Fana: "Don't forget you're spending Christmas with my family "
Me: "Yes Bafana. I know "
Fana: "Oh and lastly remember that you're a married woman "
I rolled my eyes.
Me: "I know. I would never forget"
I was getting irritated now.
He kissed me once more. He opened my car door for me.
Fana: "Let me now when you've arrived "
Me: "I will and no parties Bafana please"
He chuckled.
Fana: "No parties wifey"
I hooted at him as I drove away.
I was playing the radio as I drove looking forward to being at home. I missed my parents and of course my brothers.
I arrived home very hungry since I didn't stop to get something to eat.
I called Fana as I got into the house.
Fana: "Baby? "
Me: "I was calling to tell you I arrived safely"
Fana: "OK baby I'm glad. Do you need anything? "
Me: "Oh no. I'm OK "
Mom: "My baby! "
I had no choice but to hang up as we shared a hug.
Mom: "I'm happy you're home"
Me: "I'm happy to be here. I'm hungry though "
Mom: "Go put your stuff in your room and I'll dish up for you"
She kissed my cheek.
I went to my room and put everything there including my phone.
Tshelo: "Ao makoti"
I laughed as we shared a hug.
Me: "You keep getting taller"
Tshelo: "I think it's called growing up"
He said rolling his eyes.
Me: "Haibo"
Mom gave me my food and I ate while catching up with my brother.
On Monday my mom sent my brother and I to get her some things.
He couldn't stop commenting on boob's and booties. He was just being a boy I guess.
Anyway I bumped into Maya someone I hadn't seen in a long time.
She forced a hug which I returned in my pursuit to be polite.
Maya: "I heard you're getting married "
Tshelo: "I'll go pay"
He probably wanted to give us some space. We were done already anyway.
Me: "Traditionally I am married "
Maya: "I don't know if I should happy though you're not marrying me"
I chuckled.
Me: "You should be happy for me. I'm getting my happy ending "
Maya: "Happy ending? "
Me: "Why are you mocking me? "
Maya: "I'm not. I just don't trust this guy "
Me: "And how do you know him? "
Maya: "Lawyers are professional liars. Besides I didn't know you wanted to get married "
Me: "Like you'd be the first person I'd tełl"
Maya: "Hey chill. I'm sorry for being blunt "
Me: "Bye Maya"
Maya: "Come on Keamo. I was just looking out for you"
Me: "Thank you. I have to go "
I didn't wait for her to say anything.
I knew she was trying to make me doubt Fana.
How dare she say he's a liar?
Tshelo: "That seemed hectic"
Me: "Tell me about it"
I woke up and stared at him. I was sleeping on his chest. Last night had been a blast. I think it'd be safe to say we made love.
I tugged at the hair on his chest. I think that got a reaction from him.
We were still in our naked glory.
We had went out again last night which ended with him on my bed.
David: "Hi baby"
He kissed my lips.
I didn't even realise he was up was just busy in my own thoughts.
Me: "Hi slept well? "
David: "Like an infant. We should get up"
Me: "You get up. I'm not ready "
David: "Are you not fetching Autumn? "
Me: "I still have time"
David: "This laziness should stop"
Me: "You don't say I'm lazy when I'm riding your dick"
He chuckled.
David: "Nice one but I mean it. You should have been up making breakfast or something "
Me: "I can't cook that's why I have a chef "
David: "You should learn"
I got up covering myself with the sheet.
Me: "This conversation is making me dizzy. "
David: "Leonor

you're an adult now. I'd expect you to at least consider doing something with your hands"
Me: "Why are you always so mean to me? You're not like this with Minni"
David: "It's too early for us to fight"
Me: "I'll just go shower"
He came in while I was in the shower and we silently had a shower together.
I couldn't understand their relationship and yes I was interested.
Heck I didn't even know what was going on between us.
David: "So you're mad at me? "
We were now having breakfast.
Me: "I'm not"
David: "I know you're lying "
Me: "I just don't understand your relationship. It kind of makes me jealous "
David: "We're just friends. Good friends. She's been there for me at my low and never looked down at me. She allowed me to... Actually helped me realise my true potential "
Me: "Now I feel so stupid"
I said covering my face with my hands and he chuckled.
David: "It's OK. We're just very close. Even her ex husband once thought we're fucking"
I laughed.
Me: "Really? "
David: "Yep but I can guarantee you that you have nothing to worry about. I'm all yours"
Me: "All mine? "
My heart rejoiced at that and I had to hear him say that again.
David: "I'm not playing games Leonor unless you think I'm just a random fuck"
I giggled.
Me: "No of course not. "
David: "Good. What are your plans for Christmas? "
I shrugged.
Me: "I think I'll just go home spend it with my family "
David: "Well the Jacobs will be having a little something and I need a date. Darrell probably thinks I'm gay "
Me: "I would love that "
David: "You can bring Autumn "
I smiled.
Me: "I must admit that I'm looking forward to it"
I went to Hugh later during the day to get my daughter.
I was even surprised that he was home.
Me: "Hey"
He nodded.
Me: "Uhm.. I'm here for Au... My daughter "
Hugh: "Of course. Let me bring her bag"
He stood up and well I sat down.
He came with her holding her bag.
I picked her up and he walked me out putting the bag in my boot.
Hugh: "Take care of her "
Me: "I will. You don't even have to ask"
He kissed her forehead and we got into my car.
I was excited about next week. Christmas with the Jacobs was quite a big deal and I was happy to have an invite.
Mom: "What is she doing here? "
Me: "Good evening mother"
Mom: "Lungisani this is my house "
Me: "She's my girlfriend. If she's not welcome here than I'm not"
Mom rolled her eyes. I kissed her cheek.
Mom: "I like the baby mama more"
I took Retha's hand and we went to my room.
My mom has a mind of her own.
Me: "I'm sorry about my mom's behaviour "
Retha: "I've gotten used to it "
She said getting on the bed.
Retha: "So she knows about April? "
Me: "April introduced herself to my mother. They're suddenly the best of friends "
Retha: "I don't know Lungi. What if you fall for her? What if you guys bond over the baby then forget about me? "
Me: "I'm still doubting the paternity of that baby "
Retha: "I doubt she'd introduce herself to your mom if she's lying "
Me: "Can we stop talking about this? Please baby. I know it's upsetting you"
I kissed her forehead.
She sighed.
Retha: "I just hate it. It would hurt for you to sideline me when she gives birth"
Me: "I won't and I'll definitely take a paternity test immediately "
My phone rang as we were kissing.
What a way to ruin a beautiful moment.
I groaned and she giggled.
Retha: "It might be important "
I answered on the second ring.
Fana: "Yoh man"
Me: "What do you want? "
He laughed.
Fana: "You sound frustrated "
Me: "Cause I was about to get some"
Fana: "Who's on to me man? "
Me: "The text is untraceable. "
Fana: "What? "
Me: "I tried man. The number doesn't exist and I can't find out where it was sent from"
Fana: "Shit "
Me: "Let's wait for whoever that is to make contact. "
He hung up on me.
Me: "Now where were we? "
She kissed me yet again.


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