor"

Minni: "Cool with me"

I was the one who went in.

She was ready to go.

We hugged and I kissed her cheek.

Me: "You look great "

She smiled.

Leonor: "Thanks "

I took her hand and we left.

I was looking forward to having my girls with me.

Minni: "Champagne? "

Leonor: "Please "


We were all going to get along.



I tried calling Fana and his phone took me to voicemail.

I had just gotten a video on my phone from an unknown number and I needed him to explain to me.

I was in my room my heart beating out of my chest.

I was trying not to cry.

Me: "Fucken pick up! "

He still didn't.

I received a call from April instead.

Me: "Hello? "

I said trying to swallow the lump in my throat.

April: "Hey are you busy? "

Me: "Uhm no. I'm home actually "

April: "Is it far? I thought we could go out "

Me: "About two hours maximum "

April: "Hugh is hosting a party and I can't go alone"

Me: "Aren't you pregnant? "

April: "I'm not showing yet thank God. Look send me your address and I'll come with my driver to pick you up"

Me: "OK ".

I wasn't going to show him any mercy this time.

I didn't want to believe he was taking me for a ride but it seemed my man wasn't perfect after all.

I needed to forget and to clear my mind of this until I get sober again.


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